April 30, 2014



A very good point! Nothing much matters if we're killing the plant, and we are. Turned on the news last night (MSNBC) and the big stories were about Kerry's allegedly inappropriate use of the word apartheid to describe the Palestine/Israeli conflict and a basketball team owner's racial slur. Yet I log onto facebook and see two of the most pressing issues covered in a meme: we don't have jobs and are making the only planet we can live on unlivable. Would we hear more about dire, important stories if MSNBC didn't take ad $ from companies who outsource and seek to outsource more jobs overseas and companies which hasten global warming? Just a wild hunch.


April 29, 2014


April 28, 2014


This is a great, dramatic diva song and Conchita Worst delivers it with potency. But what I love the most about this video is that in no way is it ever mentioned or explained that she is or why she is a drag queen with a beard. I don't think we are allowed to say "gender-f#ck" any more, but it was said used with pride by pioneering SF drag troupe The Cockettes. Conchita is pretty, and even looks a little like a bearded Kim Kardashian. Or Kim pre-waxing! But by not mentioning the unusual look, we are forced to focus on the music. That's a nice change!


Lady Bunny Discusses 'Clowns Syndrome,' 'RuPaul's Drag Race' Controversy And More

Lady Bunny didn't need to win a frickin' reality TV show to become one of the world's most famous and influential drag queens.
Instead, she spent the last 30-something years earning it as an emcee, singer, songwriter, actress, DJ and the founder, organizer and hostess of Wigstock, a drag festival that "delighted up to 40,000 New Yorkers every Labor Day for nearly 20 years."
On Tuesday, April 29, Bunny will debut her new cabaret show, "Clowns Syndrome," at La Escuelita in New York City, where her last sold-out show, “That Ain’t No Lady!” won her rave reviews, including one from The New York Times’ David Rooney, who wrote: “Most of Bunny’s best lines are unprintable here, but more than any performer I saw this year ‘the old pig in a wig,' as she calls herself, made we weep with laughter, often while groaning with disgust. And isn’t that what the best low comedy is all about?”
We caught up with BunBun to chat about the new show, political correctness, RuPaul and what can offend a queen who makes a living by being offensive.
The Huffington Post: I saw “That Ain’t No Lady!” three times, that’s how much I loved it.
Lady Bunny: A glutton for punishment!
I really am. I brought different people with me every time. It was fun for me to see them react to you. I really feel like there are no longer that many people doing what you do.
Well, in what way?
Because you’re so --
I don’t give a shit!
You don’t give a shit, you’re brutally honest, you’re provocative and controversial and it literally makes people gasp -- and sometimes groan. I think people miss that really "off the rails" sense of humor that’s dirty and dangerous but also smart. We don’t see that very much any more, so when people encounter that, it really takes them by surprise.
The funny thing is I was not expecting this because I’m mainly a club performer, so if I do shocking things like squirt an enema full of tomato juice between my crotch to the tune of Leona Lewis' “Bleeding Love,” it is low brow and people in nightclubs appreciate twisted stuff. And of course younger people know the newer songs that I’m parodying. But I was really shocked to get a great review in the New York Times and he really pinpointed what I think is the difference. He said drag has become kind of sanitized and here’s this fierce thing from the gutter who is raunchy and wild and I just really thought from a straight reviewer to come and get that -- because drag hasbecome kind of sanitized.
For me, drag has this really rich history of being really political, too. Even if it’s not political in terms of it being about politics but it has confronted a lot of things in mainstream culture and it has been incredibly subversive. Do you think that in some ways it has lost that feeling?
I have a theory about this which is that when gays were really searching for acceptance in the '50s, '60s, '70s, and '80s, it was very freeing for gay men to go and see someone who was not only out of the closet but a flamboyant drag queen doing dirty material. Because there was a fearlessness to it. Now drag is more mainstream, so I’m not sure drag is as freeing for gay men and to some extent drag may have become old hat. It is so mainstream now and a lot of it is boring.
So do you feel a calling then to make sure that the other end of the spectrum is still represented and thriving?
In doing what I do, I’m going to be on the dirtier, raunchier, crazier side because that’s what I want to do. It’s not such a noble “manning the fort.” I’ve got to do what makes me happy. When you perform in clubs, people are drunk and it’s late and you’re not going to get too involved or too political or go in-depth with a monologue. A cabaret show allows me to do all that with change costumes and a few lighting cues and props and I can make it a bit more like a theatrical thing with a bit more thought to it.
You told me that there’s a segment of the show that has a rant about political correctness. But that’s not really something new for you -- you’ve always been outspoken about your problems with people being politically correct.
Oh yeah. First of all, banning words doesn’t change minds. As a black trans friend once said, PC is another word for two-faced cunt. Just because you can’t say a word in public doesn’t mean that you like that person anymore. And I think that’s very true. Beyonce is shepherding a campaign to ban the word “bossy” because it inhibits leadership qualities in little girls. Oh really, Beyonce? So shaking your ass in a blonde wig to awful music is going to take girls straight to the White House? I don’t want to inhibit little girls' leadership qualities, in fact I think we should have a female president -- we'd only have to pay her half as much [laughs]. But I just don’t think it should be Hillary [Clinton] because as 70-year-old menopausal woman whose husband has been cheating on her for 50 years with an arsenal of nuclear weapons and drones, she would take out a whole Cheesecake Factory just get Monica Lewinsky!


