September 30, 2005


Jamaican tourism commercials feature beach walks and tropical cocktails set to a hypnotic, sun-drenched reggae beat. You may experience a different kind of beat if you're gay. Like getting your ass beat a gang of gay-bashers who are thoughtful enough to make house calls. (I guess "Try Jah Love" doesn't extend to the gay community, but try Jah fist does.) Buju Banton, the popular Jamaican reggae artist whose lyrics advocate killiing gays, will be sentenced today for joining just such a gang of thugs. Well-organized protests in forward-thinking countries have lead to the cancellation of many of his concerts, so perhaps he was taking revenge. Yeah, right. So please explain the rest of the bashers' motives. I wish him only the worst in his trial today.

I have mixed feelings about censorship in music. On one hand, I don't think anyone's expression should be muted by what society thinks. We would have lost out on a lot of great songs that way. (I remember radio stations banning Donna Summer's LOVE TO LOVE YOU BABY because it had orgasmic groans in it.) If I write a song which some people find objectionable--and trust me I have--I want the freedom to perform/promote it even though it doesn't jive with public opinion. Particularly in this country, where the born again crackpots seem to be shifting public opinion back to the days of the Puritans. But the issue gets gets a lot stickier when you are attacking/recommending murder, particularly of an already beleaguered group like gays, jews, blacks, women, felchers, etc. And it gets even stickier when the group is well-organized. Dammit, I've just GOT to mobilize us felchers a little bit better!

I guess it's just a fine line. I was on the opposite side of that line regarding the Elton John/Eminem duet on the Grammys a few years back. I was surprised that Elton would team up with a homophobic rapper, but it was Em who suggested the pairing, so maybe he's not as hateful as he tries to seem. But I'm glad they did team up. Elton sang the haunting, Dido-penned chorus in STAN, a grim tale about a crazed fan who slits his pregnant girlfriend's throat and stuffs the corpse into his trunk. And Eminem's rap is amazing story-telling. Sick, yes. But intelligent, creative and very moving. You could even argue that STAN has a message: if you're completely living for the attention of your favorite recording artist, this may point to a possibly dangerous imbalance. Eminem knows about mental instability and has probably received some very disturbing fan mail in his time, so he was writing from experience and I prefer a real expression like this to some sugar-coated "lets-make-a-formulaic-hit" approach to song-writing. And he wasn't advocating killing your girlfriend. I guess that's where I draw the line. Cuz I would never want anyone to kill MY girlfriend. What's the point in torturing her if she's not even alive to feel it?

But my mind isn't made up and I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!


Tom Delay is not hot. He does not spin the latest circuit beats. He does not do drag. He does not appear to work out in a gym. Is he top or bottom? Definitely bottom--of the barrel. Is he well hung? Not sure, but he has a huge asshole and it's in the White House. So why would a fag possibly care about Tom?

Last night I asked my hairdresser if he's heard the scandalous news about Mr. Delay. He hadn't, and asked me if Delay was Madonna's manager. Well, if my hairdresser has to focus on one thing, I'd prefer it to be up-to-the-minute high fashion coiffures. ( I know, I know. I'll pause for a sec while you all scream in unison "I've seen your mangy wigs and you're dreaming, beeyotch!") If Delay is off of my hairdresser's gay party boy radar, so be it. Politics were completely off my radar until 9/11 so I pass no judgement and I'm not talking down to anyone. (Going down on ANYONE is more my style.) Many of you are as involved and informed as I am, if not much more so. But for those of you who don't know who Tom is, here's what's going on and why a wacky drag queen thinks you should put down the gerbil and acquaint yourself with his situation.

WHO IS HE? This from his own website: "Tom DeLay serves as majority leader, the second ranking leader in the United States House of Representatives. He is responsible for developing the issues and policies that form the Republican agenda, in conjunction with committee chairmen and the rest of the leadership."

WHAT HAPPENED? Oddly, there's no mention on his site that he's been indicted, along with two associates, on criminal charges of conspiring to violate Texas election laws. Tom's being forced to step down from his position and if convicted, he faces up to years in jail. Of course, he responds that the accusations are politically motivated and that his accuser is a partisan fanatic.

