September 29, 2014



Attorney General Eric Holder is resigning! What a great strategy, Obama! Pick a loser who will help you to subvert justice as the head of your justice dpt. Keep him for 6 years so that he's been able to damage most of your two terms, but see if you can't "freshen up" the office with one of your lackeys who is less unpopular right before an election. And this will ensure that Holder's investigation into the horrors of Ferguson, MO are put on hold--as if either of you was ever going to do anything about the Michael Brown incident other than make a speech, anyway. Although a "decisive" Holder's justice department did just force the Ferguson police who were wearing bracelets which demonstrated their support for the officer who shot Michael. Great move! Hide the members of that police force who would be the most likely candidates for intensive grilling.
I remember when Holder's appointment was announced. Reporters asked him if he intended to prosecute George W. Bush and Dick Cheney for war crimes. Liberals were heartbroken as we were told by Holder that this administration was "looking forward, not backward." As Nancy Pelosi chimed in that impeachment was "off the table." (In other words, let's not learn from our mistakes and let's set up a new Department of Justice with an attorney general and a president who will actively subvert justice in dealing with Iraq: one of the biggest and most illegal foreign policy blunders in recent US history.) Many puzzled Democrats, eager to make the distinction between typically dovish democrats which Obama had presented himself as when campaigning and hawkish Republicans, wondered if Obama was taking it easy on Bush's clear war crimes in falsifying information and misleading us into a baseless war in Iraq, because he didn't want to come right into his first term of office as an angry black man and turn people off. As if any policies in a country this huge are based on how angry a man of any color can be. Most politicians will play on our perceptions of race, sex, religion or anything else to muddy the water instead of picking apart their dastardly policies.
That was one of the first of many passes we gave Obama. The truth is, Obama wanted a p#ssy of an attorney-general who wouldn't prosecute anyone for war crimes to set a precedent by which Obama himself would not be prosecuted under when he committed his own crimes of war. The Obama administration not only blocked their own investigation into Bush/Cheney's clear war crimes, the blocked independent investigations like one from Spain and one from San Francisco. And then, after he was perceived as the Nobel Peace prize winner who was withdrawing from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, Obama granted Bush and Cheney full immunity from war crimes in 2013. Maybe he was afraid a future GOP president would prosecute him for his rampant drone murders. Or maybe Obama just wanted to carry on that rich old tradition of rich older white men who start wars on false/murky pretenses. And prove along with Eric Holder, that good ole boys now come in all colors. I wonder Mr. Holder will now go into consulting for big oil, whatever Blackwater is calling itself today or some other giant industry that benefits financially from war. He certainly has a lot of experiences in justifying horrid crimes and sweeping them under the table. Thanks for giving him a shot, Obama! He blew it--as did you.


After never visiting Hawaii, a couple of years ago I ended up working there three times in one year. I immediately hit it off with Hector R. Hoyos aka HRH Sisterface, a large and lovely diva who's known for her trippy vibe which includes acid colors and fanciful flowered turbans. A good time girl with a huge heart and a laugh like an earthquake, Sisterface is now not only an ordained minister available for those gay couples who want to be married by a plus-sized Mrs. Roper in Hawaii on acid impersonator, but also now a recording artist. She and her husband Grant have both turned me onto a lot of great dance music--hailing from the Baltimore/DC area and a contemporary of Kevin Aviance--Miss Face has added recording artist to her repertoire. Working with Man Parrish and producers like Aspen Bizarre Disco, miss thing has found her sound. An energetic mishmash of disco sound with nonsensical yet cheerful spoken lyrics. Check it out!