April 27, 2014



I worked with Atlanta's Ruby Redd tonight at the Jungle--a very fun emcee in an all around great cast. A drag troupe she's in, called the Armorettes after their home bar The Armory, has raised over $2,000,000 for people living with AIDS in the area. And this wasn't raised by a couple of large gala benefits. They raised it throwing weekly performances for which they weren't paid for 35 years. I remember them in the 80s' when I lived there. Often wearing gender-f#ck looks with facial hair or old lady drag, they're called camp drag--as opposed to polished pageant drag. That's an amazing amount of money to raise in such small amounts. And they've said they are now working on their third million. More power to them! I have to applaud that sort of community spirit.


A woman dies in car crash after posting how happy Pharell's song Happy makes her.


April 25, 2014


One of NYC's most beloved drag performers is back with an all-new show of song, "dance" and of course, the raunchy humor which has made Bunny a popular entertainer for three decades. Expect oodles of new song parodies from crass to clever as the songstress re-works hits by artists as diverse as Prince, Adele, Katy Perry, Daft Punk, Bobbie Gentry and even Frank Sinatra. Her signature Laugh-In style routine of zingers zaps celebrities from Justin Bieber to Chris Christie and the Kardashians. There's also a tribute to Dame Shirley Bassey's more offbeat clas-sicks along with a wide variety of musical styles including Motown, hip-hop and jazz. Side-splitting videos including a raucously funny roast of Bunny by Joan Rivers allow the "lady" to change into a succession of eccentric (and large) costumes which match her trademark eccentric and large bouffant hairdo. "I had to cut a lot of the dancing from my shows because people kept coming up and shoving a wooden spoon between my teeth," says Bunny. If you ever wanted to see Honey Boo Boo all grown up, Clowns Syndrome is the show for you!

Since her last sold out and extended run of "That Ain't No Lady!" at La Escuelita in 2011, Bunny has matured a little, so the fart jokes have graduated to shart jokes. There's still plenty of jaw-dropping vulgarity, but a slightly more serious Bunny also slows down the daffiness occasionally to offer her own warped takes on Manhattan's gentrification, reality TV, getting lost in the tech matrix and the folly of political correct harpies becoming thought police. Clowns Syndrome is performed every at 8PM every Tuesday at La Escuelita, Manhattan's premiere latino dance club which doubles as a charming, undiscovered cabaret space with plenty of comfortable seating. Clowns Syndrome opens April 29th and runs for 5 consecutive Tuesdays through May 27. The price is as cheap as her humor: $19.95 with a recession-friendly 1 drink minimum. La Escuelita is at 301 West 39th Street between 7th and 8th Avenues. Clowns Syndrome is co-written by Bunny and the bitter and hysterical Facebook sensation Beryl Mendelbaum. 

Bunny's last cabaret venture at La Escuelita got a rave review from the NY Times' David Rooney, who wrote: "Most of Bunny's best lines are unprintable here, but more than any performer I saw this year 'the old pig in a wig, as she calls herself, made we weep with laughter, often while groaning with disgust. And isn't that what the best low comedy is all about?" The performances attracted a star-studded audience with Alan Cumming, Debbie Harry, Andy Cohen, Marc Almond and Nona Hendryx. "That Ain't No Lady!" then toured Los Angeles, San Francisco, St. Petersburg, Provincetown, Palm Springs, Puerta Vallarta and four cities in Australia. 

