January 24, 2015


Fascinating segment on Guantanamo prisoner, Mahomadou Ould Slahi, who has been held for 12 years without any charges. He's written a best-selling diary, which Colin Firth and Dominic West read from in this video. The former chief military prosecutor at Guantanamo calls him "no more a terrorist than Forrest Gump."

I am just as concerned with apprehending terrorist as any other American. Sometimes dark, creepy measures are justified against people with sinister agendas. But this guy has no charges against him! He was walking down the street one day and the US government "disappeared" him. Of course, the torture he describes is horrific, but how about the cruelty of this? His mother was told by Mauritania's's government that he was imprisoned there, not in a foreign country. So the poor mom cooked and brought food to the prison every day for years. And we wonder how terrorists are created and radicalized. Here's how: the US government is cruel and unfair. Few of us make the connection that our tax dollars pay for his inexplicable confinement and torture because we've given up on our government representing us. And how can we be concerned about cruelties that most news never focuses on?

What's most striking is that Mahomadou himself, through over a decade of torture and baseless imprisonment, struggles in his letters to understand something incomprehensible. And even expresses a wish to have mint tea with his torturers to try and mend fences and make some kind of sanity out of something totally insane.

January 23, 2015



When the democrats got a "shellacking" in the previous mid-terms, republicans had campaigned on jobs, jobs, jobs. They won, and got into office and ignored jobs. Instead, they put forward over a dozen abortion bills which had nothing to do with jobs. Then they won bigger in the last mid-terms and now control both the House and the Senate. And what's on their agenda 15 days after taking power? An abortion bill so extreme that REPUBLICANS THEMSELVES yanked it before it would come to a vote. Their proposed legislation would have banned using tax payer dollars for rape victims unless they had first reported their assaults to the police. Female republicans told their own party that the measure was too extreme, so they passed a milder abortion ban instead. They were concerned that about the optics--that it would cause them to lose women voters again. Which are one half of the population. And millennials aren't bothered by abortions. It's only the cruddy, old, fundamentalist types who may not understand any other issue besides banning abortion and gay rights that this appeals to.

But remember--when someone shows you who they truly are, believe them. Republican lose elections because their views on abortion are so extreme that they appeal to very few. One candidate horrified everyone by asserting that women's bodies could shut down conception if they were raped. But then again, science was never important to republicans either. Though to their credit, the new GOP Congress did just vote that global warming/climate change is not a hoax. Baby steps! Glad we got that out of the way just as new reports show 2014 was the hottest year on record and that we need to leave 80% of all fossil fuels in the ground and not use them if we are to avoid the temperature rising to catastrophic levels. As Obama hints that he may veto the Keystone pipeline which would not leave these fuels in the ground and which could easily leak and poison one of the world's biggest water supplies. In closing, both parties are crap. But republicans are so moronic that they have to yank their own policies in order to still try and appeal to the average person. But when the democrats fail to lead and have solid principles, sometimes the republican party can seem like a nice change. Sorry that we only have two crap choices of two crap parties.

January 19, 2015



January 17, 2015


January 16, 2015


Free community college so that no one who wants to learn will be held back by no $.

Paid sick days like they have in many enlightened countries.

He already signed an executive order to protect LGBTs from discrimination at work.

Terrific! I think these changes which he's spearheaded will improve the quality of life for many people all over the country. For that, I wholeheartedly commend him. However, if he really wanted to make lives better for the average worker, why on earth is he secretly pushing a trade deal which will destroy US jobs by forcing them to compete with countries like Vietnam--where the minimum wage is 25 cents? It doesn't matter how many years of community college you can now afford, how many sick days you get, or what kind of discrimination you face at work IF YOU HAVE NO JOB BECAUSE THE TPP HAS HELPED TO OUTSOURCE IT!

So who is Obama? A man who is pro-worker or pro-corporations? Because the TPP was written by corporations and the White House. Members of Congress have limited access to it and Obama is trying ram it through in secret, without discussion. And loss of jobs, the way another democrat Bill Clinton cost the US manufacturing jobs with the trade deal NAFTA, is only one nightmare element of the TPP. It also gives corporations the right to sue a country if that country passes a law which cuts corporate profits. This is really creepy, especially since republicans are all dying to work with Obama on the TPP. Democrats in Congress are asking that it be open to discussion. Liberals claim that no one who knew what was in it would ever pass it if it were discussed. Obama spoke out against the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision which allowed corporations to give unlimited amounts to campaigns. Why is he now elevating corporations above countries if he didn't like the fact that Citizens United elevated corporation to share some of the rights of US citizens? There may be a really good reason and I hope you'll let me know what it is. But until I hear it that reason, it seems that Obama is talking out of both sides of his mouth.