September 28, 2014



For all of you who ever looked at me and thought "That relic needs to be in a museum"--you got your wish! This Wednesday October 1st I'll perform an hour set at Mad Museum. Here's how they curated the performers, which include Laurie Anderson, Meredith Monk, Andre Walker, Ralph Pucci, Yoko Ono and the Metropolitan Opera. It's all very fancy and but is also very inexpensive and almost sold out! Ticket info below:

MAD MUSEUM: "Makers were nominated by a pool of over 300  New York City-based cultural leaders and civic figures from a range of trades and disciplines, including museum curators, choreographers, academics, chefs, musicians, and journalists, with final participants selected by a jury led by Adamson and exhibition curator Jake Yuzna. From world-renowned cultural leaders to emergent enfants terribles, every maker selected demonstrates the highest level of skill in their respective field, whether by fabricating furniture or fashion; creating artworks, films, and architecture; inventing new possibilities for food; or reshaping educational and social gatherings.

The exhibition is structured as a series of immersive tableaus that present the diverse creative output of makers alongside one another. These environments will house live programs throughout the exhibition’s run, including fashion shows, performances, social practice projects, and culinary explorations, which will underline the relationship between material and immaterial making found in New York City today. Through this approach, NYC Makers will transform MAD into a production studio that links creative, innovative, and skillful makers into one immense collaborative undertaking: an undertaking that manifests the cultural capital of New York."



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How do you get your license, which is inside your car, without "diving into your car" if you are outside the car? Think you had a bad day at work?


For those who see Hillary Clinton as decisive and efficient, that may be--as this incident shows. She's highly skilled at having her goons squash dissent if it goes against her--one of our 1st amendment rights.

"No, I'm not making a prediction.  She hasn't lost the nomination battle for 2016, not yet anyway.  However what she did do today, or what I should more accurately say, is she lost my respect.  Back in 2011, at a speech she, in her capacity as Secretary of State, was giving for international internet freedom, a worthy cause. During the speech, Ray McGovern, a retired CIA agent who became a political activist against the wars fought in our name in the Middle east, stood up and tuned his back on her, a silent form of protest. For that he was arrested for disorderly conduct.  From the transcript of the Democracy NOW broadcast about the incident:

RAY McGOVERN: Well, I was pounced upon. I was blindsided, really. I was looking straight to the back, minding my own business, the only offense being standing up when everyone else was sitting down. And without any warning, I was pounced upon by and what I call large-manhandled by a fellow who looked like an NFL football player in plain dress. I don’t know who he was. That’s why you hear me screaming, "Who are you? Who are you?" I never did get the answer to that. So it was really quite abrupt, quite violent. [...]
[T]hey put two sets of handcuffs on me very roughly. They were the iron or the steel handcuffs. They dug into my wrists. Well, you could see some of the stuff right here. And they put it behind my back, of course, and I started bleeding profusely over my pants. We have the pants; they’re full of blood. When somebody said, "Is that his blood?" one of the cops said, "No, no, I pricked my finger." Right.

Now that was bad enough, violating his 1st amendment right to dissent, and eventually the charges against him were dropped.  But what followed next was much worse. From the lawsuit filed by McGovern against the US State Department:

The complaint continues: [After McGovern's arrest]"The Department of State then opened an investigation into Plaintiff McGovern, including specifically his lawful, protected political beliefs, activities, statements and associations which it kept open for nearly seven months, despite all charges having been dropped against Mr. McGovern and despite having determined that Mr. McGovern was engaged in no criminal activity."
As the complaint states: "The Department of State issued a Be On The Lookout Alert ('BOLO Alert') for the then- 71-year-old McGOVERN which described his 'considerable amount of political activism, primarily anti-war,' displayed his picture and directed law enforcement that if Mr. McGOVERN was encountered, 'USE CAUTION, stop' and question him and contact the Department of State Diplomatic Security Command Center."

That is the type of thing one would expect of a person who was suspected of committing violent acts of terrorism, or of making threats against the US government or its officials, not an antiwar activist who served in the military - the Army - and then the CIA.  All he did was turn his back on Hillary Clinton and he was arrested in a brutal fashion, and then a political vendetta was carried out against him.  A BOLO Alert is no small matter.  Any trigger happy police officer or law enforcement official who saw him was required to stop, treat him as a dangerous individual, and immediately contact the Security apparatus at the State Department.  That would scare the hell out of me if my name ever got put on such a list.