This performance contains plenty of offensive language while there are no actual sexual situations, when for a really big belly laugh, Bunny has been known to lock the doors and strip! So If you prefer polite, tame drag shows, skip this heifer.

Bunny is best known for founding organizing and emceeing Wigstock in 1985, an outdoor drag festival that rocked the Village for over 20 years and was the subject of the 1994 Samuel Goldwyn documentary Wigstock: The Movie. She went on to play the Dean Of Drag on RuPaul's Drag U as well as acting in "To Wong Foo," "Sex And The City," HBO's "Dragtime" and "Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild." Last summer, Bunny was interviewed along with prominent gays like Ellen Degeneres and Neil Patrick Harris in HBO's "The Out List." And she's just recreated the Wigstock festival in a scene with Heather Graham in the upcoming feature film "My Dead Boyfriend." Bunny headlines nightclubs and gay pride festivals worldwide with her comedy act and is also an in-demand deejay, a contributor to Huffingtonpost.com and a blogger at LadyBunny.net.

Bunny reached out to several celebrities for endorsement quotes but didn't hear back on deadline. So she imagined what a few might say:

"Totally unconvincing as a woman."  Jared Leto
"I'd kill for those legs!"  Oscar Pistorious
"It's time to start dressing and acting your age, Bunny!"  Madonna
"I hope that was Vaseline on her teeth."  Miss America
"Her 15 minutes are almost up."  Psy
"Stop enabling this train-wreck!"  Lindsay Lohan





Please Explain: So You Want To Do Drag?

Drag queens and kings have had a long, important, and hilarious history in New York City. On this week’s Please Explain we’ll look at drag performance as an art form, political statement, and popular entertainment with legendary performers Lady Bunnyand Murray Hill, and with Joe Jeffries, the organizer of Drag Show Video Verite.
Guest host is MSNBC's Jonathan Capehart. Tune in!


April 24, 2014


April 23, 2014


Frankie Knuckles went out like the superstar that he was, with memorials in both NYC and Chicago. Last night at the Liberty Theatre, Danny KrivitUltra NatéBarbara TuckerZhana RoiyaTedd PattersonDavid DePinoSheba LegendMark RivasBill Coleman, Benny Soto, Christina Visca, Hex Hector, Freddie Turner, Father Chris, Kenny Dope Gonzalez, Eric Kupper, Kevin Williams, Dawn Tallman, Francois Kevorkian, Sandee B, Duane Harden and of course, the remaining Def Mix family of David Morales, Judy Weinstein and Satoshie Tomie gathered to pay their final respects. Anthony Lamont provided some levity dressed as a nurse and handing out tissues, as I'm told they do in some churches. Robert Owens gave an emotional performance of So Many Tears and Ann Nesby brought the house down in exceptionally fine voice when she closed with The Pressure. I am not exaggerating to say that I was deeply honored and humbled to even be in the same room with all of that talent. As many attested to in testimonials, Frankie had a warmth that touched so many even off the dance floor. 

I'll never forget being asked to host one of his parties in Chicago--I was beyond flattered. Honey, there was no RuPaul or Dame Edna--I was the queen of the world that night! Many mentioned Frankie's mega-kilowatt smile, while promoter Scott Scotto Osman remembered his big teddy bear hugs. One friend mentioned that Frankie was a great dancer as well as dj.Jeannie Hopper told me that she had a very early photo of Frankie in drag! And he had been working the clubs since the mid-70s. A lot of the religious stuff was lost on me since I'm a heathen, but I do believe in finding your calling--whether it's heaven sent or not. Frankie found his and as a result, he brought joy and top notch music to so many all over the world. One high school buddy remarked that Frankie was his first gay friend--and noted that was a big deal in 1977. Another praised Frankie for bringing straight, gay, and every race, creed and color who loved to dance together. 

