May 21, 2015



Talk about a party pooper! Sweet 16 birthday ruined when human waste 'from a passing plane' rains on guests



What we are supposed to believe is that those nasty Republicans have blocked all of Obama's legislative efforts for years. But not on this trade deal. Republicans are siding with Obama against his own party to denounce the TPP, which could cost the US millions of jobs, depress wages here and do a ton of other damage. Obama is showing himself to be a crooked liar pushing what a leader in his own party is calling "insanity" in the article leaked below. For some reason, our "news" has decided that a talk show host leaving his job should receive 10 times the coverage of an agreement that will negatively affect all of us for many years. It will give corporations (like the ones Obama wrote the TPP in secret with) unprecedented new powers and many opponents are only asking that the TPP be discussed openly. But Obama is desperate to fast track the secret deal  it without much discussion and no ability to amend it once it gets through.

What's most upsetting of all is that no one seems to care. You care about late night talk show hosts retiring, about dying celebrities, about reality TV contests, but not about something which will harm workers for decades. The president's actively seeking to harm workers and this will be one of his ugliest legacies. Why should you care if you don't work in manufacturing? Well, NAFTA killed millions of manufacturing jobs and the TPP has been called NAFTA on steroids because it involves 40% of the world's trade. If workers don't have money then they aren't going to afford going to clubs, so djs and drag queens wages will decrease. They won't have money to go to the dentist, the accountant, the nail salon, the event planner, the massage therapist, the hairdresser, the web designer, the butcher, the baker or candlestick maker. Everyone will lose out.

And we really need to ask why a Democrat is pushing a policy like this. Mitt Romney was supposed to be the candidate who repped the 1%--that's why he lost. Obama won as the people's candidate yet now he's switched and is working for the huge multi-national corporations who the TPP benefits. Against his own party. Obama can claim to support paid sick leave, equal pay for women and anti-GLBT discrimination in the work place. But none of that matters if we don't have jobs!

Noticeably absent from the discussion is corporate whore and former Walmart board of directors Hillary Clinton, who called the TPP "the gold standard" of trade agreements when she was serving as secretary of state. This issue is so serious that Elizabeth Warren has suggested she may run unless Clinton speaks out against the TPP.

Congress is supposedly voting on this by noon or very soon. Can you call your representatives and tell them to vote no on fast track and no on the TPP? Unless you own a multinational corporation, the agreement will have devastating effects on the average American. And if it's as beneficial as Obama claims, why not debate it openly in Congress ? The answer is that it isn't beneficial to workers at all and Obama is a liar who is actively seeking to screw us. Yet you don't care for some bizarre reason. I'm beginning to believe that Americans are so dumb that they deserve a government whose salary they pay to rip them off.


May 20, 2015


ahí esta el otro de tamulte o es de atasta ?
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This is my of my only attempts at celebrity impersonation!

May 19, 2015


Bobby Possumcods' Meth
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Watch this to see what a presidential candidate looks like. With a clear agenda and fiery outrage at our current system which is cheating working Americans. Liz's arms are in the air and she's yelling about injustice. Quite a contrast to the playing it safe Hillary, who claims she's on a "listening tour" to find out what Americans need. If you're running for president, you should already know what WE need, not just your banker donors. But Hillary isn't ready to fight. Or even lay out a clear agenda. She's so middle-of-the-road that she won't be challenging anyone since she represents the very establishment which must be challenged. Yet something like 85% of democrats support Hillary. If democrats had any backbone, they'd challenge Hillary's coronation and vote for a candidate who actually represents the interests of 99% of us. Obama proved that corrupt DC good ol' boys come in all colors. If elected, Hillary will prove that those good ol' boys can be women as well.

May 18, 2015


Amen to this!

"In the latest edition of club-related technophobia, cell phones have grown increasingly under fire. It wasn't but a couple weeks ago that Francois Kevorkian publicly mused on his Facebook page that it might be better if certain parties in New York began explicitly banning their use as "necessary measures taken in order to maintain the balance between the listener and the music." In some ways this is the logical extension of the way in which certain parties and cultural institutions ban photography inside their premises. After all, usage of cellphones is just as bad if not worse, as they tend to disconnect and mediate away from the present physical experience. Go out to most clubs and you'll invariably run into large groups of people staring like vidiots into their mobile device of choice. While there does seem to be something obviously wrong with this, it's hard to measure exactly what it is without an alternative -- something we seem to have lost in the past decade."



