September 27, 2006



No, it wasn't her period. But it does match her shoes!

Forwarded email:

"Billie's gig in glasgow last sunday ended up to be an Iggy fest! Whilst pogoing during the first song (rollerskates) Billie fell over a monitor and landed somewhere by the side of the stage. She got up and continued .....the crowd howled but started pointing at Billie's leg worriedly. A large open would gushed blood all over the leg,pouring out of her shoes. Billie made some jokes about it and carried on much to everyones delight.

After the show staff briefly attended to Billie's leg, shocked at the extend of the injury.....however Billie rushed off to the dj booth where she djed for about an hour, leaping about some more. Then she was rushed off to a local hospital where the wounds were cleaned and glued. Rock 'n' roll or wot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is such a FABOOOOOLUS dress,where iz it from ??????

3:25 PM  
Blogger Mistress_Mini said...

As if her music wasn't fabulous enough, add the fact that she's such a badass chick to it, and no wonder I <3 her! Weren't she & Kristine W supposed to duet on a song a while back? Now THAT would be the shit!

7:17 PM  
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