WHAT DOES IT MEAN? It exposes the republican party as the crooks that they are. Hopefully, it will knock down their house of cards and usher in an era of republican-bashing which may, if we are lucky, help elect a democrat to the White House in 2008. Tom can call it "partisan" all he wants, but there's nothing partisan about the law and he broke it! BUSTED! Or at least there's enough evidence that he broke it to force him out of his post as the country's #2 republican--please insert "#2" shit joke here. Bill Frist, another "rank" republican, is also under investigation for a Martha Stewart-style insider stock trading job. Even Delay's replacement in the House, Roy Blunt, is linked to unethical fund-raising--so they can't even find an honest, scandal-free republican as a replacement for one who is forced out by improprieties! But then again, what honest person could press the republicans' rotten agenda with a clear conscience?

But the republicans attached that rotten agenda to good old-fasioned family values and down-home religion. During the last election, right-wing preachers were urging their congregations to vote against Kerry and thereby nix "radical" policies like gay marriage and abortion from reaching fruition. (If anything, a skunk like Tom is a terrific argument FOR abortion!) If you don't know too much about politics, then you are very likely to believe someone like your preacher or your president. You want to trust someone and leave it in their hands so you don't have to figure the situation out for yourself, armed only with the lies which FOX news spouts. But if top members of your party are being forced to leave their posts and possibly going to jail, it's going to begin to register with even these conservative church ladies that "Hey, my party's leader is a crook and maybe the president is too!" Well, there's hope anyway.

WHAT DOES IT MEAN FOR GAYS? Tom's indictment is a rare cause for rejoicing. Our enemy has been pummeled by this scandal and we haven't had many victories of late. ANY weakening of republicans is an advancement of gay rights. We've just inched a little closer to the existence of gay marriage. Anti-discrimation laws are in less danger of being overturned. The ridiculous, unsafe notion of teaching abstinence to kids may fall from favor. Simply put, Democrats traditionally care about people, republicans care about people's money. The corporate interests whose ass republicans are constantly kissing may weaken a little, which could eventually translate to AIDS medications getting a little cheaper, more affordable insurance, less outsourcing of jobs to feed corporate greed, less cutting of funding to organizations like GMHC and NYC's gay community center which all but did away with their vd screening in recent years--don't ask me how I know this one!--honey, you name it! It's a VERY good thing.

Darlin', even if you are a depraved slut who isn't concerned with what stuffy, unattractive old men are doing in Congress because you seldom rise before noon and nurse your daily hangover along with your aching behind, tonight you have something to celebrate--as if YOU need an excuse! After Katrina and Iraq have depleted government funds, these prudes still found the wherewithal to announce the renewal of the republican war against porn! You let these republicans gain an inch and they'll be shutting down the gay bars your gay ass is drinking cosmopolitans in. Or that adult bookstore where you have sex or get your dildoes and poppers. And girl, if you quit worrying about the high gas prices these repubs have ushered in then just maybe you can afford that new Prada blouse or that top-shelf cosmo you've been nervously eyeing!

Take heart Tom! Now that you've been canned and may be headed for the can, there's still time to cash in like Anna Nichole and Kirstie Alley did with their weight loss. You could become a spokesmodel for a cosmetic surgeon and have those grim, razor-thin snapping turtle lips injected with collagen before you head off to jail, where those alluring, plumper lips will definitely help get you laid! We'll see if you feel any differently about gay rights after "The Hammer" does a couple years in the slammer!



Arnold Quits The ‘Fag Business’

Veteran Arnold watchers say the California governor’s announced veto of his state’s historic same-sex marriage bill is an affront to the memory of his most enthusiastic early supporters: the gay sugar daddies of the international bodybuilding circuit.

“Arnold has had a long association with rich gay men,” according to Wendy Leigh, author of Schwarzenegger: An Unauthorized Biography. “When he moved to England [around the time of his first Mr. Universe title in 1967], John Dixey, a British businessman and well-known aficionado of muscle boys, was very, very kind to Arnold. You have to understand, before Arnold came on the scene, it was common currency that bodybuilders were less than macho—it was absolutely given and accepted that they supported themselves by catering to the tastes of wealthy gay men.”