At a time when djs have become jukeboxes for those with unsophisticated musical tastes--one club recently told me that they insist on radio edits of top 40 songs and that's what they tell their djs--Frankie was an artist who did things his way. Not a hack who played something because it was popular. House music BECAME popular because his excellent taste and ability to loop, extend, mix and produce. Sometimes, you need to trust the experts to turn you on to audio masterpieces and put your tacky desire to cavort to Britney or Rihanna's latest mass-produced formulaic jam on hold. Eric Kupper, Frankie's longtime keyboardist said that Frankie wasn't having a lot of dance music today and they made a pact to do their best to keep excellent music alive. Like Skrillex--KIDDING! And I loved Melonie Daniel's acknowledgement that Frankie loved the vocalists as much as the beats. "Because without a singer, a song is just an instrumental." The Whistle Song, Frankie's biggest hit, was actually an instrumental. But in this day and age of EDM, where the choruses are instrumental and forget about a bridge, great songs and vocalists of house music's golden age are sorely missed. Hell, I'd even settle for an instrumental with some real instruments in it! If you were lucky enough to experience Frankie's music--don't ever forget it. Keep his magic alive!


So Neil Patrick Harris has just opened on Broadway as Hedwig. His "angry inch" is a one inch penis that's the result of a botched sex change surgery. Is this an accurate or positive portrayal of a post-op trans? Of course not. But it happens to be a highly entertaining and intelligent musical. So will the militant trans community denounce this? And will GLAAD, which has sided with the trans community recently against RuPaul, dare to go up against bigger star Neil Patrick Harris? I doubt it, since the organization loves to lick celeb butt so much that they award straight actors who play gay or trans for their bravery--when these actors are actually just getting a huge paycheck. If you're such a baby that you can't accept any negative portrayals, then you are stifling creativity. Don't stifle John Cameron Mitchell's or RuPaul's. I think trans militants are actually creating transphobia—even in the gay community which has generally been the most welcoming to them. I don't recall any cries of trans slurs when Hedwig was created in 1998. Maybe we've lost our sense of humor to political correctness since then.

April 22, 2014


Just returned from Frankie Knuckles' wonderful memorial at the Liberty Theater. Many titans of soulful dance music in attendance, and their wonderful tributes to both the man and his legacy of music. But my favorite might have been a high school friend of Frankie's who said they were at a bar one night in the 70s and Frankie was wearing a bandana as hair. A man asked him his name and Frankie said "Setta." The guy asked "Setta who?" Frankie replied "Setta Knuckles if you don't pronounce it right!"



April 21, 2014


With a cameo by Lady Bunion! And a bunch of real actors!

• OUT Twin Cities – 6/7/14
• B’More Queer – 6/15/14
• OutFilmCT – 5/31/14
• FilmOut San Diego – 5/31/14

April 20, 2014


April 18, 2014


I couldn't afford to buy all my kids Easter eggs, and I didn't want them to wake up disappointed this morning.

So I killed them in their sleep.




Can you believe they actually allowed this slanderous statement to be said on the air about me? And then tweeted it to zillions of followers to quadruple my pain? This is wholly insensitive to the fact that I may indeed lack class because of my humble upbringings at the foot of the Appalachians in Chattanooga, Tennessee. So it wasn't a cosmopolitan hot spot that forms the backdrops of fashion shoots. Not everyone can be a supermodel, RuPaul. It just so happens that lower income families from backwards regions develop poor eating habits--so I may grunt and burp  a little while I overeat. Food was scarce sometimes, so I have been known to giggle and grab at it, terrified that there might not be any vittles tomorrow.

But if you must know, my weight issues stem from traumatic childhood experiences. From the age of 11, I was repeatedly humiliated in sexual situations: my father, my brother, my sister and even the family dog--NONE OF THEM WOULD DO IT WITH ME! Thankfully it was before cellphones, but the whole neighborhood got to see me with dog food smeared all over my ass as even starving strays ran away from me whimpering in disgust. And I had spent my whole allowance on name-brand Alpo to lure even the pickiest pets. So I still attempt to eat my pain away. This is classist and fat-shaming and making light of mental health issues by a overly thin, wealthy model-type queen who can afford pricey therapists for her own issues. Not to mention that any reference to class or any of her affected, grand manners are a slap in the face to an entire nation struggling to get back on it's feet after recession and a mortgage crisis. And how does this heartless monster rub in the fact that we're experiencing the worst unemployment since the Great Depression? With her callous cry of "You'd better work!" It's high time this monster was knocked off her high horse once and for all before more irreparable damage is caused by her unparalleled cruelty. I am so upset by this that I'd consider flying to LA to picket World Of Wonder's offices--but that this might deprive the world of all the positive work done by this season's kind and uplifting sweetheart, contestant Bianca Del Rio.