January 15, 2015


Shoulders sideways, smack it, smack it in the air
Legs movin' side to side, smack it in the air
Legs movin' side to side, smack you in the air
Shoulders sideways, smack it, smack it in the air
Smack it, smack it in the air
Legs movin' side to side, smack it, smack it in the air
Smack it, smack it in the air

Wave your hands side to side, put it in the air
Wave your hands side to side, put it in the air
Clap, clap, clap like you don't care
Smack that, clap, clap, clap like you don't care
(I know you care)

Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap it
Foot up, my foot up
Hold up now my foot up
I'm spinnin' my foot up
Foot up yeah my foot up
I'm spinnin' my foot up
Put my foot down yeah my hands up
My hands up, my hands up
Flexin' while my hands up
My hands up, my hands up
I stand up with my hands up
Then I put up, my hands up
I put up, my hands up
I put up, my hands up
Then I'm spinnin' all my hands up
Spinnin' while my hands up
Spinnin' while my hands up
Spinnin' while my hands up
Then I'm tippin' all my hands up
Spinnin', I'm spinnin', I'm spinnin' while my hands up
I'm Spinnin', I'm spinnin', I'm spinnin' while my hands up
Hold that cup like alcohol, hold that cup like alcohol
Hold that cup like alcohol
Don't you drop that alcohol
Never drop that alcohol, never drop that alcohol
I know you thinkin' bout alcohol
I know I'm thinkin' bout that alcohol
Man it feel like rollin' dice, man it feel like rollin' dice
Seven eleven, seven eleven, seven twice, man seven twice
Man it feel like rollin' dice, man this feel like rollin' dice
Man it feel like rollin' dice
Seven twice, seven twice
Girl I'm tryna kick it with you
Girl I'm tryna kick it with you
Man I'm tryna kick it with you
My feet up, I kick it with you
Man I swear I kick it with you
Man I swear I kick it with you
Girl I wanna kick it with you
Man I know I kick it with you
Yeah I spin' around and I kick it with you




Rally Sunday Against City’s Decision to Replace Boardwalk with Concrete

Mark Treyger
United States

Jan 14, 2015 — Dear Friends,

Thank you for taking the time to sign this petition to designate the Riegelmann Boardwalk as a Scenic Landmark and prevent the city from moving forward with its plan to replace portions of this iconic structure with concrete. The response has been incredible from New Yorkers and people around the country who have great memories of the boardwalk. Unfortunately, the city has ignored our pleas and is proceeding with the replacement of some sections of wood without giving proper consideration to our landmarking request.

In response, we are gathering on Sunday at 1 p.m. along the boardwalk at Coney Island Avenue to send a message to the administration that we vehemently oppose this decision and want the city to reconsider before proceeding any further. It is important that as many of us as possible attend this rally to show the community’s clear and overwhelming opposition to the city's plan. Please stop by this Sunday and pass this information along to anyone else who agrees that the boardwalk must be preserved and maintained for future generations.

Thank you again for your support of this important effort, and do not hesitate to contact my district office at (718) 373-9673 with any questions.


January 14, 2015


Many have been angered by NYC cops turning their backs on Mayor Diblasio twice and then engaging in a work stoppage. Some cops by their coworkers' antics as well. have been angered as well.

DEMOCRACYNOW.ORG: There’s been about a huge drop in the number of arrests and tickets issued in New York City. Now, that’s begun to change now, finally, and those summonses and arrests are going back up. But there’s clearly been an attempt by the policemen’s union very much to almost—I don’t want to call it a coup, but it is an attempt to try to tell the mayor, a progressive mayor of New York, "You can’t run this city without us."

(Bunny note: I thought unions and progressives were friends.)

But now it turns out there is a huge dissension within the ranks of the police department itself. There was a—Pat Lynch had issued a letter asking cops to disinvite the mayor and the City Council speaker, Melissa Mark-Viverito, from any funeral in case they were killed in the line of duty. Only 4 percent of the cops have signed on to the letter.

Bunny note: This is great! 96% do not want to disinvite the mayor to police funerals, as Lynch has suggested out of spite. They want Lynch to handle their union business and and shut up about politics. And....

DEMOCRACYNOW.ORG: And, of course, it’s against the backdrop that the New York City Police Department now has a majority of minority officers, African-American, Latino and Asian officers. It’s not the same police department that existed 15 years ago when Lynch was first elected. And many of those officers are equally angry over the past practices of racial profiling, of stop-and-frisk arrests, and they, too, are demanding some kind of change. So, we’re going to have to see what happens, but clearly there’s not the kind of unity among the police against the mayor that has been portrayed so far in the press."

Bunny note: This is encouraging! Maybe this can turn around and reduce racial profiling. Maybe we are ready to start talking about arrest quotas and how the system can turn into a numbers game which encourages unnecessary or barely necessary arrests Don't hold your breath, but maybe!




In the 80s, Lypsinka Von Rasputina told me that I "had" to go with her to see the original production of Dreamgirls, which was closing. Because it was just that phenomenal. Since I'm not a Broadway queen, I decided to trust her and it paid off. I can't thank her enough for that wonderful experience. Now I'd like to tell you about another incredible show which closes Sunday which I can't recommend highly enough with an unqualified rave: MOTOWN.

