September 29, 2006




In the THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA, everyone goes ape shit over the new Marc Jacobs bag. You don’t get any hauter than this designer, who cranks out both his own top-notch line and Louis Vuitton’s. But unlike the monster bitch played by Meryl Streep in the hit fashion-themed flick, this fashion wunderkind is charming, intelligent, humble, amusing and down-to-earth. So obviously, he and I have nothing whatsoever in common! He doesn’t do many interviews and even turned down Oprah’s first request, so I was thrilled that Marc consented to take a break from his hectic preparations for the fall fashion shows to chat avec moi (that’s classy French-talk!) from his Paris office.

B: I'd like to start to start off with a fascinating rumor that's been circulating for years--that you bought transsexual NYC door girl Connie Fleming’s breast implants as a present for her.

B: What? Did I? I don't know.

B: I just love the idea of designer breasts!

M: I love the idea of it, too. I'm pretty generous to my friends and I don't remember Connie ever asking me to pay for her tits. But Connie did stay in my apartment a lot and take of my dog when I was away. I don't know if I paid her for it or just gave her money. That part of my life is a bit fuzzy because I was a little out of it in those days. But it's very possible. You should really ask her because I'm sure she'd tell you if I did.


B: Well, Marc here's why I'm asking: I need a double chin removable.

M: I'm sure we can work something out.

B: How much time do you spend in Paris vs London?

M: It's pretty much 50/50. I'm back and forth all the time.

B: Do you the Marc Jacobs stuff here or there--how do you split that up?

M: I do some of it in NY with my team in NY and some of it here, like the knitwear, the shoes and the bags. We do those fittings here. but it all overlaps because no matter where I am I'm always working on a little bit of everything.

B: How do you separate which design goes to Marc Jacobs an which to Louis Vuitton? If you have a really great idea do you give it to Louis or keep it for your own line?

M: I'ts not really that difficult. When my partner Robert Duffy and I put together the groups of people that work here at Vuitton or my team in NY, they are people that have like aesthetics--we're sort of similar and different. We all have some of the same ideas but they end up completely different. Like if I love the color red one season and they love it Vuitton too, we both do it, but in one place it may become a red bag and in another place it may become a red sweater. Or if we all love the idea of tight, long skirts, they just never look the same. I might shove a couple of ill-fitting crinolines underneath mine or they may do that. So even if the ideas are similar in the beginning, they manifest themselves differently.

B: You're now doing home furnishings, children's clothes, dog clothes, when do you run out of ideas?

M: Again, it's not just me. I'm really lucky that I work with such a great group of people. And I'm not like an egomaniacal control freak, so if someone comes in and says it "Oh it would be cute to do this " and I think it would and I'm (laughs) having I'm goo day) then I say "Yeah, let's go for it. And Robert works on creating all these small, less expensive things for the store and people love them--everything from swim caps to motorcycle helmets to surfboards. I come in and say we should do the cashmere sweaters for dogs and children just becuase while we're at the factory doing them we might as well do them for other creatures, too. And then somebody picked up on the fact that we were doing that and a children's wear company called and asked if we'd do a children's range inspired by Marc Jacobs. So then we brought in another designer with more expertise in the children's wear area and she's so into what we do that it]. So we put something out there in a small way and then if there's a reaction to it, we get in the kind of necessary reinforcement and help to push it forward.

B: Well speaking of forward, what's coming up? What's hot? Genre readers are mostly slutty gay males and I'm sure that they're all delighted by the snug-fitting trousers that are so in for a season or two.

M: I don't think I do too well in the Adonis gay world or in the slutty female world either, because we don't make really trashy, slutty, sexy vulgar show-it-all clothes. It's actually more like the opposite. I LOVE that they may be underneath, but I don't like it overtly shown. It's never really been my taste to show it all off, but I do like stripping down those layers and finding it underneath.

B: Tell me about your new Hausfrau chic--my mom never knew she was so au courant ! Do you show those with the white Keds sneakers with no laces like she use to wear to Kmart?