I have been milking this Laugh-In music for literally decades. At Wigstock, we used to use the music from the Laugh-In TV show. But for HBO's Dragtime, they couldn't clear it. So I wrote something similar and it's stuck for years. How fun to have Bea Arthur, Elliot Gould, Elvira, Andy Dick, Loretta Hogg, Nora Burns and others dancing to one of my tunes. I actually think the music holds up fairly well with it's a-go-go feeling.

May 16, 2015


Spinning disco classics at The The Manhattan Monster Bar​ this Sunday. My schedule has been a little off due to travel but I normally do the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month. Sorry for the confusion. It's from 6-10PM and the least pretentious boogie-in-a-basement dance party in town with no dress code or overcharge and cheap drinks. No bottle service, no VIP lounge and a crazy dj who is likely to join you on the dance floor--if you have enough drugs and/or poppers. I play a lot of the funkier side of disco and early 80s but if the crowd wants it, I've got those Love Is In The Air, YMCA and Gloria jams if requested. I do shy away from Abba. (You're welcome.) The crowd's a bit older but there are always some crazy kids who seem to dance with so much abandon that I imagine they're wishing that artists like Chic and Shalamar were playing in other clubs. There's a chance of light thundershowers tomorrow at some point, so I'll make sure to have Chaka's Clouds, Viola Wills' Stormy Weather, Eruption's I Can't Stand The Rain, Don Ray's Standing In The Rain, Enough Is Enough and It's Raining Men on hand. If you're out and about tomorry night, please stop by!

May 15, 2015


THE GOOD NEWS: We're now fracking so much in the US that we don't have to import as much fuel. That means that we don't have to stir up trouble in the Middle East over oil. Yay!

THE BAD NEWS: (Sorry this is so much longer than the good.)

That fracking is dangerous to our drinking water.

We'll alway find other reasons to invade the Middle East even when we don't need their oil as much.

The US may not need it, but we're still drilling away for oil. Why concern ourselves with the health of the only planet we can live on when a quick buck can be made?

Obama approving Arctic drilling proves that he's a failure in one of his own stated goals for his second term: addressing climate change. Most scientists agree that 80% of the fossil fuels must remain in the ground to avoid the most catastrophic issues from climate change. Yet Obama has tentatively approved this possibly disastrous drilling in the Arctic, approved drilling along a long stretch of east coast, and has passed the buck on the Keystone pipeline.

Gee, are the Republicans blocking him in Congress again? Nope! This, like the TPP, is his own doing and you won't hear any objection from Republicans on drilling for oil. Or much from Democrats. Only from people who care if future generations will be able to breathe at all as they attempt to breathe more easily between extreme weather events.


May 14, 2015


This is actually well-written and interesting. There's a flawless close-up of Bianca Del Rio, Roxxy Andrews is actually wearing sequins with rhinestones on the sequins if I'm not mistaken, and Alyssa Edwards looks stunning!




So I saw Chita Rivera in The Visit. How could I not--after seeing that slow, bewitching entrance she makes on the commercial for it with ruby and diamond jewelry set in a white dress coat sporting a cane? I try to see Chita whenever I can--though the bitch cancelled when I tried to see her in Edwin Drood. Only to find out that she only had a cameo in it towards the end. Look, she's one of the last classic Broadway gals of the Gwen Verdon ilk. She originated the role of the firebrand Anita in West Side Story on Broadway, fer chrissakes! Can I even call a puerto rican actress I adore a "firebrand" any more without being slammed by the politically correct that I'm stereotyping latina women as temperamental? Anyhoo, a starring vehicle with Madame Rivera can't be missed in my book.