Of course, McGovern was never officially informed of the order, but his encounters with law enforcement must have led him to suspect that he was on some sort of government watch list.  Ultimately, it took a Freedom of Information Act request to discover this wrongful action by our government.

McGovern was targeted by the State Department because he turned his back on Hillary Clinton, nothing more.  Luckily, we have some good news. The Judge in his case ruled in McGovern's favor and issued an injunction requiring the government to remove him from the BOLO watch list."



In a speech at the UN Climate Summit in New York, the president announced new actions that the US will take in confronting climate change and climate impacts at home and abroad. He laid out the shared responsibilities of all nations, and committed the United States to ambitious next steps. 

Tell President Obama that America is ready for him to follow through on the promises he made today. 

The president called on the assembled world leaders to act, saying, "Our citizens keep marching, we cannot pretend we cannot hear them. We have to answer the call." 

And he's right -- the People's Climate March drew400,000 people to the streets of New York City before today's historic meeting of the United Nations. Those voices calling for climate justice and clean energy got the world's attention. They set the stage for President Obama's announcement today. 

In his speech, the president said: 
- America will meet our goals on reducing greenhouse gas emissions
- We will put ambitious reduction targets on the table for next year's UN climate meeting
- That all of the world's major economies have a responsibility to do the same 

Take action now to make sure that these promises become reality. Send the president 50,000 messages by midnight so he'll know America is ready to lead. 

When world leaders meet again next year in Paris, they'll remember the president's speech today and they'll remember the huge energy of the People's Climate March on Sunday. It's up to you to make sure they'll also remember that America is ready to keep its climate promises. 

Michael Brune
Sierra Club Executive Director 

September 27, 2014


September 26, 2014



The U.S. has gone back to war in the Middle East. This week's airstrikes in Syria were not to save those trapped on a mountain or to defend U.S. diplomatic personnel, but rather a clear escalation of American involvement in a regional conflict that the President himself says has no military solution.

Right now, Congress and the President are considering what to do next, and they need to hear from you that war is not the answer.

Last night, the U.S. launched the first attacks of a new, long-term war in Iraq and Syria. We need to say "no"—loudly, strongly and persistently—to this new U.S. war in the Middle East. Please write to the President and to your Members of Congress today.

Over 12 years of military intervention in Afghanistan and Iraq have shown us that U.S. military force is not an effective means of fighting terrorism. Recent analyses show that U.S. airstrikes in Iraq have not degraded ISIS, and may be increasing local support for the extremists. The Syrian people have suffered through three-years of civil war; the last thing they need is more bombing.

Thank you,

Stephen Miles
Advocacy Director
Win Without War




Christian ‘ex-gay’ porn star: The devil comes out of your anus when you have gay sex

US gay porn star turned ‘ex-gay’ Christian fundamentalist Joseph Sciambra has recorded a bizarre video where he claims that anal sex causes gay men to give birth to the devil.
In the video, Sciambra who formerly appeared in gay porn for many years says that after finding God, he sought hospitalisation following damage caused to his rectum that meant he had to have his “sphincters almost stitched shut.”
There is video. 



Asking generals on our "news" if they think we need more airstrikes and boots on the ground to fight ISIS is like asking an unemployed drag queen who has been out of the limelight if she'd like to join a big new traveling show. The answer will always be yes! However, the audiences in the drag queens' shows may die from laughter or over a gorgeous costume, the "audiences" in Pentagon officials shows just die. And then the relatives of the slain join terrorist groups which either attack us here as at 9/11 or the Boston Marathon Bombing or join groups like ISIS so that there will always be another enemy to got to war with. Because if the US isn't at war, the trigger-happy trolls who have bribed every politician from Obama on down don't get paid.