M: No, we show them with worn-down oxfords. But I find beauty in imperfection. I don't mean to sound pretentious or anything, but I just think--I know it sounds really corny but that's the way I am--I like people and their personalities. I think clothes are great and they're really great for dress up and you can do and be whatever you want through clothes. But what I find aesthetically interesting is always something imperfect or something that the world doesn't necessarily look at as something to aspire to. I'm not about making aspirational fashion where like you'll woo a millionaire in this dress, or guys will be tripping over themselves. at the gym if you wear these shorts. That's just not my thinking. I just think the sweet guy in the corner whose drawers are droopy and doesn't have the right sneakers on and doesn't know where Chelsea i is much cooler.

B: Tell me about your Al Gore t-shirt--are you a big Gore supporter?

M: Actually, I’m kind of a go-along politician with Robert. I’m definitely a democrat and would love to see a democrat in office, but Robert is a big Al Gore and Hillary Clinton supporter. Robert’s in charge of the statements we make in the windows in our West Village store. We can’t stand the Bush guy.

B: I was really shocked to see Hollywood A-lister Faye Dunaway on a short-lived reality/competition show The Starlet. And then I was watching Project Runway and I noticed that well-respected designers Michael Kors and Kate Spade were judges. Is that something you ever see yourself doing?

M: No, I would never do it. In fact, I was approached. I can’t be a judge, I can’t be a bitchy queen—

Well that’s what they want. And Michael Kors sure can be!

M: I’m pretty TV shy. Well, not shy, but I pick and choose really carefully. I don’t have the time or patience and I don’t want to be cruel to people—it’s just unnecessary. If it makes entertaining viewing, then fine.. But let somebody else do it. I’m not about puffing myself up at somebody else’s expense emotionally.

B: Broadway shows now star sitcom actors and fashion mags have Jennifer Aniston on the cover, who in my opinion is neither beautifulnor elegant. Is that a symptom of fashion’s being dumbed down like everything else?

M: I always find that there’s an irony and a perversity to all this. When I look at some of the magazines and see The Star—it’s not like that in Paris. In the states people are completely glued to their television sets. If any of those actresses tears her dress or has toilet paper hanging out of her leggings or whatever, they just go completely insane. What they’re wearing? Where they got it from? Who’s their stylist? I think it’s all the same.

I prefer to see fashion’s unique characters on magaine covers. Like Alex Wek, who is certainly not girl-next-door pretty (unless you live in Africa) but who’s extremely elegant than Jennifer. But I guess the flip side is that this makes fashion more accessible to the masses if rap stars are name-checking high fashion designers.

M: I think it spreads the word faster. When you have something on a celebrity people do notice it, so more people learn your name. And that’s great. But I think the magazines put celebrities on the cover because it sells more issues—it’s really that fundamental.

B: But when a celebrity cover model for Vogue isn’t even chic—

M: It doesn’t matter. When people say “Sex sells”, It doesn’t have to be good sex.. Sex sells whether it’s good or bad. Good sex may sell more.

B: So that’s where I went wrong with my ill-fated career in prostitution!

M: A really great actress who is elegant may sell some issues, but Jessica Simpson may sell the most because she’s pop culture and many people will buy anything with her face on it. I’m not putting her down, I’m just saying that it has nothing to do with their performance or their intellect or their style or


B: Speaking of celebrity models, Li’l Kim—

M: Who I love…

B: She’s from the hood but she seems so sweet. Have you been in touch and heard any tales from the slammer?

M: Yeah! I wrote her every couple of weeks and she wrote me back. She sendt me two beautiful drawings that she did with the sweetest notes. In the first letter she told me about playing volleyball and the inmates were so great to her. They made her a high heel stiletto-shaped cake out of Jolly Rancher candies and Oreo cookies. So apparently they were all loving her in there.

B: (Thinking) I’ll bet they did!

M: An she was very gung ho on making her volleyball team the #1 team in the prison. She was in good spirits, but she also wrote to me an said how hard it was dealing with her family life and professional life while she was in there. But she’s out now. She’s really smart and she’s really talented. I love people who are kind of fearless andjust have a voice and say what they want to say.

B: Did you get to design anything in the Louis Vuitton/Mariah Carey video?

M: Everything in that video was Louis Vuitton. That was really, really exciting. Mariah was here in Paris and I got to meet her for the first time—I’m a huge fan. The storyboard for the video was that she wanted to be in the Vuitton store shopping and indulging herself. I went over to her hotel room just to meet her while they were doing fittings. They shot it in Paris all day and all night for a couple of nights and then they went to LA because I guess Snoop couldn’t make it.

