April 25, 2015


Hedda Lettuce and I were interviewed for this article on how drag make-up tips can benefit women.

"Lady Bunny remembers being struck by the way thin lips and dark colors made her look more like a “razor-lipped snapping turtle” than a diva. Instead, she sticks to coral shades and liquid eyeliner, naming the 1960s as a key inspiration."



Anyone who lied about Iraq or is responsible for us attacking them--including Hillary Clinton--should be punished. But who was in charge of punishing Cheney? Obama and Attoney General Eric Holder, who immediately claimed as soon as Obama was elected that Bush and Cheney's impeachment was "off the table" so that Obama could go on to commit his own war crimes.


April 24, 2015


And this!

How to Tie a 200-Pound Turban—Sikh Style!2,460 feet of fabric. 200 pounds. Meet Baba Avtar Singh, a Sikh who lives in Northern India known for wearing one of the largest turbans in the Punjab: http://vogue.cm/1DhdnPD
Posted by Vogue on Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Here's an in-depth interview with folks from Baltimore about the shocking death of Freddie Gray, who appears to have had his spine fatally severed by police who apprehended him for the crime of running while black. While some may wonder why he ran if he wasn't guilty of something--check out this video and some of the area police's record and you may understand it a little better. Baltimore police have paid over $6 million in damages to their victims since 2011. Which taxpayers foot the bill for. This isn't just in Baltimore--it's in Ferguson, Staten Island, Charleston and wherever Michael Brown and Tamir Rice, the boy police shot for having a toy gun. It's getting hard to keep track of black men killed by police nationwide. And just a wee reminder, police are supposed to protect us. Not kill us.
EDDIE CONWAY: The incident actually occurred under one of the police cameras that has been operating for years in that community, and they have been using that camera to make numerous drug arrests over the years. And for some reason, that day, that camera did not work. It would have been directly over Freddie Gray’s head. It would have recorded everything that took place.


"The Trans Pacific Partnership is a bi partisan attack on working Americans supported by Republicans, Obama and Hillary. Wake Up. When you endorse Hillary you support the demise of the working class. 
Jill Stein 2016 Green Party of the United States. These progressives never required evolution. They always supported equality. 
Greens are influential throughout Europe and are part of the ruling coalition of Sweden. They have doubled support in the UK this year and are very strong in Germany. They have MPs in Canada, Australia, Norway and Finland. 
There are other options. You just have to chose them." --Bruce Baron

April 23, 2015


At odds with his own party, at odds with unions but joined with Republicans with this trade deal. Just because you care more about challenges on Drag Race than laws governing 40% of the world's trade doesn't mean they don't exist and that they won't have a devastating effect on the economy for years to come. Losing jobs, lower wages if you can get a job, monopolies for pharmaceutical companies, internet neutrality and the environ and even US sovereignty taking a hit. 
Especially if either Hillary or a Republican wins the presidential election. Hillary called the TPP "the gold standard" of trade agreements. (Though of course she isn't saying much about the deal now because she's on a listening tour to try and seem more humble.) The people you elect are out to screw you in favor of huge corporations and you just sit back and take it. I'm beginning to think that the unengaged people of this country deceive the tragic "leaders" that they get. If you don't own one of the multi-national corporations which wrote this deal in secret with Obama and this trade deal doesn't upset you deeply, voters like you are a huge part of the problem. 
Obama and Hillary have the nerve to talk about how the evil Citizens United puts dark money into politics with anonymous donors. Yet this trade deal is the exact result of sinister, corporate forces out to screw American workers. In pushing this agreement, Obama is proving that he's eager to pay back his own campaign donors and leave this mess as his legacy. The TPP is the goal of the 1% Hillary claims she will "topple." How can you believe someone who is saying that they'll "topple" themselves? Politicians like these have killed the Democrats as a party of working Americans. Time for a third party when you see a Democratic president joining against 85% House Democrats but getting support from almost all Republicans.

Democrats Balk At Obama Plan To Cut Funding For Workers Hurt By Trade Deals



He Killed It
Posted by KOWKOW on Saturday, January 31, 2015


Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich: "Last week, the National Employment Law Project reported that 42 percent of U.S. workers make less than $15 an hour.

But even $20 an hour isn’t enough if the work is unpredictable and insecure.

These days it’s not unusual for someone on the way to work to receive a text message from her employer saying she’s not needed right then.

Although she’s already found someone to pick up her kid from school and arranged for childcare, the work is no longer available and she won’t be paid for it.

Just-in-time scheduling like this is the latest new thing, designed to make retail outlets, restaurants, hotels, and other customer-driven businesses more nimble and keep costs to a minimum.

Software can now predict up-to-the-minute staffing needs on the basis of  information such as traffic patterns, weather, and sales merely hours or possibly minutes before.

This way, employers don’t need to pay anyone to be at work unless they’re really needed. Companies can avoid paying wages to workers who’d otherwise just sit around.

Employers assign workers tentative shifts, and then notify them a half-hour or ten minutes before the shift is scheduled to begin whether they’re actually needed. Some even require workers to check in by phone, email, or text shortly before the shift starts.

Just-in-time scheduling is another part of America’s new “flexible” economy – along with the move to independent contractors and the growing reliance on “share economy” businesses, like Uber, that purport to do nothing more than connect customers with people willing to serve them.

New software is behind all of this – digital platforms enabling businesses to match their costs exactly with their needs.

The business media considers such flexibility an unalloyed virtue. Wall Street rewards it with higher share prices. America’s “flexible labor market” is the envy of business leaders and policy makers the world over.