Here's a telling look at who pays some of those former military "experts" saying that we will need boots on the ground, as Obama swears we won't. They are paid to lie and many of you believe them simply because they're on the news. Even the generals still employed by the Pentagon are saying that the battle against ISIS will require a sustained effort with boots on the ground. While Obama says the opposite. Hmmm. Isn't Obama the commander-in--chief which makes him their boss? So why are they telling the news a different story from their chief? Because it's a well-rehearsed good cop/bad cop routine and we're falling for it again. It really is disgraceful. Of them. Of us.The country that's supposed to be weary of war.

September 22, 2014


September 21, 2014



If minorities and the poor would vote, we'd never have another Republican president. Voter registration isn't glamorous and it isn't fun, but it also isn't fun when your social services are cut that you desperately need to stay afloat. Or when your government and police forces, like the ones in Ferguson, Missouri, see it as within their duties to stop & frisk or kill you.

Take Georgia, a red state that could turn blue if blacks would get out and vote. SLATE: "Georgia has roughly 700,000 unregistered black voters. If Democrats could cut that number by less than a third—and bring nearly 200,000 likely Democrats to the polls—they would turn a red state purple, and land a major blow to the national Republican Party. Or, as Michelle Obama said during a campaign rally on Monday, “If just 50 Democratic voters per precinct who didn’t vote in 2010 get out and vote this November—just 50 per precinct—then Michelle Nunn and Jason Carter will win.” Given 2,727 precincts in Georgia, that’s just 136,350 new voters."

However, Georgia's Republican party is alarmed by minority voter registration efforts because they know the power of harnessing the black vote. So the GOP governor is accusing the voter registration organizers of fraud, with 28 allegedly forged documents. But Georgia is only one state. There have been active voter suppression in many states aimed at people of color, the elderly and students by passing laws which force everyone to have state IDs. I realize that those of you who travel or drive may not understand why anyone wouldn't have an ID, but a lot of people are poor and the powers that be are also shutting DMVs where IDs so that they become harder to reach. And if you don't have a lot of money or a car, how are you going to get there?

Republicans know that America is turning a darker hue and that because they've aligned themselves with white bigots, they are eager to squash groups of voters who if registered, would vote democratic. In fact, if Republicans are seen as actively suppressing minority votes, it actually revs up their often prejudiced base. Are you going to let them get away with it? If you don't cast your vote, then you have no right to complain. Sadly, those whose lives would benefit most from a democratic government's policies choose not to even participate in the democratic process of voting. What will you do about it?

THIS TUESDAY, Sept 23, is National Voter Registration Day!

MORE:   Go to NATIONALVOTERREGISTRATIONDAY to register to vote or find out how you can join voter registration efforts near you.

September 20, 2014


September 19, 2014


Demented drag diva Lady Bunny brings her critically acclaimed latest 1 & 1/2 woman show to the Cavern Club on September 19th, 20th and 21st. Expect over an hour of laughs from the queen who was just voted Time Out's #1 NYC dragoon--after all these years. This all-new show includes raunchy song parodies, Bunny's trademark Laugh-In skit lampooning celebrities from Justin Bieber to Kim Kardashian to Adele, musical selections from Frank Sinatra to Prince to Katy Perry and Daft Punk. Politically correctness be damned, this show is co-written by the bitter and hilarious Facebook sensation Beryl Mendelbaum. 6 performances only of what Michael Musto called "the funniest show in town" during it's NYC run! This intimate 75-seat venue will sell out. And the price is as cheap as her humor: $19.99! $24.99 at the door, cash only.


September 18, 2014


FRAN LEBOWITZ: I object to people who are rich in politics. I don't think they should be allowed to be in politics. It is bad that rich people are in politics, it is bad for everybody but rich people, and rich people don't need any more help. Whenever people say, "Oh he earned his money himself," I always say the same thing: "No one earns a billion dollars. People earn $10 an hour, people steal a billion dollars."

Please read the whole piece!