B: Maybe for the same reason he can’t go back to England.

M: I get so excited to meet these people. It’s like a different world. I do listen to their music at work and it does keep me energized all day. So it’s great to meet your heroes.

B: Is Mariah cool?

M: Such a sweetheart. She’s so lovely. Again, I’m not the type to say something bad about someone even if I didn’t like them, but I wouldn’t go on about how sweet they are if I didn’t like them. She was great—absolutely lovely. Also, I don’t really meet people when they’re in their divadom/abusive mode. If they have those moods, they don’t show it to me. Kim’s been sweet, Mariah, and when I worked with Jennifer Lopez, all the bullshit about how she carries on—she was so not like that with me or any of the people from our crew.

B: As long as you all arrived in white cars, wearing white and holding freesia-scented white candles in each hand. I just purchased your entire line of Louis Vuitton bags...on Canal Street! I’m kidding! Any thoughts on counterfeiting?

M: Well, there’s my line and the company line. Obviously, Vuitton is a billion dollar company and they don’t believe in counterfeiting—it’s illegal. So they do everything they can to protect their logos and the bags we create. But some of it does get the stuff on Canal Street.

B: Do you think it might even spread Vuitton’s appeal as status symbols? The originals are not going to be paraded through lower income neighborhoods too often, so it almost creates a demand.

M: What I told you before is the company line. I feel that the reason it’s being copied is that there’s such a huge demand for it. And a lot of people cannot afford to buy a Vuitton bag, which aren’t produced in mass quantities like the counterfeits. For me and my design team, it’s flattering that we’ve had an idea that so many people want that it’s being copied. So on a design level it’s flattering. Again, I think this is just logic: any woman who can afford to buy a real Vuitton bag is going to buy a counterfeit one because it’s less expensive. And I don’t think anyone who buys a counterfeit bag because it’s less expensive…if she had the money she’d opt for the real thing. It’s not like you’re on your way to Louis Vuitton and decided you’d just go an get it at Canal Street because I on’t think you’d be satisfied with a fake if the real thing is what you wanted. If I wanted a Rolls Royce I wouldn’t be satisfied with a Volkswagen that looked like a Rolls Royce.

B: Do you think snobby types think “Everyone has one—these are too common. I guess that’s why you have a new season twice a year!

M: Everything is copied. The Marc Jacobs bags are knocked off. Balenciaga, everything Gucci, Fendi, and Chloe does. Going back to your thing about celebrities. If some celebrity goes to a supermarket and she’s carrying a certain bag, then there’s going to be a huge part of the population that wants to carry that same bag or one that looks like it, to the supermarket.

B: Did you design that beautiful white background bag with the colored letters?

M: Yeah. I worked with a Japanese artist named Kashi Morakame (sp?) and we created that together.

B: It was stunning! I’d like a caftan in it, size 22, with matching accessories and luggage delivered to my…Hello Marc? Marc? You still there?

September 28, 2006


It's hard to describe the tragic magic that is DIna, the Seattle-based queen who's currently wowing them until this Sunday at The Cutting Room. It's even hard to photograph her during her high energy performance of new material like the forgotten "gem" ONE NIGHT IN BANGKOK to a couple old fav's like THE DEVIL WENT DOWN TO GEORGIA. All, of course, filtered through Dina's delightfully demented delivery, choreography and props, with her totally insane banter between.

Dina does frequently venture offstage to interact with the audience, and the result is a rare blend of hilarity and actual fear when she makes a sudden movement. Dispensing with gifts (that's with a soft "g"), Dina had no sooner pulled out a headshot of THREE'S COMPANY star Joyce Dewitt than Joyce herself appeared onstage, as perky and pretty as ever. Promoter Chip Duckett had really done his homework. Naturally, the crowd went nuts for the pair.

I snapped them after the show and realized that both superstars have the exact same hairstyle! (You may notice the brown pipe-cleaner broach Dina's wearing to remind folks of the fight against "rump cancer.")

And if this pair wasn't heavenly enough, out of nowhere Joe Kovacs and Madame appeared out of thin air. (Actually it was out of a dingy knapsack.)