It's silly to say Motown's the "best show" I've seen on Broadway because musical aren't like plays or even other musicals. But I will say that Motown is the most fun I've ever had in any Broadway Theater. I was crying tears of joy with my hands in the air in absolute shock over the amount of talent bursting from that stage. To be fair, I love soul music and grew up with the Motown sound (i.e. old), so I'm biased. But if you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall when Diana Ross was just signed, first flirted with Barry Gordy or decided to ditch The Supremes and go solo--you'll have an orgasm when you see an actress who is Miss Ross's twin re-enacting these moments. With show-stopping performances of her hits in between singing notes Diana could never try to hit! That's the wonder of this show--the talent level is so incredibly high. These are actors, singers and dancers who are trained to perform anything from Lion King to Black And Blue, so they sometimes deliver numbers with more energy or direction than the soul superstars they portray: Gladys Knight, The Temptations, Stevie Wonder, Mary Wells, Marvin Gaye, The Marvelletes, Rick James, Teena Marie,The Commodores and a little cutie doing young Michael Jackson who did him such justice that the crowd immediately erupted with approval. 

I haven't seen many musical reviews like Mamma Mia or Jersey Boys because those weren't my jams. These are. So I can't tell you this type of show normally illustrates the plot with songs from their genre. But Motown had so many hits, they had to cut many of them just to squeeze in the ones they kept. The music is the real star here, though the elements of segregation, the shootings of JFK and MLK and the rise of the black power movement happen along the way. I thought they illustrated everything with the hits very effectively. For example: the ensemble performs Edwin Starr's seismic 70's hit War which ends with a dramatic gun shot. Cue Marvin Gaye's What's Going On. As the label moved from polished, upscale 1960s perfection to funky 70s with a social consciousness, one scene depicts Marvin Gaye begging Barry Gordy to record Mercy, Mercy Me (The Ecology). Add radiation to it and this could have been written yesterday:
Woo mercy, mercy me, mercy father
Ah things ain't what they used to be, no no
Oil wasted on the ocean and upon our seas, fish full of mercury 
And as far as relevance, how about these lyrics from Marvin's Inner City Blues?
Crime is increasing
Panic is spreading
God know where we're heading
Oh, make me wanna holler
I don't want you to think the show is heavy or focuses on a political agenda. But Motown's success happened against a very dramatic background of upheaval. And I truly believe that one of Mr. Gordy's accomplishments was to ease racial tensions through great music. And this music is so joyous that seeing it performed with a full orchestra that is simply thrilling. If songs like Ain't No Mountain High Enough, Heard It Through The Grapevine, ABC, Do You Love Me?, Cruisin', Reach Out And Touch (Somebody's Hand), My Girl, My Guy and Please Mr. Postman are the soundtracks of your lives as well, do yourself a favor and get tickets now. Get the cheap ones or expensive ones--someone said there were standing room tix for $35. Reconnect with this soul-shaking, ground-breaking music while you learn the story of how it came to be, with plenty of humor thrown in along the way. And a fantastic, changing set that reflects each new era. Dazzling costumes in every scene!
Of course, I need to shout out to the very talented Dwayne Milan, who appears as Norman Whitfield--who leaves Motown to produces hits like Car Wash--and a variety of other ensemble roles with his afro growing as the 70s progress. I'm a little old fashioned and usually prefer drag queens to stay in drag. I don't want to see Dolly Parton or Carol Channing out of drag and I feel the same way about most queens. But Dwayne is one of those rare, versatile performance who enthralled me last night in male roles just as he's enthralled me as Donna Summer, Kelly Rowland and a variety of other drag character and androgynous pop personas. He's a singer, dancer, comedian, songwriter, comedy writer--the list just goes on and on. So on a personal level, it was a real treat to see him do his thang on a Broadway stage. But you don't need to know "Miss" Milan to enjoy this show. And you have only until Sunday to enjoy it. And you will, so don't you dare miss it! It's touring so make sure you catch it when if it comes your way. You will thank me as I still thank Lypstinka to this day!


That Mitt Romney is running for president in 2016.

I would never vote Republican, but at least they have a cockamamie ideology that they believe in to where they've had the gumption to announce several candidates. Democrats haven't even had the conviction or sense of purpose to announce one candidate. Though of course it's assumed that Hillary will run and win, because the democrats haven't begun grooming anyone else. And she has so little to offer that her finger's in the air to determine what sounds good to the most people at the right point to get elected and then do what they all do--reverse campaign promises and repay the mega-rich whose contributions enable them to win. Meanwhile, the news should be reporting on how badly dems are doing right now. Not trying to ascertain which GOP candidate will try and screw us. How about the flops who are screwing us right now? If the democrats weren't almost as pitiful as the republicans, why did they just lose the mid-terms? That same reason might cause them to lose to two-time GOP losers like Mitt. Yet "liberal" news like The Ed Show has to focus on who might be running in the other party because the democrats aren't cooking anything up appealing that anyone's enthusiastic about.