Another of Schwarzenegger’s early benefactors, Leigh says, was Paco Arce Gomez, a Spanish millionaire and renowned gay playboy. In a 1992 Spy magazine profile of the Conan the Barbarian star, Arce was credited as the lensman behind a series of photos from the Austrian’s early days, showing him “eating breakfast off of very fancy china wearing a tank top and tight underwear.” (Schwarzenegger also posed nude for homoerotic photog Robert Mapplethorpe at least three times in the seventies and famously appeared naked in a 22-photo spread in now-defunct gay rag After Dark.)

Paul Barresi, an L.A.-based private investigator who claims P.I. Anthony Pellicano hired him before the 2002 election to “look into” any compromising relationships the then-prospective candidate still had in the demimonde, said he was “shocked that Arnold would turn his back on the very people who were obviously so helpful to him. In fact, Arnold even met his wife, Maria [Shriver], though his friendship with a gay member of Maria’s family.”

The governator has been careful to frame his veto as promoting the will of the people as evidenced by an outdated 2000 vote against same-sex nuptials (today public opinion is split down the middle), and has been mostly mum about his personal feelings on the issue. At least since his notorious 1977 interview with Oui magazine, in which he claimed to “have absolutely no hang-ups about the fag business.”

Apparently, it doesn’t pay like it used to.


By Lou, Elvira's chiropractor:


Tom "Pus Face" DeLay has been kicked to the curb as House Majority Leader Wednesday after he was indicted by a Texas grand jury on charges of conspiracy to violate state election laws. He and two of his lackeys are charged with conspiring to funnel corporate campaign moola to Republican candidates for the Texas state legislature. Boo-fucking-hoo.

If you recall, anticipating that DeLay might be indicted, last November the Repugnitan-run House tried to change the rule that any member indicted on criminal charges would become ineligible to hold a leadership position (I think they even fired the chair of the Ethics Committee to try to push it thru) but widespread negative media and a great push by threw that shit under the bus.

This was all about that nasty business that went on with the redistricting of parts of Tex-Assthat made it possible for the Repugnitans to takeover of the state House and Senate, by fucking with the boundaries of the state's congressional districts. They basically broke up minority neighborhoods and shoved them into mostly Democratic districts, sweeping clean those 'darkie parts' to create more, more better, and more improved whiter districts far more favorable to the Repugnitan candidates who would sashay their way to glory. Way to go, bros! So American of ya!

I guess Delay and his Boys got some big cake from folks like Sears and AT&T, but..oops!...these guys kept their own set of books besides the ones cooked up by Delay. Boo-hoo.

But here's the part I fucking love! Pus-Face now cries his crock-of-shit-o-dile tears with such original lines as I have done nothing wrong, and denounces his prosecutor as a partisan fanatic and a rogue district attorney. More Boo-hoo!

Tell you what, Tommy. You think about this: If I remember correctly, you were on of the staunchest supporters of Ken-un-ethical Starr. Fanatical, even. You may have even helped Kenny pull his pud while you both wacked off thinking about Miss Lewd-insky's mouth all puckered on the Bill's Presidential Johnson.But, hey..the world understands ...some guys got pull with the ladies and others...don't.

But..quite unlike the sordid little blue-dress affair, this investigation involves actual crimes, motherfucker.

I think you and Frist are gonnah need Johnny Cochran ..oops...he's dead.

Just the Rant of one Citizen of the Universe...

September 29, 2005




Whitney Houston was brought to the South of
France a fortnight ago to perform at a big
party for a Russian billionaire, along with
Christina Aguilera and Enrique Iglesias.

Two hours before the concert was due to
start, Whitney's people called the party
organisers. There was a problem. Whitney
wouldn't be able to sing... because all
her teeth had just fallen out.

Cue frantic dash to find a discreet private
dentist to make up a serviceable set of
false teeth so the gig could go ahead.


Republican Congressional Candidate Hopes Katrina Victims Don't Move Back...

Louisiana State Senator Craig Romero (R) visited Washington earlier this month under the auspices of raising money for Katrina disaster relief, Roll Call reported today. But the trip was also an opportunity for Romero to drum up support for his run for Congress in Louisiana’s 3rd district now held by Democrat Charlie Melancon.

The Huffington Post has acquired pages from a packet of candidate information that Romero handed out to special interest groups: A main selling point of Romero's candidacy is that if Katrina's victims don't move back home, the district will go Republican.

