November 20, 2014



Interesting segment on the lunacy of Democrats. It was Democrat Mary Landrieu who brought up the bill to approve the Keystone pipeline. The bill was sponsored by her GOP Senate opponent, to whom she is losing anyway. And even if it passed, Obama would probably veto it. So the dems frittered away their last time as a majority in Senate to pursue nonsense to preserve one fool's Senate seat--which the dems had already yanked all campaign dollars from because Mary was losing in double digits. (She is pursuing a GOP agenda to the right of Obama anyway.) I was under the impression that the oil from the pipeline would create jobs in Louisiana area refineries, but maybe this money doesn't go to Louisiana. Mary is typical of the conservative, corporate democrat who has brought the party so far to the middle that they are practically  indistinguishable from republicans. If I'm not mistaken, she also either held up or threatened to hold up Obamacare if it helped with abortions. Because democrats in southern or conservative states aren't progressive at all.

Dems could have used their last moments with a majority to confirm the first black female appointment to the Dpt of Justice, since there were no real objections. So Rachel asks a very good question, highlighting how ineffective dems are. An even better question is why did Obama and dems waste the first two years of his presidency--when there was a democratic majority in both houses--to constantly reach across the aisle to the GOP party who had sworn to crush him? An ineffective, middle-of-the-road party needs to go. Even if you agree with their policies, this stunt by Mary Landrieu makes it clear that they don't even know what their doing--even when they have precious little time left.

November 18, 2014


Stop ignoring the damage Obama is trying to do to this country. I don't care if he raises the minimum wage or protects GLBT from discrimination in the work place, because these are merely cosmetic changes if there are no f#cking jobs to get paid more for or to be discriminated against. Because they work for. Because they work for 25 cents an hour in Vietnam, one of the countries this secret trade agreement seeks to send our jobs to. Are you still dreaming that Obama is a good guy who can't get anything done because of an obstructionist GOP Congress? Dream on! They get done what they want to get done--appropriating funds for expensive new weapons for wars the US people don't want to fight and billions every year to fund Israel's aggression.

The TPP is a trade deal created by international businesses and legislators can't even take notes on it or discuss it. And Obama is trying to fast-track it so that there is a vote with no discussion. Funny how the do-nothing Congress can fast-track things that have to do with defense and killing our jobs as NAFTA did. (The TPP has been described as NAFTA on steroids--so prepare for many more jobs to be killed.) Which a democrat Bill Clinton signed. Neither party represents American workers. Both represent war. Obama can't make up his mind about the Keystone pipeline despite his "commitment" to halting climate change, but he is dead set on killing US jobs in secret with no debate. This is who this man is and how little he cares about the average worker. And some of you are ranting about what a great president he is? Then explain the TPP. He won't even explain it. No one will discuss it publicly because there are no benefits for the American worker. And it isn't on the news.....

CAMPAIGN FOR AMERICAN'S FUTURE: They're at it again. Unelected bureaucrats are meeting behind closed doors making decisions that could cost tens of thousands of good jobs.

It’s called the Trans-Pacific Partnership. We don’t know what’s in it, but we know who wrote it: corporate lobbyists and representatives of countries that include repressive regimes with no concern for labor or environmental standards.

We should have learned our lesson by now. Bad trade agreements create a race to the bottom which benefits only the multinationals. It lets them export jobs, undermine environmental standards and restrict internet freedom​.

Now they want ​"​fast-track​" ​ rules on a secretly negotiated treaty. Fast track means Congress skips the amendment process and skips to vote all before they even know what is in the treaty.

The corporate lobbyists don’t want the public to have the chance to see what’s in this deal -- and they don’t want Congress to change what they are trying to foist on America.

As Sen. Elizabeth Warren said, "they have to be secret because if the American people knew what was going on, they would be opposed."

Click here to tell Congress to vote no on "fast-track" authority for the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

American jobs and strong environmental protections are too important to rush through another bad trade agreement.