Dina's last NYC performance of SOFT PALATE, HIDDEN ARCHES is October 7th. FOR MORE INFO: SPINCYCLE


Gay City News has confirmed that Flotilla is being held by police for "allegedly assauting" a couple at APT on Sunday. According to an anonymous witness, the couple seemed drunk. Flotilla does not drink a drop or take any drugs--other than those prescribed by Dr. Scholls. I certainly hope the mysterious witness is right in that Flotilla did not start the fracas. And though they were hurt, I'm glad that the girl's eye wasn't hanging out of it's socket as some folks were rumoring. Though I suppose one might describe the couple after the incident as being rather "well-heeled." As far as Flo's shoe being vouchered as a "deadly weapon", she doesn't usually wear spikes, but she does take a rather large ladies' size. And of course, there is the shoes' smell to consider, which might up their "deadly" quotient. Seriously, Flo is a beloved NYC performer who I've enjoyed working with for over a decade and I hope that she's proven innocent. And I'm glad the bond isn't the $30,000 which was being batted about, but a mere $1,500, which Flo could easily rustle up by performing a quick 30 bookings.



The diva is singing (or synch-ing) I NEED A MAN from her first album PORTFOLIO, which featured the loveliest photo of her ever taken. The song is kinda cheesy, but she recorded a quite a few of these faggy disco numbers (including SEND IN THE CLOWNS) before she hit her stride with her slower, funkier smashes like PULL UP TO THE BUMBER.

Does anyone know who designed her gown in this? And check out that triangle-shaped rouge!



I love youtube cuz you can watch what you want when you want it. I'm so rarely excited by anything on TV that it's like a goldmine to me. But if you are tired of the clips, don't enjoy watching them on a tiny screen, or just need to get away from your computer for a second, my VJ friend Tom Yaz is headed to Therapy this Saturday with his incredible clips which you can enjoy with a cocktail and maybe get some trade, gurl! Many of his carefully guarded clips aren't found on youtube and he brought the house down at SHOWGIRLS in P'town this summer with some very kooky vintage ads and THE SILENCER by Joi Lansing. I'd never even heard of Joi until Tom turned me on to her. Here's the platinum goddess performing WEB OF LOVE. Warning! The set, art direction and costuming might cause heart palpitations!



For more campy Scopiotones videos visit their site: SCOPIOTONES.COM



She's the transexual trannie hooker named Frances. Living in London, she writes well and chronicles her "work" in the holesale business discretely.

Here's a sample passage:

"Summer is a busy time of year for me with my ‘Arab’ clientele, as they all fly over to London for to escape the fierce heat of summer back home, like 45 degrees…phew...! Some will arrive family in tow; the wives go off shop shop shopping to Harrods, whilst their hubbies pop along to Frances’ shop front. Then there’s the ones who’ll come alone, book into some swank West End hotel and then it’s ‘Playboy’ time until the sun comes up; for some, that's due to the mounds of coke one sees in their hotel suite. You see, Arabic culture, due to the heat there, doesn’t come alive until the late cool of the evening and that’s how they behave here too, thus I get a lot of late night calls. I’m always sure to have plenty of Jonnie Walker ‘Black label’ in stock at the ‘Office’; they love that stuff...! As for smoking, good God, were they chimneys in a previous life?"



At truck stops, no less! Or who knows, maybe he got sucked instead.

Michael Musto's latest column brands former disgraced NJ governor Jim McGreevey as "the schmuck of the year." Apparently, he claims in his new book to always have used condoms at his visits to truck stops and Michael doesn't believe him. Well, I've used condoms in public sex venues, so I don't find THAT so hard to believe. However, I did pick up the NEW YORK magazine issue with an excerpt of Jim's new book in it. I find this quote very tough to swallow--as hard to swallow as the semen trapped in a condom on a truckdriver's cock at a truck-stop tryst. At this point in his book, the shit has hit the fan and Jim's lover has gone to tattle to the press after falling from favor with his gay lover/employer. Jimmy's in the governor's mansion fessing up to his inner circle. His words? "I'm coming out...I'm a gay American."

Hogwash! If these words ring true to you, then you're a gay Polak.

September 27, 2006


On Monday I high-tailed it to the gorgeous Puck Building to spin at AMFAR's annual BOATHOUSE ROCKS AIDS charity event. It's more of a eat-a-thon than a dance-a-thon, since chi-chi restaurants provide tasting booths which feature their truly delectable wares. If I do say so myself, I positively sparkled in a gold holographic assymetrical caftan, a silhouette which suits my newly ampler figure.