There’s only one problem. The new flexibility doesn’t allow working people to live their lives."


April 22, 2015


Not really an issue that I'm personally concerned with, but what a fantastic communicator!

Man fuck you motherfucking hoes!!! Now if you want to blog..... Bitch blog this! @queenkhia and me saved lives bitches!...
Posted by TS Madison Hinton on Tuesday, April 21, 2015


I eat meat and I'm fat, so I have no business telling anyone to what to eat. But this is something to consider if we want to be serious about climate change. --a bitter drag trying to gum a very dry, unsalted brown rice cake.

"As California experiences a massive drought, we examine the overlooked link between water shortages, climate change and meat consumption. With some 98 percent of the state suffering from a water crisis, California Gov. Jerry Brown ordered residents and businesses to cut water use by 25 percent. It is the first mandatory statewide reduction in California’s history. One group not facing restrictions is big agriculture, which uses about 80 percent of California’s water. According to the Pacific Institute, 47 percent of a Californian’s water footprint is in meat and dairy products. We are joined by Kip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn, directors of the documentary, "Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret." The film contends livestock is the leading cause of deforestation, water consumption and pollution despite many environmental organizations’ relative silence on the issue."


I found it on a gay pride site. I realize that the whole world is becoming more aware of certain words like retarded, fag and tranny being offensive to some. But I personally would much rather have slurs slung at me than anything which is going to cause physical damage like a stick or stone! But maybe that's just my cis male white gender dysphoric employed clown privilege talking. What do you think?


Look out, NYC! My mom, Lady Becky aka The Queen Mother, is hitting NYC tomorrow. Here is the nut in one of my wigs! She'll be attending Lypsinka's 60th birthday party, seeing Jinkx Monsoon and Peaches Christ​ in Return To Gray Gardens and generally terrorizing the NYC drag community with her sweetness, homespun charm and flair for dancing up a storm to absolutely any kind of music--though Motown hits really get her to rockin'. I'm so lucky to have not only a mom who accepts me as a big ol' drag queen, but who will also let me put her in drag to make a fool out of her! Charo, Patti, Grace Jones, Diana Ross, Melba Moore​ and Carol Channing--I love you all to pieces, but momma's my #1 diva!


April 21, 2015


Before we get too far beyond Tax Day, we wanted to make sure that you saw the action our coalition launched last week. 
Some major corporations probably paid less in taxes than you did.
But the Obama Administration can use executive actions to close egregious loopholes and stop corporations from hiding profits in offshore tax havens like the Cayman Islands.

Will you take a moment to urge them to do so?  Just click here. 
Thanks -- and read on for the email we sent you last week, and more details. 
This week marked Tax Day.  Each and every year, major for-profit corporations avoid paying billions in taxes by exploiting complicated tax loopholes like inversions, valuation discounts and real estate investment trusts.

But the Obama Administration can use executive actions to close egregious loopholes and stop corporations from hiding profits in offshore tax havens like the Cayman Islands.

Will you take a moment to urge them to do so?  Just click here.

In 1952, the corporate income tax accounted for about 32 percent of all federal tax revenue. Today, despite record-breaking profits, corporate taxes bring in just 11 percent.

But some members of Congress still don’t think that corporations should pay what they rightfully owe.
Yet some of these very same members of Congress are saying we need to enact savage cuts to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and other programs that help the most vulnerable Americans in order to pay down the national debt.

Let’s make sure these profitable corporations pay what they owe.

April 20, 2015


This young man is unintentionally hilarious!

White hoes winning black girls loosing󾌴󾌴
Posted by Chris Harris on Saturday, April 18, 2015


Today marks five years since one of the worst environmental catastrophes in recent history -- the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster. The BP-operated drilling rig exploded on April 20, 2010, killing 11 people and pouring oil into the Gulf of Mexico for the next 87 days. 
But five years later, it appears we haven’t learned our lesson about offshore drilling. The Obama Administration continues to allow Big Oil to drill in our waters -- risking another devastating accident. 
We need your help to show President Obama that we don’t want another Deepwater Horizon.
There’s no such thing as safe and responsible offshore drilling. Balls of oil tar continue to wash onto Gulf beaches, fish catches are still down by a third, and many wildlife species have yet to recover. Instead of protecting our beaches, oceans, and coastal economies, the Obama administration is increasing deepwater oil drilling in the Gulf, and opening up new areas in the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans. 
The administration seems to think that we can solve the climate crisis and protect our planet simply by making drilling safer. But new safety regulations aren’t enough to prevent another Deepwater Horizon or to protect our climate. The only way to stop another catastrophic oil disaster and prevent the worst impacts of climate change is to keep our fossil fuels in the ground.
President Obama has made preventing climate change a key part of his legacy. But if he continues to allow fossil fuel development on our public lands and waters, he’ll be undermining all of the progress his administration has made.




April 18, 2015


What if you weren't terribly excited about Hillary but you accepted her as the lesser of two evils and it didn't even work?

"To win, Democrats need to deviate from their strategy of forcing Hillary Clinton down our throats, and instead engage the voters who would stay home in November if they had to choose between HRC and a Republican. These voters are the same ones that stayed home last November.

American voters always traditionally hate incumbents and incumbent parties, and 2016 will be no exception. In fact, 2016 will likely be the biggest referendum on the establishment since Barack Obama’s landslide victory in 2008, when the Republican agenda was roundly rejected in favor of something ostensibly completely different. But if Democrats allow the media to turn Hillary Clinton’s campaign into a coronation and eliminate all competition early, they’ll be setting themselves up for Scott Walker to become the next president, which would be a disaster for America."