November 16, 2014


Which gay men are these. I don't know any of them. Even if I wasn't bored by her formulaic, bubblegum pop, she has none of the exagerrated style of Madonna, Britney, Gaga, Liza, Bette, Diana, Whitney, Donna Summer, Grace Jones, Cher, Amy Winehouse, Dolly, Tina Turner or any other gay female icons I can think of. Or are gays now so assimilated into mainstream culture that their taste is so boring that they no longer require glamour in their pop princesses? At least Miley Cyrus is a train wreck. Nothing interesting about Taylor.

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NOWNESS: Faena 10: Skating On Marble

Lady Bunny does disco for a decade of the Buenos Aires hotel

Alan Faena is credited with the transformation of the Puerto Madero district in Buenos Aires. In 2004 he opened the doors of the Faena Hotel, propelling one of Argentina’s most ambitious real-estate projects. Today, Puerto Madero has evolved into a vibrant satellite, while the hotel has established itself as a center for radical opulence, an all-white bistro with unicorn heads aligned on the walls and a floating golden crown on the pool distilling the Faena Universe. 
To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the hotel's opening, legendary New York drag artist and DJ Lady Bunny held court on the decks, becoming the beehive-haired star of Latin American director Kayhan Ozmen's Kubrick-esque vision, soundtracked by Kourosh Yaghmaei's dreamlike "Niyayesh." 
“The shiny marble floor was transformed into a skate rink”
Faena’s wife Ximena Caminos is Director and Chief Curator of the adjacent Faena Art Center, and commissioned French-Brazilian artist duo Assume Vivid Astro Focus to take over the exhibition space with the site-specific roller disco installationÁngeles Veloces Arcanos Fugaces. The hotel’s Los Molinos room was reinvented as a psychedelic, soft-focus disco utopia; the shiny marble floor was transformed into a skate rink, fueling the prevailing myth that surrounds Alan’s parties. 
In Alan’s suite the evening before, while Brazilian theater institution José Celso Martinez Corrêa improvised on the piano, Lady Bunny, with her monumental blond wig towering over Okwui Enwezor curator of Venice’s next biennial, posed for a picture next to the portrait of another prominent blond: Evita Perón. 


Monique Bingham has such a gorgeous voice. I didn't know what "pap" was, but apparently it's South African for porridge. Unusual lyrics. Beautiful voice and production.


Does this freak anyone else out? I'm not involved in any seditious activity that I could be prosecuted for, but like everyone else, I have cell phone communications that I'd like to remain private. I'm all for the government keeping us safer with this new spying technique, but I also value privacy and this new program apparently doesn't only target criminals. I haven't seen TV news in months--are they talking about planes with cellphone towers snatching our data?

A few other spying highlights from the Obama administration, which to counter Bush's secrecy and limiting access to the press, campaigned on greater transparency in the White House. I didn't know that Obama meant that he would make US citizens more transparent, not his administration.This is troubling.

1. After it was revealed that the NSA was keeping huge records of non-suspects that they attained from phone giants working with the government, there was a public outcry. This forced Obama to make a statement that the personal data would not be kept. But still collected.

2. Obama angered world leaders like Germany's Angela Merkel and Brazil's president Rousseff by spying on their personal cell phones and Rouseff's emails as well. We know spying goes on between countries, but these two countries are our allies. And if you're going to spy, at least be slick enough to not get caught. Whistleblower Edward Snowden's leaks revealed these US spy capers.

3. Obama's CIA appointee John Brennan admitted that the CIA had hacked the computers of our own Congress's Senate Intelligence Committee. After Brennan initially lied and denied the spying he authorized. Democratic Senator Mark Udall claimed he had "lost confidence in John Brennan" and requested an independent investigation of the CIA's actions which may constitute “the violation of multiple provisions of the Constitution.” The Congress and the executive branch can't seem to cooperate. Will tricking Congress help relations between the two branches and get blocked legislation through?

Spying on citizens. Spying on international allies and damaging the US's credibility and image. Spying on Congress and lying about it? I'm sure that some spying is necessary to keep us safe and we've been fairly safe. But isn't this going overboard? Especially with this new program, that we are paying for to get spied on. As technology enables more spying techniques, we have to strike a balance between the safety they provide and our freedom of privacy.