Franklin Fry, one of the events coordinators, was kind enough to greet me when I arrived, and alert me to the fact that I had a postage stamp stuck to the side of my wig! That wig is going places but I removed it cuz I didn't want to look like a mail. (Whew! Cheap puns are my specialty!) One must look one's best at these socialite-heavy affairs, and I'm always delighted to see the Imperial Court of New York drag queens out en masse and dressed to the nines. Catch the necklace on former empress Robyn Kradles!

Rumor has it that this bejeweled creature will be next year's empress.

Demi Tasse, who creates the coiffures for many of the courtiers, was on hand, in a stunning jewel-encrusted coiffure festooned with thick, glossy braids. She had even thicker braids under her arms!

Demi was kind enough to indulge me with a side view:

This queen, whose name I don't know, was extremely well turned out, with a black lace-front bouffant and a button nose that many real women would kill--or at last chop for!

Eating in a girdle is no picnic, but I simply couldn't resist the lip-smacking smorgasbord of delicacies on display. But I stayed within my Atkins guidelines of no liquor, desserts, and only a few bites of marinated tuna. (Though I realize that fish eating fish could be considered cannibalism.)

Of course, that's not to say I wasn't tempted. Check out the name of this bakery! Ain't that just hateful?

I actually had to jump behind this eatery's table to create a Bunny sandwich, flanked by two yummy latino cooks. Queso for days! Of course my sad line "What's cookin' good lookin'?" was in heavy rotation that night.

And look at this tasty tiger!

I was thrilled to see Kevin Aviance at the bash--no bashing pun intended--and in excellent spirits with a free-form hooded ensemble. He's pictured here with Honey Dijon out of drag. I'm kidding! Honey is a sex change who no longer gets "out of drag." Let's just say that "she" and Kevin's old pal Dexter may have visited the same, uh, "doctor."

And here's Kevin with QUEER EYE's Carson Kressly, who's always a hoot.


Party animal Zandra Fox, who's graced the event for each of the 5 years I've dj'ed at it, got everyone else on the dancefloor going. (Literally going! As in leaving the building!)

Here's the event's founder, who confided to me that she conceived that she conceived of the event 10 years ago on ecstacy at The Tunnel. I confided to her that I'd sold it to her!

Even the waiters joined in for a delirious moment which could only be described as TRAY CHIC.

And with that tragic excuse for a pun, I'll bid you adieu-dieu.


I am toothless, big bellied, Disabled and in a Wheelchair. I want to suck your cock while my wife is at work.
Bring a non lubed condom and hand it to me. Drop your pants and I will do the rest while I sit in my wheelchair, or you can lay on the bed while I do it. Then you can leave satisfied, no recip needed, unless you want to then that would be fine too.
I can host from about 9AM to 3PM week days.
I am clean and DD free, you be too.

Original URL:

Contact: Sweetie



Apparently, the NYC drag legend was partying at APT on Sunday night. The reports are varied, but it seems she got into a very bloody fight with a couple, beating up the guy and drawing blood from his girlfriend's eye with the heel of her pump. Flo can have quite temper--I know this for a fact. Does anyone know any more of the facts? I'm told she's being detained and doesn't have her bail money. I've left her a message on her home phone but she may not have not wanted to use her one phone on me. I would appreciate any info on how to contact her if anyone knows. I've spoken with another old friend of hers but Central Booking can't release any info without her birthdate and real name, which no drag queen publicizes. Any clues? I'm not trying to be dishy--I just want to try to get help to a friend if she needs it.


Singing DUMB BLONDE on a 1968 TV show, they seem a good bit smaller than they are now. Not that she's ever hidden her cosmetic surgeries. At any rate, I love the B-52's-ish bouffant with a ponytail!



MSNBC's Keith Olberman is on a roll, tapping into the outrage all Americans should be feeling and defending Clinton's Sunday outburst on FOX. Warning: It's a long clip, but very powerful: TRUTHOUT.ORG



No, it wasn't her period. But it does match her shoes!

Forwarded email:

"Billie's gig in glasgow last sunday ended up to be an Iggy fest! Whilst pogoing during the first song (rollerskates) Billie fell over a monitor and landed somewhere by the side of the stage. She got up and continued .....the crowd howled but started pointing at Billie's leg worriedly. A large open would gushed blood all over the leg,pouring out of her shoes. Billie made some jokes about it and carried on much to everyones delight.

