September 28, 2006


The diva is singing (or synch-ing) I NEED A MAN from her first album PORTFOLIO, which featured the loveliest photo of her ever taken. The song is kinda cheesy, but she recorded a quite a few of these faggy disco numbers (including SEND IN THE CLOWNS) before she hit her stride with her slower, funkier smashes like PULL UP TO THE BUMBER.

Does anyone know who designed her gown in this? And check out that triangle-shaped rouge!



I love youtube cuz you can watch what you want when you want it. I'm so rarely excited by anything on TV that it's like a goldmine to me. But if you are tired of the clips, don't enjoy watching them on a tiny screen, or just need to get away from your computer for a second, my VJ friend Tom Yaz is headed to Therapy this Saturday with his incredible clips which you can enjoy with a cocktail and maybe get some trade, gurl! Many of his carefully guarded clips aren't found on youtube and he brought the house down at SHOWGIRLS in P'town this summer with some very kooky vintage ads and THE SILENCER by Joi Lansing. I'd never even heard of Joi until Tom turned me on to her. Here's the platinum goddess performing WEB OF LOVE. Warning! The set, art direction and costuming might cause heart palpitations!



For more campy Scopiotones videos visit their site: SCOPIOTONES.COM



Anonymous Jeff said...

I love YouTube too and I rarely watch linear TV anymore. It's all about MY onDemands being met when & WHERE I like. Well, actually, the where is really confined to the PC but I don't want to discuss that - it ruins the tantrum.

I blogrolled you, I hope that's okay! Kudos to all your hard work.


4:46 PM  
Anonymous francois said...

I think Grace Jones dress was designed by Issey Miyake, who always been her favorite designer...

8:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love Grace Jones. I must agree the picture for the cover of Portfolio is stunning.

8:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Grace Jones was an amazing goddess. I still love her.

3:05 AM  
Anonymous Star Queen said...

I could watch this over and over, oops, I just did. I remember buying this vinyl at thrift store in Memphis in the early 90s and dragging to send in the clowns for my own enjoyment (good at least someone enjoyed my performance) I love Grace Jones. And bitch, I would say about these downtrodden wallflower women usually seen sporting "Sorry about your sari. She look so worng in her sarong" but these timid bitches, homney ain't no bitch ever shook her shit in a sari/sarong like Grace Jones in this one. I love at the end when she just lets the hood fall and starts tossing it around in the sir. Put some grace in your face. Oh, and the goofy white people in the bcakground sitting down swaying from side to side Kum-ba-ya style clapping their hands, I wonder if you could get them for your gigs, Bunny?

1:43 PM  
Anonymous Bob said...


I love youtube cuz you can watch what you want when you want it. I'm so rarely excited by anything on TV that it's like a goldmine to me"
also cutting/pasting a link is easier than actually thinking up something to write

3:22 PM  
Blogger jimiphil said...

That "Photo" Of grace isnt a photo at all its a illustration from Richard Bernstein who did all the covers for andy warhols Interview Magazine

I Need a Man was a HUGE hit for grace

5:09 PM  
Anonymous francois said...

oops, I got confused about Grace' dress. I think it was by Azzedine Alaïa, which is her favorite designer, not Issey Miyake... sorry...

12:18 PM  
Blogger Freudian Slip said...

YouTube sure does rule! You just do a search for whatever you can imagine, and basically its there. I particularly like finding users that have cool stuff, and that exposes you to more cool stuff.

2:32 AM  
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