It is an early morning ho asking: Which airport has the sexist guys working at it? Tel Aviv airport is a definitely sight to see, never been to Rio, but Newark and JFK are definitely holding it down in the NYC area! I wish they were holding me down. I got so excited that I haven't even boarded my flight yet but I'm already experience some turdulence and heavy tail winds as I squirm with excitement! Now, who's hot?


The punk pioneer/trans goddess has a few choice words for politically correct trans militiants who want to be thought police and dictate who says what. Still sharp as a whip, visit her Facebook page to see the lyrics of a genius song, Big Sister, which she whipped up just for the occasion!

Jayne County, Transgender Icon, Allegedly Banned From Facebook For 'Transphobic Slurs'



April 17, 2014



OK, if it looks this bad on a skinny young model, imagine how awful it would look on you. They have this awful image everywhere: boxy crop top, orthopaedic shoes, ski cap and pleated leather midi? So springy--if you are a goth librarian impersonating Olive Oyl.

April 16, 2014





Regarding the RuPaul/shemale/shemail/tranny controversy, why is ANY community looking for validation from ANY reality TV show? Isn't the very nature of the reality genre exploitative in every way to everyone? If you're that sensitive, don't turn on shows that bank on rewarding meanness, reading and train wrecks for ratings and then claim your feelings are hurt because the shows aren't politically correct.

April 15, 2014


And you think that wither of the two major political parties are going to change anything about any of this? Dream on--they created this mess! Ditch the republicans and democrats!

April 14, 2014


By LA-based comedienne Nadya Ginsburg. She also does a mean Cher as well as hysterical original characters. See her wherever she's performing--a total nut!

April 13, 2014



If not, she's the dumbest woman on earth.  And should avoid wigs with cow licks.

April 10, 2014



A couple of recent news stories disturbed me. One is George W. Bush's paintings, which even got a segment on infotainment "news" channel MSNBC. An art expert was summoned to critique Bush's paintings. Who gives a crap? Though I did enjoy one critic who had written earlier that Bush doing a self-portrait in the bathtub showed his desire to self-cleanse. Well, a zillion baths in bleach wouldn't wash the blood off of that monster's hands. America still can't accept that thousands of US soldiers died needlessly in the Iraq war, not to mention possibly hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis who never tried to attack us. And possibly millions of Iraqis who fled the senseless, US-led carnage that destroyed their home. That's the news that a "liberal" news channel should be reiterating--not a soft-serve puff piece about a mass murderer's post-presidential art hobby. Did I mention that the mass murderer's efforts were funded by the tax dollars we're all preparing to pay? So there is blood on our hands, too.

The other is Obama attending the Fort Hood memorial, after 3 soldiers were gunned down by one of their own after an even worse but similar incident at the same military base in 2009. Obama called for more "to help counsel those with mental health issues" despite the fact that we are reneging on our promise to soldiers who go to war will get treatment for whatever battle scars they return with. Some veterans with PSTD are waiting up to a year for psychiatric care. It's usually the most hawkish Republicans who are angling for more war who are the first to cut spending for post-battle veteran's care. Obama also said that we need to "keep fire-arms out of the hands of those having such deep difficulties." Then we need to stop banging the drums of war and sending troops into combat for no reason and be quite clear that we did just that in Iraq. Or we'll do it again! We're doing the opposite of what Obama says he wants--we are creating "such deep difficulties" since 1 in 5 soldiers return from combat with PTSD. Obama is seen as a drawing down from traditional boots on the ground combat. However, he's done so by killing more secretly with drones. And while he has slowly drawn down troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, he and former peace-nik John Kerry have also tried to drum up support for new conflicts with Syria and the Ukraine, as Congress tries to pick a fight with Iran. There's a reason we pay a fortune to maintain military bases all over the world--the US is perpetually looking for a fight. No matter who the commander-in-chief is.

A culture of military aggression is what this country is all about. Look at the frightening memorial itself where people are represented by combat boots, helmets and guns. That's a shocking way to view real people with real hopes, dreams, families and graves who are used as tools to implement our bloody, often misguided foreign policy.

We don't start wars because of WMD in Iraq or sarin-gassed babies in Syria or actual concern over the Ukraine. That's just what they tell the country when we send young men and women for economic interests. And that is the job of US presidents. To pay back war profiteers whose contributions paved their way into office. When the wars stop, the PSTD stops. When the PSTD stops, we'll have fewer soldiers gunning down other soldiers. And when the wars are unnecessary as most of ours are, can our government which is starting them pretend to care about incidents like Fort Hood which it has indirectly caused? It's very easy to show up at a memorial and issue an emotional statement. It's a lot harder to focus on rebuilding this country and stop tearing down others which never even attacked us.

Yesterday, Senator Bernie Sanders fought Republicans in Congress to authorize 27 veterans' health clinics. "If you think it's too expensive, then don't send them off to war," Sanders said. "Taking care of veterans is a cost of the war. They (veterans) paid for it." We can't afford war, we can't afford to treat the casualties of war yet we refuse to reject the notion of how horrible war is. Next month on Memorial Day, we'll parade instruments of war down city streets all over the country to glamorize war and US military might. Today, we mourn the deaths of 3 soldiers killed by one of their own, at a base where the same thing happened just a few years ago from at the hands of another deranged soldier. Are they just casualties of war? Because there's nothing casual about lives lost for no reason.



April 08, 2014



Can't wait to hit Pulse in Orlando again Wednesday night for their Dorm party with Roxxxy Andrews. I know that most don't always associate the words "dorm" and "pulse" with a mature showgirl such as myself, but I'm excited about my FLA mini-tour that kicks off tomorry. Performing at George's Alibi in St Pete on Friday and spin at Miami Beach's gay pride on the beach this Sunday. Then a show at the Village Pub in Fort Lauderdale on Monday. Woohoo!

I hope I run into her in St. Pete!

April 07, 2014


After the 22 kids were gunned down at Sandy Hook Elementary school, it really seemed like the country was motivated to enact some legislation which kept arms out of the reach of crazies. I guess it was the grim nature of innocent children being shot that stirred us up so much. But that fire flickered out and nothing much came out of it. Now we've just had another shooting at Fort Hood--also by a mentally ill soldier like the one who shot up the place a few years ago. No real traction from this second Fort Hood shooting. So I'm not even sure that another episode like Sandy Hook would galvanize us into action towards. Our lawmakers are too corrupt and too greedy to turn down NRA cash. So nothing will be done to protect soldiers or our children. While the rest of the world, which suffer a fraction of gun deaths, laughs at how backwards and we are. And our representatives shy away from sensitive issues like this with upcoming elections rather than protect soldiers, kids and the rest of us. This is a true American Horror Story.

As they did after the Sandy Hook incident, conservatives have been blaming the Fort Hood shooting on the victims not having guns.

Fox News Pathetically Tries to Blame the Fort Hood Shooting on President Obama - See more at: http://www.forwardprogressives.com/fox-news-pathetically-tries-blame-fort-hood-shooting-on-president-obama/#sthash.x5FLTQoN.dpuf


April 06, 2014


"The very things our arts must not be is ordinary. The arts--all of the arts--are extraordinary: they represent the ability of seemingly ordinary people to expand upon the human condition and express it more clearly. It is, above all, an ability to communicate a story, a character, an emotion in a heightened manner that can be shared by all. We are not ordinary people. We are artists. This does not mean that I feel superior to anyone else--except on a sound stage, perhaps. I still move and breathe and have to live, but I am not like other people. I do not understand why it became necessary or desirable for artists to announce that they were simply regular people, just doing a job. I look at interviews with actresses today, and they act as if they were driving to the secretarial pool. You know, just punching a clock and doing a job. And you know what? They are very good at what they do, because they are wholly ordinary. I have a very hard time differentiating one actress from another. Except for [Meryl] Streep: She's very big and daring. She's an artist. But the others? I think they're just very lucky girls whose greatest acting triumph is in appearing ordinary. What a waste of time and film."-Miss Bette Davis

April 05, 2014


One of Obama's dirtiest deeds was to appoint former Monsanto exec Michael Taylor to a top position on the FDA, which is supposed to regulate food safety. It's a classic fox watching the hen house scenario. If Monsanto's GMOs are so healthy, why are they fighting to NOT to label them? Michelle Obama has made health her big cause, yet she's now helping the FDA and hide frankenfoods from consumers? To quote the Undisputed Truth: "Smiling faces tell lies." Is Michelle pretty, likable and well-dressed? She certainly is. Is she joining her husband to hoodwink consumers about what's in their foods? Yes, she certainly is.  I doubt if anyone would be fighting not to hide ingredients that were safe. Obama himself said in 2007 that labeling foods was important. But like many of his campaign promises, he forgot about this one after he won. Now he's just licking corporate butt for cash like they all do. Crazily enough, the Monsanto corporate butts he's licking don't contain digested GMOs--Monsanto execs don't eat them themselves. Hmmm...sounds healthy.

For the first time in 20 years, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has proposed new rules nutrition labels on food packaging.

What’s missing from the new rules? Any mention of requiring food companies to tell you if their products contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Why are we asking Michelle Obama to do something about the FDA’s failure, again, to address GMO labeling?

For one, Mrs. Obama helped unveil the FDA’s proposed new rules during an all-out media blitz on February 27. She tied the announcement to her Let’s Move! campaign,‎ and said that the new rules will make food companies more honest, and give parents more accurate information so they can “make healthy food choices for their kids.”

The other reason we need to pressure Mrs. Obama is that we want her to remind President Obama of his 2007 campaign promise to label GMOs—a promise he has consistently failed to honor. In fact, in 2012 the OCA launched a MoveOn.org petition asking Mrs. Obama to remind the President of his promise. The petition garnered more than 207,000 signatures. What happened when we tried to deliver those signatures to Mrs. Obama? She ignored us.

Mrs. Obama has made kids’ health, including nutrition and exercise, her signature cause during her husband’s presidency. But she has consistently ignored the facts around GMO foods, including their link to obesity, and the fact that GMO crops require the use of massive amounts of toxic herbicides and pesticides, which ultimately pollute soil, air and water and our food.

Increasingly, scientists and doctors warn of the dangers these toxins pose to our health, especially for children whose immune systems are not yet fully developed. Even the American Medical Association has said that we need long-term, pre-market safety tests on the impact of GMO foods on human health. But the FDA has ignored that warning, too.

Until GMOs are proven safe, consumers ought to have the right to know if their food has been genetically modified.

When Mrs. Obama talks about healthy food choices—without talking about GMO labeling—she fails to address what has become one of the most high-profile, controversial food policy issues of our time.

TAKE ACTION: Tell Michelle Obama: Consumers Want Labels on Genetically Modified Foods!


Thelma Houston. GQ. France Jolie. David Naughton. Commodores. Dan Hartmann. Diana Ross. Odyssey. Musique. Poussez. Kelly Marie. Evelyn "Champagne" King. Ashford & Simpson. Chaka Khan. Stevie Wonder. Earth Wind & Fire. Lime. Sylvester. Two Tons Of Fun. Foxy. Village People. Patrick Hernandez. Yvonne Elliman. Tavares. Change. Brenda & The Tabulations. Cher. Melba Moore. Stephanie Mills. Deniece Williams. Roni Griffith. Viola Wills. Chic. Corey Daye. Brothers Johnson. Cheryl Lynn. First Choice. Candido. If you like these artists, you'll love Disco Sundays. It's the first and third Sunday of every month from 6-10. Come shake your groove thang tomorrow night! Free.

April 04, 2014



Spinning again this year at Miami Beach pride with Courtney Act and Elaine Lancaster. I had some wonderful times down there dancing to the late, great Frankie Knuckles so you will definitely be hearing some Workout, The Whistle Song and other classics by The Maestro.  I will also be spinning for La Lupe and Gloria Estefan for the older cuban gays and some reggaeton for the younger cuban gays who I want to f#ck me. They don't call me the dj with the bjs for nothing!


Funny gossip from popbitch.con:

>> Katy Purry <<
Getting through kittens

Katy Perry's diva demand of being
given a kitten to play with at a
recent LA photoshoot wasn't an
isolated incident. She also did
the same on set in the UK while
filming a clip for a TV promo.

When she was finished with the
single kitten that the rider had
managed to find, she announced
that it was going spare and asked
if anyone on set wanted it. One
of the dancers offered to give
it a home, but Perry said she
could only take it on one
condition: she had to name it
after her new album.

And so the cat was named Prism.
(At least until it got home.)


This newscaster had a stroke on air and stayed in character yet spewed incredibly entertaining gibberish. She's back to state her case!


Check every issue Bernie mentions and see how much you agree with. I wonder how Hillary views Citizens United and this new Supreme Court ruling which strikes down limits on how much billionairs like the Koch brothers can contribute directly to candidates.