DEMOCRACYNOW.ORG: "A new report reveals the Justice Department is sweeping up data from vast swaths of the population by flying planes equipped with devices that mimic cellphone towers. According to The Wall Street Journal, the seven-year-old program, run by the U.S. Marshals Service, allows the government to trick tens of thousands of cellphones into reporting their location and identifying information over the course of a single flight. While the program is designed to target criminal suspects, it is reportedly ensnaring massive numbers of innocent Americans. The device can also interrupt calls on certain phones."


November 15, 2014



FRIENDS OF THE EARTH: This Tuesday, the Senate will vote to try to undo all our efforts over the past six years to stop the approval of the Keystone XL pipeline. We need your help NOW to stop the Senate from trying to undermine President Obama’s authority and forcing this horrible project through.

Senator Mary Landrieu -- who is in bed with the oil industry and fighting for her seat in a runoff election early next month -- introduced irresponsible legislation to approve the pipeline, which would carry dirty, dangerous tar sands oil from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico.

Senate Democrats, in a desperate, blatantly political move to save Senator Landrieu’s seat, are trying to sell out the environment and the interests of the American people for a giveaway to Big Oil. Now, we need you to show your Senator that if they vote for KXL, there will be consequences.

Tell your Senators: Vote NO on Keystone XL!

Two weeks ago, the Koch brothers bought themselves an election, and now Senate Democrats are trying to gift them a pipeline. Not because it’s good policy. Not because it will benefit Americans. But because it’s their last-ditch effort to support a Senator who has been terrible on the environment from Day One.

We’ve already sent a strong message to President Obama that we will not stand for transporting the most environmentally destructive oil on the planet across America’s heartland -- all so it can be exported. We’ve sent letters, made phone calls, taken to the streets, and gotten arrested -- and so far, we’ve succeeded in preventing the construction of KXL for six years.

Now, we can’t let our Senators go around President Obama and hold the planet hostage to their political whims. We have to turn up the heat on them to vote against the pipeline.

Take action now: Tell your Senators to vote NO on KXL.

The science is clear -- we must act today to reduce our carbon emissions, and we simply cannot afford to increase our reliance on even dirtier sources of fuel like tar sands. Approving KXL would light the fuse to an enormous carbon bomb that threatens our climate and our communities.

In this pivotal moment, we need you to tell your Senators you won’t stand for political theatrics over a project with no redeeming value.



Miss Craziness is literally performing at Carnegie Hall this evening. It's not actually the main hall, but the smaller Resnick Education wing. And it's at a gay wedding of a fun couple who also have the brilliant Martha Wash singing. I was nervous because these weddings can be very serious and at one point, I even thought I was going to have to obtain some certificate which enabled me to wed them. Honey, if this slut is blessing your wedding, you'll But then I realized that they were already legally married and this is more of a party. And the benediction and prayer is not some lofty, religious thing which I'd have to struggle through--it's this:

Facebook, Grindr, Scroff etc., help us to remember when we first met and the strong love that grew between us.

Dear RuPaul, we put their marriage into Your hands.
Now……can I get an AMEN and Sissy That Walk?

I love my job!

UM, OK...

November 14, 2014



Dionne's voice!


Obama just sent 1,500 more troops to fight ISIS--after promising there would be no boots on the ground. Now he's requesting $ 3.2 billion more to fight ISIS. People don't have water in Detroit and we're cutting food stamps. There is no $ for job creation or fixing our crumbling infrastructure. But we've always got money to bomb three countries which aren't attacking us.

Another great TYT segment with Cenk Ugyur.


For a black man of Charlie Rangel's age to claim that he didn't know that the word "cracker" is offensive to whites is a flat-out lie. Cracker is to white people what the n-word is to blacks. And for everyone of any race who is appalled by the racist attacks on president Obama by whites, this is the same thing in reverse. Like Charlie, I disapprove of the tea party's ignorant agenda and have called them many names myself. Ignorant, selfish, obstructionist, violent, neanderthal and many other adjectives would apply without resorting to racial slurs. And I myself use the word cracker and other offensive words. But I'm not in public office and I'm not lying about it on camera.