In the 2004 election, 50.2 percent voted for Democrat Charles Melancon and 49.8 percent for Rep. Billy Tauzin (R).

Romero's campaign information includes a pie chart that shows the district's make-up without the residents who were displaced by Katrina. Leaving those residents out, the chart says the district would be have voted 57.1 percent Republican and 42.9 percent Democrat in the 2004 election.


Discover the joys of anus bleaching at

September 28, 2005


Birds of a feather FRY TOGETHER! But don't stop there. Now get Frist and impeach Bush! No gripes from me today, honey! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Can't they just use a can of tuna in oil? I guess it's not deep enough. But wait! It's from Japan? Hmmm. Anyhoo, thanks to Adam for sending me this great link to an imaginative blog which contains photos and commentary from a visit to a japanese sex emporium. Here's a sample.

On the sex toy floor, there was a large wall with dozens and dozens of cans - all of them in different colors and sizes, and all of them with different naked cartoon girls on them. A great deal of Japanese men were perusing this wall, carefully studying and comparing the different cans before making their decision. With nothing in English, it took me a few minutes of analysis to figure out that the cans were actually fake vaginas. They were all similarly priced - suspiciously cheap at 5-600 yen - so I wasn't sure what the difference was, except the girl on the outside. I guess you were meant to pick which naked anime girl you liked the best, and fuck this plastic can while fantasizing about her. Interestingly enough, none of the cans were very long - maybe six inches at the most. I was trying to avoid the whole Asian-men-have-small-penises thing, but they kind of handed it to me on a silver platter. Anyway, this is the vagina can I bought:

for the full post:


That's our boys!

WASHINGTON The Army is investigating complaints that soldiers posted photographs of mangled Iraqi corpses on an Internet site in exchange for access to pornographic images on the site, officials said Tuesday.

An Army spokesman, Col. Joseph Curtin, said the Criminal Investigation Division recently began investigating the matter on behalf of Lt. Gen. John Vines, commander of the Multinational Corps in Iraq.

The East Bay Express, a New Times weekly in Emeryville, Ca. last week published a lengthy story about the porn site, and interviewed its owner, who said he gave soldiers free access in exchange for photos of dead or mutilated Iraqis. The soldiers apparently had been having trouble subscribing to the site because of credit card problems. The Online Journalism Review also ran a prominent piece. AmericaBlog, a leading blog, then covered it widely this week, and included links to some of the photos.

full article:


This mp3 on Eugene Mirman is hilarious! Unfortuantely, the anti-gay christian trash actually are this ignorant so it's a little scary, too. This is a real chat with an sales lady phone from a "christian" phone company. The story behind it is here:

The must-hear-to-believe phone call is here:

How can you even fight such stupidity? Love that combo of capitalism and hatefulness masquerading as piousness. Too bad it's running our whole country--not just some stupid phone company.


Doing voiceovers for an R-rated new film called THE PUBERT PALS. This gal can do everthing! From Strangers With Candy to her outrageous Talent Family plays to her upcoming home entertainmet guide which Billy Erb, the designer, gave ma a sneak preview of but I can't share. But be on the lookout for it! And now this:


The revised version of this classic comedy bit featuring Dubya and Condi:

George: Condi! Nice to see you. What's happening?

Condi: Sir, I have the report here about the new leader of China.

George: Great. Lay it on me.

Condi: Hu is the new leader of China.

George: That's what I want to know.

Condi: That's what I'm telling you.

George: That's what I'm asking you. Who is the new leader of China?

Condi: Yes.

George: I mean the fellow's name.

Condi: Hu.

George: The guy in China.

Condi: Hu.

George: The new leader of China.

Condi: Hu.

George: The main man in China!

Condi: Hu is leading China.

George: Now whaddya' asking me for?

Condi: I'm telling you, Hu is leading China.

George: Well, I'm asking you. Who is leading China?

Condi: That's the man's name.

George: That's who's name?

Condi: Yes.

George: Will you, or will you not, tell me the name of the new leader of China?

Condi: Yes, sir.

George: Yassir? Yassir Arafat is in China? I thought he's dead in the Middle East.

Condi: That's correct.

George: Then who is in China?

Condi: Yes, sir.

George: Yassir is in China?