It's a great story. Chita returns to a small town she grew up. She's fabulously wealthy after a long life as a very high class hooker. Brandishing a cane and a room full of luggage, she's returned to her old stomping grounds to exact revenge on the cruel townspeople who turned her into a whore. Half jewish and half gypsy, she'd been spurned at all ages but was run out of town after getting pregnant as a teen. The father had several townsmen testify in court that they'd all slept with her to avoid his clear paternity. And boy does Chita hold a grudge--she wants her ex-lover killed. And she's willing to pay a fortune to a town which has sunk deep into poverty since she left.

But after this chilling plot is set up, the show kinda of falls flat. Chita's still mesmerizing and I recommend seeing it for that reason alone. But the drama never develops. It does become darker as the townspeople plumb the depths of their souls to try and justify murdering the former paramour to snatch Chita's enormous ransom.

A pair of actor/dancers appear as Chita and her boyfriend's younger selves and reenact their smoking trysts. The actress playing the younger Chita flips her long, lustrous mane at the very beginning--in a way that would make any brazilian drag queen jealous. The lovers/dancers are a theatrical device which works, and something is needed against a well-done, but grey, industrial and unchanging set. A theatrical device which does not work is the use of yellow to pop out against the grey. The stacks of money they fondle are bright yellow. And once they've realized that things are looking up financially because of Chita, they don yellow shoes to hit the town in. It's clunky, but not as bad as the clunker of the song they perform to it all about yellow shoes. It's hard to believe, but none of the music is memorable. And it's written by Broadway legends Kander and Ebb! Yes, they who wrote All That Jazz and countless other memorable stand-out show tunes that even I know.

While flawed, I do recommend seeing it. I caught it with my maw, who after seeing several plays in one week told me "You saved the best for last." So Lady Becky loved it! I hope I haven't given too much away and I certainly don't consider myself to be a proper theater reviewer. But at least I ain't shrieking over politics for once!

May 13, 2015


Do you remember that photo of Obama, Clinton and others looking at a monitor shocked as they looked at footage of Osama Bin Laden being captured? Well, they may have all been acting because Osama's capture may not have gone down as reported. We'd known of his whereabouts for 4 years before his capture and no courier's path traced us to him as claimed--if Pulitzer prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh is to be believed. Obama cooked up an alibi with the generals over there and they'd planned to roll out the same story together. But because an unpopular Obama needed to get reelected, he jumped the gun and read a hastily written speech which was at odds with the story they'd previously planned to use. That's why the details surrounding the capture--like the assertion that Osama had an AK47 and that there was a gunfight--mysteriously changed in the first few days of reporting. (This part is not disputed by anyone--the details did change.) The generals scrambled to save face and cook up a new story that would match the one Obama blurted out early to try and cash in on a military victory for a campaign boost. This is how dirty politicians are. And this is how desperate our media is to believe the White House and not bother the kind of investigative journalism that Hersh has done. Because we've become so lazy that we prefer soundbites. We want them short and we want them fast. We don't care if they're wrong. As long as it makes us feel good.
The White House has claimed that Hersh's 10,000 page piece is so full of lies that they can't begin to attack it, yet they have not taken the core accusations and dismissed them. Hersh is being vilified by the mainstream media, even though NBC has confirmed part of his story. In addition to the bombshells dropped by his reporting, Hersh himself is fascinating. He's an irascible, no nonsense throwback to the kind of reporter you'd see in a movie from the 1940s. 
I heard a joke once: US finds Osama Bin his home. This home was near a Pakistani military base or two, and that always seemed odd that they didn't know what was going on right underneath their noses. Or maybe they did. But they had to wait until an election before the "triumphant" capture.


We have one democratic-leaning national news station and that's MSNBC. Here's why they can't be trusted. Or you at least have to sift through their pro-establishment propaganda.

Yesterday, several news anchors reported on Democrats in the Senate squashing Obama's TPP trade deal--or at least they rejected the fast track authority Obama was seeking to pass without much discussion of the secret deal and no chance to amend something which governs 40% of the world's trade. MSNBC's anchors from Sharpton to Chris Matthews to Chris Hayes all claimed that "progressives" had won out over Obama. While this suggests quite rightly that Obama isn't progressive at all, "progressives" did not vote the fast track down. Democrats did. Democrats who could not return to their constituents and tell them "We killed your jobs because Obama wanted to serve multi-national corporations' interests at the expense of yours " and get reelected.

Let's remember that most Democrats aren't a very progressive bunch. If they're representing a largely catholic state like Louisiana, then they have a hard time supporting abortion rights. (See disgraced Mary Landrieu.) If they hail from a state with a large rural population, they want less gun control just like Republicans. (See Gaby Giffords, who supported more lenient gun laws before she was shot.) Democrats from oil-producing states have no interest in addressing climate change. (See disgraced Mary Landrieu again.) Many Democrats like Hillary Clinton are ready to buy trumped up evidence to jump into a war because they make money from the defense industry. Many Democrats are corporate cronies like Ben Nelson, who held up the passage of Obamacare and former senator Chris Dodd just broke his promise not to become a lobbyist after he left office.

So for MSNBC to call the senators who stood up to a president of their own party with a stinging rebuke on the TPP "progressive" is just nonsense. They were acting like Democrats! The way Democrats used to act. Democrats who stand with workers--as Hillary claims she does now that she thinks that what we want to hear. Democrats who stand with unions, the traditional democratic voter base which has been lost. Who stand for civil rights whether those be gay rights, ending police brutality against blacks or protecting women's abortion rights. Who would never, as Obama has, attempt to sabotage the very popular Social Security program. Who recognize the importance of addressing climate change and not just paying lip service to it as Obama does, while simultaneously green lighting new drill sites in the Arctic which has environmentalists howling. Democrats used to be the more peaceful party--the Republicans were the hawks. But now we have a Democratic president extending the wars we're already in and fighting secret drone wars we don't even know about. And a presumed Democratic presidential nominee who is more of a hawk than Obama.

Democrats like Obama and Hillary have driven the party so far to the right that we need a new option which is truly progressive. Based on policies like the TPP and Obama's proposed chained CPI budget cuts to Social Security, again and again Democrats are acting like Republicans. Obama has continued many of Bush's policies--NSA spying, government secrecy, not making corporations or the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes and not spending to invest in jobs or our infrastructure. The list goes on and on, but there's been little real change. Obama griped constantly about how the extreme right tea party wing of the Republican party forced him to constantly go to the middle ground in negotiations. But the truth is on many issues--he was already in the middle. Certainly further toward the middle than many Democrats like the ones who just rose up together against his sleazy trade deal. I think Obama liked the tea party because it gave him a great excuse to not be progressive. And then you see him try to screw workers en masse with the TPP and getting support from only Republicans on it. Was he reaching across the aisle or was he already there in the middle?

Then you see a centrist candidate like Hillary taking pages from the playbook of the great liberal hope Elizabeth Warren in order to sound more progressive to get elected. If elected, we'll find out how progressive she is. Just as we found out how progressive Obama wasn't. Time for a new party. Democrats have cooked their own goose by turning against core principles they used to have. I'm sorry if you feel trapped by a two-party system but if this country still is a democracy, it's government by the people. We call the shots. They work for us and it's our job to boot them out when they've proven again and again that "us" is the least of their concerns.

May 06, 2015


HELLO there from Dez on Vimeo.


I don't love this guy's humor. But it's an illuminating look at the TPP which Obama is pushing with strong support from Republicans. Alan Grayson calls this secret trade deal "a punch in the face to the middle class." And this comedian is correct--when Obama says to trust him and wait and see what's in the secret deal, itcs kinda tough when he's seeking the fast track authority to ram it through Congress with little debate and without possibility of amendments. Doesn't that alone make it sound beneficial to America? The deal affects 40% of the world's trade. If it's so good for the US, why is it being kept secret by Obama and the lobbyists who wrote it? We only know what we know about the deal from leakers. This is a perfect example of the government defeating the people instead of representing us. And we all know who they do represent.

Obama Is Blatantly Lying About the Trans-Pacific Partnership!The Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP, is a nasty trade...
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May 05, 2015


May 24th in Sonoma County! A bunch of us "gals" will play this gorgeous casino. I'm DJing and performing along with Joey AriasCandis CayneJackie BeatRyan Raftery as Anna Wintour and many more.