August 14, 2015


Hi all! Thanks again for all the birthday wishes. I will respond to all when I am less crazy with work. In lieu of any birthday party, I'm inviting everyone in the NYC area to come party with me on board Wigstock: The Cruise. We have a fantastic line-up of talent both on stage and in the dj booths and are doing everything we can to make this a memorable event for both those who've attended previous Wigstock festivals to those who never made it.

For those of you who are either attending or thinking of attending the cruise, here are a few pointers.

There's plenty of tickets still available now that we've moved to a bigger boat. You can either get them online for $40 at or get them day of for $50. If you get them in advance, tickets $10 little cheaper, but the online service does charge a $3 transaction fee. So far, 800 people are coming. But day of tickets will still be available day of for cash purchases at the ship--unless you see a status update before then saying that we've sold out.

We've added an after-party at the nearby Monster. We figured that some folks may want to keep the party going past 10PM when the cruise ends. DJ Duke Todd may not be well-known, but I wouldn't have hired him if he wasn't excellent. So keep your ticket stubs for free admission to The Monster after 10PM.

What I loved about Wigstock is that the audience as well as the performers got dolled up. It's not essential to wear a costume, but if you do--PLEASE WEAR SOMEWHAT SENSIBLE HEELS. Granny Bunny will have on her sturdy lucite wedges. The boat does rock and there is considerable walking around now that we have a bigger boat. If you do want to work a look, please know that the boat is fully air-conditioned. So you won't be a sweaty mess. But if you go up on the top deck even just to enjoy a cigarette--any delicate coiffure will be destroyed instantly by the strong winds.

We have 2 great djs with their own areas playing everything from disco to 90s house to a few of the best from today. If you love to dance, get there early! We have 9 performers, so once the show starts it'll run with only a short intermission until we dock. So board at 6PM if you plan to boogie.
There are no comps available. That includes you, mom! This isn't a night club or huge outdoor space where we have an extensive guest list. There's a finite number of passengers permitted on board and if you're on board and haven't bought a ticket, then Wigstock will in effect be paying for you to glide around the Hudson. We have 10 performers and 2 djs to pay. Wigstock is in debt and this cruise is essentially a fundraiser to try and get us back on our feet with the hopes of getting back to doing outdoor festivals. Someone in a younger generation might have launched a kickstarter to erase their debt, but we chose to throw a party with a cover charge instead. Many people performed at Wigstock annually and I'm unable to comp even them. So I can't comp you, no matter how close we are or how many times we've had sex or how many things you've invited me to. Sorry, but that's the gig this time!

Cell reception on the boat is poor, particularly after we've left the dock.

Drinks are about $8.

The forecast for Sunday is a mostly sunny 92 degrees with only a 10% chance of rain.

There's a good bit of walking just to get to the boat. We leave from Pier 40 a few blocks south of the Christopher Street pier. I was on the boat earlier this summer and it was unclear exactly where the approved place to get dropped of in a cab (or car) was. It was quite confusing and I ended up jumping out the cab with the driver and the traffic attendant screaming at me. I was blowing my driver, so that may have contributed to the confusion. Maybe it's best to get out of the cab across the street. There are signs pointing to the boats and we're on the large one called the Infinity.

About leaving the cruise: at 10PM, 3 different boats dock and release hundreds of passengers simultaneously. So getting a cab on the West Side Highway is extremely competitive. It's actually more like a nightmare. So you may want to devise a game plan, whether that's prearranging a car service (we dock at 10PM on the dot) or simply walking up Christopher Street to after-party at The Monster. There will probably be a motley crew of us straggling toward The Monster and I'm wish someone could videotape the startled reactions of the area's new stroller-pushing residents as the neighborhood become gay again, if only for a short, unofficial parade.

I'm very excited and hope to see ya there! Thanks for your support in helping us to bring back that ol' Wigstock magic!