Frankly, I think seeing two black men laughing on a "news" segment over one's use of the word cracker is disturbing and it's crystal clear proof that race-baiting doesn't only come from whites. In his attempt to back-track and apologize, Rangel even presents the ridiculous notion that he used the term thinking it was a term of "endearment." This again is an absurd lie. Then again maybe lying isn't so unusual for Rangel, since he was indicted for 11 counts of ethics violations in 2010, including this lunacy. NY Times: "Since the accusations were first raised two years ago, Mr. Rangel has acknowledged bookkeeping errors in his financial disclosure forms and has said that his failure to pay more than $60,000 in taxes on rental income from a Dominican beach house was an oversight, caused, in part, by his inability to speak Spanish." I wonder if in the statement he called spanish "spic-ish", because that's a term of endearment to latinos. Puh-lease.


November 13, 2014


This 20-year veteran police sear gent, who happens to be black and female, makes some very interesting and powerful observations about the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri. Naturally, being black and from the world of law enforcement, she has a unique perspective which I hope you'll check out in full. Here are a few key excerpts.

Cheryl Dorsey: "The problems in Ferguson, Missouri, will continue long after the grand jury's decision is announced. The tensions in the community will undoubtedly be exacerbated if the U.S. Justice Department declines to pursue civil rights violations against Officer Darren Wilson. The real problem in Ferguson is the fact that the residents are stuck with a police department that seemingly lacks ethnic diversity, appears racially insensitive and is unwilling to admit changes within are necessary. The problems of the Ferguson Police Department are cultural and systemic.

As a retired, 20-year veteran police sergeant, I reject the notion that a professional, tactically trained, gun-toting police officer would fear an unarmed teenager. Police officers receive an inordinate amount of training, first in the academy and then continued in-service training. Police officers should expect, by virtue of their occupation, that interacting with the community can at times be contentious. Police officers are expected to rely on their training and common sense if confronted with an argumentative and uncooperative citizen. Police officers are not expected to take it personally when a citizen fails to follow an order given. So for Officer Wilson to initiate a traffic stop and then immediately escalate the situation to a deadly-force incident is, in my opinion, outrageous.

Maybe it's time to require police recruit candidates to prove they are not predisposed to being fearful before they are hired and given a gun. Maybe it's time to require a police officer to prove fear if that's the stated reason for firing that gun. Maybe it's time to hold officers who violate policy and the law when they discharge that gun personally liable. Maybe it's time to no longer allow the mere utterance of "fear" by a police officer as a justification for what our sensibilities as a society recognize is unreasonable and excessive.

Officer, if you were in fear, please explain why you did not remain in the safe confines of your police car. Officer, why didn't you call for backup, wait for backup to arrive and then tell backup that you were in fear for your safety? Please, Officer, why did you kill Mike Brown? If it wasn't because of his race, then what?

And finally, sir, would your please return to the police station, turn in your badge and gun and seek employment somewhere else, because, Officer, I am in fear for my safety."



Isn't it great that we have to beg congressional leaders not to appoint "Wall Street's Favorite Democrat", a former investment banker, to an important committee position? Isn't it great that we have to beg Democrats to be actual Democrats and at least pretend that both parties don't live to lick Wall Street's @ss? They are all skunks, but at least send a message that we're paying attention. It's very easy to ignore the people you supposedly represent when someone is dangling huge campaign contributions in your face.

Will House Dems marry Goldman Sachs?

This week, possibly in the next 48 hours, Nancy Pelosi has a big decision to make: Who will lead the House Democrats' campaign committee?

While there are a couple progressives she's considering, one other name is Connecticut Rep. Jim Himes.