After the show staff briefly attended to Billie's leg, shocked at the extend of the injury.....however Billie rushed off to the dj booth where she djed for about an hour, leaping about some more. Then she was rushed off to a local hospital where the wounds were cleaned and glued. Rock 'n' roll or wot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


By Dawn French: YOUTUBE


Dustin Diamond, who played Screech on the SAVED BY THE BELL, is all grown up and out of his awkward adolescent phase. He actually looks kinda handsome in this pic. And according to Rush and Molloy of the DAILY NEWS, has quite a hidden "talent."

Porn star's name may ring a 'Bell'

"Sex education Dustin (Screech) Diamond will be appearing in a way many of his
fans hoped never ever to see him.

He may have played nerdy eighth-grader Samuel (Screech) Powers in the sitcom
"Saved by the Bell." But former TV geek Dustin Diamond can now take his place
with Colin Farrell, Tommy Lee and Kid Rock as the star of his very own sex tape.

Everyone who remembers Diamond as a lovable putz is in for a shock once they see
a 40-minute video in which he engages in a kinky three-way with two women,
sources tell us.

We can't get too graphic here, but word is that the action includes some bodily
functions and an act known as a "Dirty Sanchez."

Phoenix-based agent David Hans Schmidt, who has brokered some of Hollywood's
biggest celebrity-skin deals, confirms that he's acquired the rights to a tape
featuring Diamond.

"Just when you think you have seen everything in this business," he tells us,
"mankind has raised the bar another notch. Or lowered it."

Schmidt is in L.A., shopping the tape to Hustler's Larry Flynt, Vivid's Steven
Hirsch and other major distributors of adult video.

Now age 29, the 6-foot Diamond is much brawnier than you may remember him. He's
a black belt in karate, and, four years ago, he defeated Ron Palillo (Horshack
on "Welcome Back, Kotter") on Fox's "Celebrity Boxing 2."

Diamond's manager, Roger Paul, said his client has become a successful standup
comic and will appear on the ABC sitcom "The Knights of Prosperity."

"I haven't seen the tape," Paul told us. "I've heard rumors. Dustin has been
trying to escape the Screech typecast. So this may help me get more bookings."

In 1996, former "Saved by the Bell" sweetheart Elizabeth Berkley bared all in
the Paul Verhoeven-Joe Eszterhas trashterpiece, "Show Girls."

The sex vid's working title is "Saved by the Smell." Ewwwww."






A twisted drag sister remakes the video of Beyonce's newest hit, RING THE ALARM.


September 26, 2006


Cheryl Lynn's disco smash GOT TO BE REAL eclipsed her other great songs. But this heifer is really moving in the video for her minor hit from 1981, SHAKE IT UP TONIGHT. She is sooooooo overdue for a comeback!



Lypsinka showed me this nutty clip years ago and I'm glad it's made it onto youtube. She's performing at some affair in DC and totally forgets the words to JUNE IS BUSTING OUT ALL OVER. But bless her heart, she carries on with tons of pizzazz right to the number's big finish.



Bette Davis sings!




September 25, 2006




MY NAME IS JACKIE BEAT will be screened at the Newfest at the IFC Center on 11/13. But preceding Jackie, there's a 27 minute doc on Minette, a queen who started dragging up 60 years ago at age 14. And she'll be making a very rare appearance to introduce the film! For more info visit NEWFESTIVAL


If you're into that sort of thing, check out DJ Baker and his Da Doo-Dirty Show at DDIRTYSHOW.

Sample: "He a crackhead. A crackhead be a crackhead. It's best to accept yourself as what you are. Yes. Alright."

"I'm HIV positive and I ain't got no sores on my dick."


Went from this:

to this:

From his tribute page:

James Harries was a cotton-candy-haired boy genius who first came to attention on the Wogan show in 1988. In his strained, lisping upper-class accent he spoke at length about both antiques and the state of the economy. Wogan got good mileage on the comedy of this poor sod of a boy, and he went on to entertain audiences all around the world, even appearing to be mocked in the US on Oprah. According to one commentator "his presence soiled everyone he came into contact with, because he was just a kid and we were all laughing our heads off at him."



From the scourge of the Hudson Valley, Lady Esther Gyn: