August 08, 2015


Obama to Iran: You can't make any nuclear weapons.

Obama to the US: Let's spend a fortune on more nuclear weapons because we haven't even used the ones we've got. In 70 years. We don't want Iran to use any. But WE need to spend $1 trillion on new ones for some bizarre reason.

Oh, we need to defend ourselves, do we? WE are the country that has military bases stationed all over the world. Seems more like other countries need to be defended from us.

Who are the voters who want to spend $1 trillion on weapons we're telling other countries they can't use? Show yourselves. Voters in both parties want money to be spent on our crumbling infrastructure, reasonable education and health care for veterans. Voters with brains want to spend money on desperately needed job creation, switching to green energy and expanding Medicaid because health costs in this country are criminal even with Obamacare. I don't care if you think everything I'm claiming is on the US government's shopping list is wrong. The only bunch who wants to spend $1 trillion on weapons of mass destruction to kill people in other countries rather than helping people in THIS country are in the government which is supposedly representing us.

Voters in both parties say they're weary of war. Admit it--most of us know more about Cailtyn Jenner or Bill Cosby's date rape allegations than you even comprehend what battles we're currently fighting in. Yet you're quick to say "Support the troops" once or twice a year. There's never enough money for what we agree that we need. There's always a fortune to be spent on weapons which we say other countries shouldn't be using. Obama works for the defense industry and any other industry big enough to influence him. Not you. And Hillary and most Republicans are worse than he is. Now you have real a nice day!