In an article titled "Wall Street's Favorite Democrat," Businessweek reports:

Wall Street doesn't have many friends in Washington these days -- especially among Democrats on Capitol Hill. There is one House Democrat who's shown some sympathy for Wall Street: Jim Himes. A former Goldman Sachs (GS) investment banker ... he isn't shy about defending the industry or decrying Wall Street bashing.

Senator Elizabeth Warren was the most popular campaigner for Democrats this year because voters love her big economic populist ideas -- including Wall Street reform and accountability.

To win, more Democrats need to run on her message.

Can you call Nancy Pelosi right now and tell her Jim Himes' appointment would hurt Democratic chances in 2016?

Nancy Pelosi's Office: (202) 225-4965


Thanks for being a bold progressive.

-- Adam Green and Stephanie Taylor, PCCC co-founders.


Heard this in Chicago--home of a lot of great dance music. You may remember Duck Sauce's nutty hit Barbra Streisand a couple years ago. Funny how this is one of the best new dance new songs yet it's just an old song that's been juiced up. And they don't just sample one groove--they sample two. So it's really just a remix. What current songs have so much musicality that they're going to be sampled in a few decades because their sounds are superior to any that we can now create, with all of our technology? Shake It Off? I Don't Care (I Love It)? Anaconda? Oh wait--that's already a sample.

November 12, 2014


Here's the secret trade agreement that Obama is trying to fast-track through Congress. Congress can't get anything done and the GOP controlling both houses have vowed to kill any of Obama's ideas on principle. But not this one. Not this secret one that would kill American jobs and that no one would support if they knew what was in it. Except for the big businesses who wrote it with the White House. Congressmen are expected to vote on it and can't even take notes on the agreement to openly discuss it. Now the other countries involved in the deal that's been called NAFTA on steroids--and NAFTA killed many US jobs--are questioning it's benefits for anyone except multi-national corporations. Australia is one of the countries possibly involved, and here's what he has to say about Obama's dastardly TPP. If Obama's a good guy who isn't bribed by big business, why is he intent on destroying American jobs? Because he is. In secret. He's not focused on immigration, gun control, climate change or any other crap he mouths off about in well-written speeches. Screwing us will be his legacy and this, his last screw,  will leave a gaping, bloody hole as we're forced to compete with workers in Vietnam making 25 cents an hour.

GUARDIAN: "Liberal senator Bill Heffernan has called for transparency in negotiations over international trade deals including the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the China Free Trade Agreement (FTA), saying Australians deserve to know the details.

“I mean, it’s all shrouded in bloody, in secrecy, I mean I would like to know what the details are,” Heffernan said.

“I’ve asked the various players and I’ve been told ‘Bill, it’s all, it’s all in ... you know, we can’t tell you because it’s all sort of commercial-in-confidence’. You know, I just think we deserve to know the details of these things.”

Russia Today: "Only when Wikileaks published a draft version of the negotiating document did critics understand how it would erode intellectual property protections, changes to environmental regulations, and curb freedom of speech.

“While the TPP is being called a trade agreement, the US already has trade agreements (with most of the) countries involved in the talks. Instead, the TPP is a major power grab by large corporations,” said Margaret Flowers, MD, former congressional fellow for Physicians for a National Health Program told the Institute for Public Accuracy. Doctors are particularly interested in the pact because it contains a threat to the availability of generic drugs.

“The text of the TPP includes 29 chapters, only five of which are about trade,” she added. “The remaining chapters are focused on changes that multinational corporations have not been able to pass in Congress, such as restrictions on internet privacy, increased patent protections, greater access to litigation and further financial deregulation.”

Flowers said the negotiations are shrouded in secrecy because the more people know about it, the more they will oppose the agreement. More than 600 corporate advisers were working with the US Trade Representative to draft the TPP, she said, “means that for more than four years some of the top corporate lawyers have been inserting phrases, paragraphs and whole sections so the agreement suits the needs of corporate power, while undermining the interests of people and planet.”

There's your guy, Obama. Actively seeking to destroy jobs and give more power to huge corporations. Yet you still post "Blame the black guy" memes. Look at the TPP and tell me he doesn't deserve blame!




I am not a big rap fan, but I do like comedy!