Condi: No, sir.

George: Then who is?

Condi: Yes, sir.

George: Yassir?

Condi: No, sir.

George: Look Condi. I need to know the name of the new leader of China. Get me the Secretary General of the U.N. on the phone.

Condi: Kofi?

George: No, thanks.

Condi: You want Kofi?

George: No.

Condi: You don't want Kofi.

George: No. But now that you mention it, I could use a glass of milk. And then get me the U.N.

Condi: Yes, sir.

George: Not Yassir! The guy at the U.N.

Condi: Kofi?

George: Milk! Will you please make the call?

Condi: And call who?

George: Who is the guy at the U.N?

Condi: Hu is the guy in China

George: Will you stay out of China?!

Condi: Yes, sir.

George: And stay out of the Middle East! Just get me the guy at the U.N.

Condi: Kofi.

George: All right! With cream and two sugars.

September 25, 2005


Now they're saying that Kate Moss has admitted to using ketamine, or special K, as we clubbers call it. Calling it "horse tranquilizers" makes it sound like she's the only one who's ever used it and she'd exhausted every drug humans use and then moved on to drugs for other species. (Though that may actually be true!) Well, I guess she might as well get everything out in the open when her situation's already this gloomy. But why are they pouncing on her like this? Because she doesn't give them many interviews? Because she's so beautiful? This article--saw it on my beloved, which proves it's not above a little tabloid journalism to pep up it's heavier fare--used this demented looking photo where she's in slanty eyeliner which that makes her look quite alien. We all know that she's a versatile model of a thousand faces. But I don't see why this is causing such an international outrage. She's a model, not a role model, for chrissakes! All she's supposed to do is look purdy and the bitch still does! Actually, I've met "the bitch" twice and she could not be nicer or more down to earth. She sat there sweetly eating an apple with no make-up preparing to be shot by Patrick DeMarchelier for Bazaar with yours truly "modelling" beside her. If you don't believe me, then check out the photos in the ABOUT LADY BUNNY/BUNNY IN THE PRESS section of this site. Not that I would ever turn Kate's tragedy into a desperate grab for attention for myself...

But would people really boycott Burberry and the other contracts she may lose because she used drugs? How prudish! She's not under arrest or a coke dealer. Her last contract with RImmel is "being reviewed", but really! Was anyone talking about Rimmel before she revealed her drug use? If they had a little guts they'd stick with her and cash in on all this press with a campy new ad which makes fun of it all...Special Kate's new "line" of cosmetics, perhaps? I still love her!


It would not surprise me if Bush didn't force the weather reporters to falsify forecasts in order to exaggerate the danger of Rita. That way he could seem to be more on top of this storm than he was of Katrina. But no photo op is going to remove the whiff of this rotten bastard we all got after Katrina. As if we needed another one.

White House Using Hurricane Rita To Show Bush As Effective Leader During Disaster…

September 24, 2005


I was going to write a blog post about some juicy gossip I heard today. It seems that rich ladies on the Manhattan's upper east side are getting botox injections, not only in their face, but IN THEIR FEET as well. It seems the shots ease the pain from those treacherous Manolo Blahniks. It seems a little extreme to me, but I guess it gives new meaning to the old adage "Beauty knows no pain."

But then I heard some even juicier gossip. It's a well-kept secret that I had never heard a whisper of until today. It does NOT concern Jennifer Anus-ton's hairstyle, Oprah's failed Hermes shopping spree in Paris, or even Apple Paltrow vs whatever Britney Spears' ill-fated brat is named. It's way juicier than any words ever written about those gals! (Well, except maybe for the widely-reported rumor that Oprah and her "best friend" Gayle are dyke-lovers.)

In the past few days, an estimated 100,000 people were uprooted from the safety of their homes to face a horrendous situation. No, not Hurricane Rita. I'm talking about the thousands who travelled to yesterday's DC protest to cheer on a bunch of anti-war speakers. One speaker was Rep. Cynthia McKinney, who revealed....drumroll, please...that military recruiters were sent to the Houston Astrodome to sign up Katrina victims! How sickening is that? How depraved is this administration? They got those fucking army recruiters in a lot faster than they got the fucking victims out of New Orleans! Just ask the 1000 + who died. Well, I guess you can't actually ask them., but you get my meaning.