13 confirmed deaths and possibly hundreds more caused by GM's faulty ignition switches. It would have cost greedy GM bastards a paltry $1 per car to fix these switches yet they failed to do so after being aware of the defect for years. Their finances weren't so penny ante when they accepted a $10 million bail-out from Obama. That bail-out saved jobs, but that $10 million came from taxpayers and went to a company so unethical and greedy that they ignored deaths caused by their product, and lied about this defect until they were forced to recall millions of these cars.

Click the link for more on this tragic news. It's nice to be reminded around tax time that your tax bill will got to support companies this depraved.

April 03, 2014


I was off Facebook for quite awhile, but did log on a few times during the furor over Kim and Kanye on the cover of Vogue. It gave me a chuckle. Everyone was slamming Anna Wintour, who may well deserve slamming for other things. But in this case, she was just doing her job. If the idiots in this country who like Kim K so much hadn't already put that no-talent on such a pedestal and on the cover of every other magazine every month, we wouldn't be talking about her, much less making her a Vogue cover girl. Was she on the cover of any other country's Vogue? Then I guess Anna was just reflecting Americans' poor taste in a "star" who they themselves had already elevated. Interesting, androgynous and chic gender-f#ck sensation Andre J graced the cover of Paris Vogue. So reap what you sow, mofo's! You think Anna Wintour is suddenly, single-handedly lowering the bar for fashion? We've all allowed it to be lowered since reality TV was born and blossomed with our avid support. Why not have Real Housewives Of Atlanta's Nene Leakes on the cover next? You elevated that witch, too. But I guess she doesn't truly have a shot at Kim's level of superstardom until Leakes leaks a sextape. And with that hot thought, excuse me while I go whack off.

April 02, 2014


Honey Mahogany looks and sounds great and she is oozing star quality.

I dislike the new Beyonce album so much that I can barely listen to the parodies, to be honest. But this is apparently a follow-up to this parody of the bigger hit from the album, Drunk In Love. Both very well made!


Don't want to be an alarmist, but...

LOS ANGELES: Vaccinations Urged For Gay Men After Three Meningitis Deaths



Who by the way, is latino.



A RuPaul candy bar? I hope you like chocolate with nuts! (That's actually Lady Chablis's line.) I always think that Queen Latifah is very appealing, but there is a very odd dynamic here of a very out of the closet gay and then whatever Latifah is. On some level, does she not look at Ru in this wacky suit and these dolled up queens and want to pull off her own lashes and be the bulldagger that she is? I guess America wouldn't accept an out dyke on network TV, so if they are paying those lashes go on. (Echoes of my own job.) But they buy drag queens on cable. Alaska gets points for ears in a wig and Chad, who Latifah calls Cher, made the zebra stripes on that wig herself with a magic marker. Talk about dedication!

April 01, 2014




DJ/Producer Frankie Knuckles has passed away. I don't need to tell any house music lovers who he was and how and important he was to the creation of the genre. If you ever threw your hands in the air and lip-synched every word of that long intro of The Pressure by Sounds Of Blackness and exploded when the beat kicked in or jammed to The Whistle Song at the Roxy (or anywhere in the world) as so many of us did, you know exactly who he is. And you cherished those magic moments he brought to so many. For those who don't know, this link contains a bio which I'm sure is one of many more in depth ones to come. What this bio doesn't cover is that The Godfather Of House was the one of sweetest and kindest men in the business. Seldom is royalty so gracious. It's a crying shame that he's gone but he did accomplish what he was sent here to do: make us dance, make us sing and fill us with the love of gorgeous, soulful house music.

MORE:   http://www.complex.com/music/2014/03/frankie-knuckles-dead-at-59

We went off when Frankie Knuckles dropped this seismic jam at the Roxy! It contains everything today's dance music is missing: soulful vocals, a song structure with actual changes and expert musicians like the smokin' piano player featured here. A far cry from today's EDM created on a laptop by one fool with no musicality whatsoever. I will also never forget Frankie looping Thelma Houston's little known I'm Here Again at the Sound Factory, which later was sampled for Duane Harden's fantastic I Got What You Need. Unearthing little known gems based on their expertise and superior knowledge of music. That's what djs used to be able to do before they became jukeboxes for the unsophisticated tastes of pop worshippers and bottle service patrons. Thanks for showing them how, Frankie. I certainly will never forget you.

A recent Frankie Knuckles set: