September 21, 2014



If minorities and the poor would vote, we'd never have another Republican president. Voter registration isn't glamorous and it isn't fun, but it also isn't fun when your social services are cut that you desperately need to stay afloat. Or when your government and police forces, like the ones in Ferguson, Missouri, see it as within their duties to stop & frisk or kill you.

Take Georgia, a red state that could turn blue if blacks would get out and vote. SLATE: "Georgia has roughly 700,000 unregistered black voters. If Democrats could cut that number by less than a third—and bring nearly 200,000 likely Democrats to the polls—they would turn a red state purple, and land a major blow to the national Republican Party. Or, as Michelle Obama said during a campaign rally on Monday, “If just 50 Democratic voters per precinct who didn’t vote in 2010 get out and vote this November—just 50 per precinct—then Michelle Nunn and Jason Carter will win.” Given 2,727 precincts in Georgia, that’s just 136,350 new voters."

However, Georgia's Republican party is alarmed by minority voter registration efforts because they know the power of harnessing the black vote. So the GOP governor is accusing the voter registration organizers of fraud, with 28 allegedly forged documents. But Georgia is only one state. There have been active voter suppression in many states aimed at people of color, the elderly and students by passing laws which force everyone to have state IDs. I realize that those of you who travel or drive may not understand why anyone wouldn't have an ID, but a lot of people are poor and the powers that be are also shutting DMVs where IDs so that they become harder to reach. And if you don't have a lot of money or a car, how are you going to get there?

Republicans know that America is turning a darker hue and that because they've aligned themselves with white bigots, they are eager to squash groups of voters who if registered, would vote democratic. In fact, if Republicans are seen as actively suppressing minority votes, it actually revs up their often prejudiced base. Are you going to let them get away with it? If you don't cast your vote, then you have no right to complain. Sadly, those whose lives would benefit most from a democratic government's policies choose not to even participate in the democratic process of voting. What will you do about it?

THIS TUESDAY, Sept 23, is National Voter Registration Day!

MORE:   Go to NATIONALVOTERREGISTRATIONDAY to register to vote or find out how you can join voter registration efforts near you.

September 20, 2014


September 19, 2014


Demented drag diva Lady Bunny brings her critically acclaimed latest 1 & 1/2 woman show to the Cavern Club on September 19th, 20th and 21st. Expect over an hour of laughs from the queen who was just voted Time Out's #1 NYC dragoon--after all these years. This all-new show includes raunchy song parodies, Bunny's trademark Laugh-In skit lampooning celebrities from Justin Bieber to Kim Kardashian to Adele, musical selections from Frank Sinatra to Prince to Katy Perry and Daft Punk. Politically correctness be damned, this show is co-written by the bitter and hilarious Facebook sensation Beryl Mendelbaum. 6 performances only of what Michael Musto called "the funniest show in town" during it's NYC run! This intimate 75-seat venue will sell out. And the price is as cheap as her humor: $19.99! $24.99 at the door, cash only.


September 18, 2014


FRAN LEBOWITZ: I object to people who are rich in politics. I don't think they should be allowed to be in politics. It is bad that rich people are in politics, it is bad for everybody but rich people, and rich people don't need any more help. Whenever people say, "Oh he earned his money himself," I always say the same thing: "No one earns a billion dollars. People earn $10 an hour, people steal a billion dollars."

Please read the whole piece!



And get ready, Lypsinka will FINALLY return to the NYC stage this fall in a trilogy of 3 shows.

September 17, 2014


This video is of a young woman who was raped by a fellow student at Columbia University. Her attacker is still at school and she chooses to drag the mattress on which she was raped in her dorm everywhere she goes on campus. It's a protest/art project that helps her process her grief. Whatever it takes, honey. This video will show that rape is not uncommon at Columbia and that the school lets some rapists get away with it. There's some emotional testimony here.
This is rape happening at an Ivy League school. Rape also happens a lot in the military, to both women and men. The military encourages victims not to report the attacks because it can set back their military careers. Like Columbia, it allows rape to happen and then when it is reported, sometimes sweeps it under the rug.
Then we see several prominent pro athletes abusing women and even their children. And the organizations which make money off the athletes care more about $ than the women.
Why are we elevating brutes and letting them off the hook when they repeatedly rape women? Can you look at these three examples happening now and deny that there is a culture of rape in this country? And there can't be a culture of anything unless a lot of people are doing it and a lot of other people are letting it exist without reporting it or speaking out. This video gave me a lot of insight into how some women don't speak out because they're afraid, or it's been too traumatic to drag themselves through a humiliating court case after such a violation.
If I wanted to get a little new age-y, I'd venture to say that greedy @ssholes in world governments who are mostly male are raping Mother Earth. This is ugly. And it won't change until the attitudes of saying nothing and permitting it also change.


Was the fact that ISIS has beheaded people the reason that you think military action is needed in Iraq? Then these questions are for you.

Did you know that the moderate Syrian rebels who the US wants to support sold the  journalist Steven Sotloff to ISIS who then beheaded him?

Did you know that these moderate Syrian rebels who the US wants to help beheaded 6 people itself not long ago?

Beheading is gruesome, but it does not constitute a threat to the United States. You can't go to war against beheading. And if it's so gruesome, why do we want to support "moderate" Syrian rebels who also behead people?

September 16, 2014


New tune co-written by Lady Bunion and NYC-based producers Groove Addix. Out on 9/22 but you can listen now or pre-order. Please check it out! My fave mix is #4, the housier one by Nick Marshall.


September 15, 2014


The neighborhood that contains Stonewall, birthplace of gay rights in this country and has long been known for it's bohemian flavor has a new type of resident which frowns on drag show.  Another long-term Christopher Street bar featuring queens is struggling to stay open and wants to stay in the Village. Too bad about the new residents' prudishness. Lips put on nightly shows for almost a decade and I don't remember any issues with precious babies passing by in a stroller being emotionally scarred. Unless giantess Jason Robert Gerber was wearing the blue bouffant barrel curls. If you think your kid will be scarred by seeing a drag show, don't move to the f#cking West Village! Diandra was just talking about the color vanishing from certain neighborhoods. No color, no flavor. Hmmmm. Please remind me why we pay a fortune to live in shoeboxes again"?

Boots & Saddle Shot Down by Locals Fearing Noise and Kids Seeing Drag Shows

""What about the kids walking by?" she said, adding that she was worried about children seeing drag performances.



Last week my Muslim neighbor told me that the 11th of September was the anniversary of the happiest day of her life.
After seeing my shock, she quickly explained that she meant it was her wedding anniversary.
"I'm so sorry" I said, "I thought you meant the attack on the Twin Towers".
"That's ridiculous" she laughed, "I wasn't even born then."


Must have been one of those blackout nights. I remember trying to serve fish--at my current weight I'm serving whale--but I have zero recollection of throwing fish. Especially not at Courtney Love.

'I'm getting my confidence back': Courtney Love, 50, opens up about leaving her rocker past behind her for a new 'focused' life 

DAILY MAIL: 'My New York years were not a success,' she says. 'I was a big hustler. I worked in Times Square at a peep show. I squatted in the basement at [punk venue] ABC No Rio. 'That's before they had cement floors. I was sleeping on dirt. Once a month, I'd have to get up on stage while [drag queen performance artist] Lady Bunny would throw fish at me.

But I'd remember Dean aka Loretta Hogg bringing Frances Bean Cobain to see me perform at the Duplex when she was a toddler. When I came out she screamed "Mommy!"




Here's a new racket! After 9/11 and the shoe bomber, we have to remove shoes, jackets, lotion and lap tops from our bags. And please save yourself the embarrassment and remove Ben Wa balls prior to your screening. Getting throughTSA now takes ages and seems to be different at different airports. I don't mind doing whatever is needed to keep flights safe. But when the airlines take advantage of the hassle to get greedy and offer to speed you through the hassle for extra coins, it kinda makes you wonder: Can't a terrorists get their hands on $49?


"Wage theft"--hadn't heard of that tactic whereby your boss robs you. By making you pay for your uniform, by randomly changing your hours, by understaffing so that you do the work or two people. And because jobs are so hard to find, you'd better be glad for a crap job with poor working conditions because you may not get another one. And you may work that shit job until you die because way less people can afford to retire any more. I'm glad fast food workers are striking nationwide and demanding higher minimum wages--if their bosses are making huge profits and they can't feed their families on what they earn, it's time to share a little bit of the wealth. I don't think fast food workers, some with college degrees who can't find work in their chosen fields, are asking for deluxe retirement packages. Just a living wage. Instead they get "borderline sweatshop conditions"--are these the kind of jobs that have been added under the Obama administration? Create desperation and then see how hard you can exploit people and make them thankful for crappy jobs they can't afford to quit instead of no work at all.



September 14, 2014



AN EXCERPT FROM THE GUARDIAN: "Dame Judi tells the Observer today aspiring actors beg her for money to help fund their training. She worries that acting may become an elite occupation for the children of the rich, because no one else will be able to meet the costs and take the risks. Ben Stephenson, the BBC's head of drama, said much the same at the Edinburgh festival but did not add that television is a racket, too. You cannot get a job in broadcasting unless you are prepared to work as an intern. In most cases, you cannot work as an intern unless you have family money to feed and house you.
But then who am I to criticise Stephenson when journalism is as much of a rich kids' game? Lindsey Macmillan of the Institute of Education found that journalists used to come from families 6% better off than average, whereas now they come from homes that are 42% richer. Indeed, British journalists, the supposed tribunes of the people, now hail from wealthier backgrounds than, er, bankers, an awkward fact that ought to cause embarrassment all round."


September 13, 2014