August 28, 2015


Democrats should be thrilled that Trump is soaring above his GOP competitors. The latest Quinnipiac poll has the odious Trump losing to Hillary, Joe Biden (who isn't even running) and Bernie Sanders should The Donald receive the Republican nomination. This info should make it a once-in-a-lifetime chance for Democrats to vote their conscience and support a true progressive like Bernie Sanders rather than the corporate hawk Hillary who's simply stealing Bernie's ideas on income inequality. So deride Trump all you want--he's actually a magical gift to Democrats. Even to the timid Democrats who say that they like Bernie's policies, but they just don't see him winning. If Trump keeps up his shenanigans and this poll is correct with future polls reflecting the same statistics, we can actually go for a candidate whose vision isn't borrowed and who's been pushing the same agenda for decades without the constant policy waffling of Hillary. And unless we get a candidate like Bernie representing the welfare of the 99%, we'll continue to see the same hard times and shift of wealth up to the 1% which happened under two Bush terms and two Obama terms. Or you can go with bank-funded Hillary to ensure that nothing changes. Want to go for 5 terms of Republican and Democratic presidents who do nothing for the little people even though we're told that the recession is over and unemployment is down while few are feeling any improvements? Then vote Hillary.