How rancid is that logic? I can just imagine the Pentagon scum thinking: "Well, Katrina refugees might as well enlist. It's not like they've got a home or family to go back to. They've almost just died so their life may be sufficiently devalued to where going to go die an illegal war against Iraq might not seem quite so bad at this point. Recruit quotas and public disapproval of the war are so low that people with futures and families are less likely than ever to sign up. And allowing in gays and people who we've helped cheat on drug and G.E.D. tests isn't working as well as we'd hoped. And hey, these are experienced looters who may actually be an asset in the US looting of Iraq."

C-Span broadcast Cynthia's speech and "poured the tea" on this juicy tidbit and I'm grateful to whoever didn't edit the representative's blistering words. But I've been watching CNN proper for nearly two hours and I've not heard one word about the 100,000 people who created the largest protest since the war began in 2003. Look, I know that hurricanes are buzz-worthy at the moment, and I mean no disrepect to anyone who lost property in the storm, but according to CNN, not one casualty was reported in the aftermath of Rita! Do we really need to dominate every fucking second of every fucking hour of news coverage to Rita while they are pulling out pointless details like an escaped llama in Orange County, Texas? Who gives a flying fuck about a missing llama? (Well, maybe Michael Jackson, if the llama were under a certain age and male...) But my point is the lack of balance between the coverage of Rita and this massive anti-war protest. There's more scandalous gossip ahead, but if you can bear the suspense, check out this link ( which has video clips of speeches by Cindy Sheehan and Jesse Jackson. LOVE the protester with the sign that says "WHO WOULD JESUS BOMB?" Now it's been a while since Jesus and I have spoken, but I would guess his answer is still "no one", "thou shalt not kill" or something like that. So who is the god that callous murderer Bush pretends to worship?

Okay! Really juicy gossip for you this time! Bush may be back on the sauce! Enquiring minds want to know, and though I don't place the National Enquirer at the top of the heap when it comes to journalistic integrity, sometimes it's precisely that lack of integrity which allows them to scoop something because they aren't hindered by pesky things like fact-checking or revealing their sources. Here's the link if you don't believe my poison pen: And I hope that it's true--like daughter, like father! I hope the bastard is totally unravelling in the face of his record low poll numbers. I pray that Bush embarks on such a boozy binge that by the time he's finished, the whole country can see that this man isn't fit to have an outhouse named after his sorry ass, much less an airport or library. He's already proven he's a piss-poor leader in the face of Katrina, for those who may have missed the clueless expression on the dunce's face in that classroom when he learned of 9/11, or the fact that he ignored warnings of 9/11 and then put the blame on CIA head George Tennant. Fast forward to Katrina and we see some other patsy, the FEMA head Michael D. Brown-nose, taking the fall for our government's bungled response in the face of disaster. Then throw in the notion that this bungled response was hampered by the fact that troops and funds were being used up in Iraq, the war which fewer and fewer believe we should be fighting. Oh, just one more goody! Like 9/11 and the civil war in Iraq, a disastrous flooding of New Orleans was predicted to be likely by the government's own experts, yet the Bush administration was so determined to throw caution to the wind and forge on with it's unwise (and now unpopular agenda) that they'd gladly disregard the very people it had chosen as it's advisers! Does this government make you feel safe? I don't care whether you are republican or democrat, at some point your self-preservation instinct has to kick in and tell you, quite plainly, that whether it's terrorist attacks or hurricanes, Dubya does not have your back! And in fact, one could argue that his administration, which denies global warming's existence, is partially responsible for freak weather patterns like Katrina and Rita. Many scientists hold the view that the increase in the hurricanes' severity is a direct result of global warming. Just google Katrina and global warning and read a couple of the articles which come up.

But back to the gossip! You wouln't know it from the shite which masquerades as news these days, but there are other stories of national importance that have been brewing alongside the hurricanes. Maybe you haven't heard that the two top republican congressional leaders, Bill Frist and Tom Delay, are being investigated for "ethical improprieties." Please read through to the end--it contains a bitchy, gossip-y zinger linking Frist to Martha Stewart.

From The Associated Press:

The news that federal prosecutors and the Securities and Exchange Commission are looking into Frist’s sale of stock in HCA Inc., the hospital operating company founded by his family, comes as a criminal investigation continues of Jack Abramoff, a high-powered Republican lobbyist, and his ties to DeLay of Texas.

Less than a week ago, a former White House official was arrested in the Abramoff investigation.

For Republicans, the timing couldn’t be worse.

“The last thing you needed was a Martha Stewart problem,” Marshall Wittman, a one-time conservative activist who now works for the centrist Democratic Leadership Council, said of Frist. “He doesn’t even have a good clothing line or a popular television show.”

Maybe some of you don't know or care who Bill Frist or Tom Delay are. Maybe you hate politics and snore through the news until the sports or weather segment comes on. Or maybe you're too busy raising a family and don't care about current affairs until your gas prices go up. Well, I've saved the best, and JUICIEST gossip for last. Shhh...There is a terrorist in your house. Go cautiously and have a the mirror. IT'S YOU! As long as you ignore the senseless murders of our soldiers and Iraqis, allowing this brutish administration to murder without just cause in YOUR NAME WITH YOUR TAX DOLLARS while you sit back and do nothing to try and stop it, YOU share in Bush's guilt. George Bush is the most lethal terrorist in the world right now and if you support his war you are as guilty as any muslim who condones the terrorist attacks emanating from their land. Right after 9/11 I would recoil at the sight of muslims going to those mosques which had been pegged as extremist hotbeds--how could they, in any way, condone the attacks of 9/11, even indirectly? How could anyone going to a church be so morally bankrupt? Now the tables have turned and WE are the nation full of hateful, blood-thirsty religious extremists whose "men of god" recommend assasinating the Venezualan president and blame Katrina on the fact that lovable lesbian talk-show host Ellen Degeneres has been chosen to emcee the Emmy's. Pat asked on a broadcast of The 700 Club, "Is it any surprise that the Almighty chose to strike at Miss Degeneres' hometown" of New Orleans? The fundamentalists are extremist all right, but they just favor wearing pastel prints and going-to-meetin' hats over the muslims' head scarves.

If you don't support the war and do nothing to rectify it, you're only a little better than the christian right (aka christian wrong who are Bush's fan base). As long as a superpower like the US will make pre-emptive attacks on another nation without proof of it's guilt, no one on earth is safe. If you have a voice, use it or lose it, whether you're forwarding emails or speaking out to influence friends, family and co-workers. Even if you have no time to speak out you can donate to organizations like who'll speak out for you. Find out which organizations share your beliefs and donate--the coffers of our enemies are chock full thanks to the tax cuts they've given themselves. Or if you just get involved by informing yourself, shutting off the biased, mainstream news outlets and adding a few reliable news sites like to your bookmarks, I know you'll be so outraged by the facts which don't make it on the news that you'll HAVE to speak out. Admit it, you were a little shocked to hear about the military recruiters preying on homeless Katrina victims. Maybe not as shocked as you were to hear about zombie Tom Cruise auditioning and then hiring Katie Holmes to be his girlfriend. And maybe not as shocked as I was to learn that ousted FEMA head Michael D. Brown spent the 80's as a lawyer and the 90's as the controversial head of The Internationl Arabian Horse Association. He was clearly unqualified to handle the country's disaster relief efforts but Bush cronies must be rewarded with plum positions, even when our nation's safety is sacrificed. Maybe not as shocked as I was when I received this (admittedly unsubstantiated) claim via email today:

Did you also know that reporters are being told to stop photographing the carnage left behind by Katrina or face being
shot???? They are taking reporters' cameras and emptying them. From what I hear a rogue dog police force has descended on the state. They are also shooting people down there left and right and banning the press from areas where the action is taking place. They are banning them from being around any of the army/police operations. They are making sure the news only reports on quiet rebuilding and that filming and photography be relegated to a few leaks and flooded homes where the action is quiet.

Even if you just have a gossip-monger's taste for scandal, the lies being perpretated by this administration are going to go down as some of the juiciest in our country's history. And do you want the shame of being one of the laughing stocks who blindly supported this liar when so much damning evidence is out there BEGGING to be discovered?

Someone with a screen name of "BODEGA VENDETTA" recently wrote me at

"gawd, I always thought Bunny was a coke sniffin' crack smokin' cock suckin' whoreish dragqueen/"performer"??
get off the soapbox piggy and get back to that restroom where you belong."

Now I'm not sure how seriously I should take a note from someone called BODEGA VENDETTA, but I do catch his/her point. (I also did giggle at the quotes around performer casting aspersions on my ability to perform, ya dirty bitch!) And she/he is right. I'm not as light-hearted as I used to be. Not all of my blog posts are comical anymore. But the world isn't what it used to be, either, and current events are too unsettling to ignore. And I've got to do something to get the situation back on track before I can safely return to being a demented clown. I guarantee you, history will remember Bush as a disgrace to the White House. Haven't you ever sat and wondered "How could the people of Nazi Germany sit back and follow Hitler's grisly agenda? A whole nation? What were they thinking?" Well, history always repeats itself and now the shoe's on your foot. Is Bush's murder and propaganda machine that different from Hitler's or that of any other deceitful despot who's murdered thousands without conscience? Are you willing to share in his immense guilt? If a democracy is government by the people then you people had better start fucking governing. Bush plainly can't.

Jordy--no, not the Jordy who settled with Michael Jackson, Queen of Pop, for millions who we'll soon be hearing lots more about thanks to a new World of Wonder documentary based on the book written by a detective on the case which includes
drawings by Jordy of Jacko's nasty, nelly nuts which were "dappled" by skin bleach--but rather Jordy the blogger who thankfully turned me on to the site which hosts 4 of the C-Span speeches from yesterday's protests just sent me another stirring link:". On it, you'll find a young girl, who obviously has a lot more sense than half the adults in this country, chanting "Impeach Bush!" You're right, sweetheart. We cannot ask for anything less.

Whew! Maybe BODEGA's right. After that tirade, I feel my old self returning and I'm off to hunt down some dick and drugs!


An excellent yet disturbing article from the NY Times by way of the International Herald Tribune:

September 23, 2005


This is global warming, says environmental chief

As Hurricane Rita threatens devastation, scientist blames climate change

By Michael McCarthy, Environment EditorPublished: 23 September 2005
Super-powerful hurricanes now hitting the United States are the "smoking gun" of global warming, one of Britain's leading scientists believes.

The growing violence of storms such as Katrina, which wrecked New Orleans, and Rita, now threatening Texas, is very probably caused by climate change, said Sir John Lawton, chairman of the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution. Hurricanes were getting more intense, just as computer models predicted they would, because of the rising temperature of the sea, he said. "The increased intensity of these kinds of extreme storms is very likely to be due to global warming."

In a series of outspoken comments - a thinly veiled attack on the Bush administration, Sir John hit out at neoconservatives in the US who still deny the reality of climate change.

Referring to the arrival of Hurricane Rita he said: "If this makes the climate loonies in the States realise we've got a problem, some good will come out of a truly awful situation." As he spoke, more than a million people were fleeing north away from the coast of Texas as Rita, one of the most intense storms on record, roared through the Gulf of Mexico. It will probably make landfall tonight or early tomorrow near Houston, America's fourth largest city and the centre of its oil industry. Highways leading inland from Houston were clogged with traffic for up to 100 miles north.

There are real fears that Houston could suffer as badly from Rita just as New Orleans suffered from Hurricane Katrina less than a month ago.

Asked what conclusion the Bush administration should draw from two hurricanes of such high intensity hitting the US in quick succession, Sir John said: "If what looks like is going to be a horrible mess causes the extreme sceptics about climate change in the US to reconsider their opinion, that would be an extremely valuable outcome."

Asked about characterising them as "loonies", he said: "There are a group of people in various parts of the world ... who simply don't want to accept human activities can change climate and are changing the climate."

"I'd liken them to the people who denied that smoking causes lung cancer."

With his comments, Sir John becomes the third of the leaders of Britain's scientific establishment to attack the US over the Bush government's determination to cast doubt on global warming as a real phenomenon.

Sir John's comments follow and support recent research, much of it from America itself, showing that hurricanes are getting more violent and suggesting climate change is the cause.

A paper by US researchers, last week in the US journal Science, showed that storms of the intensity of Hurricane Katrina have become almost twice as common in the past 35 years.

Although the overall frequency of tropical storms worldwide has remained broadly level since 1970, the number of extreme category 4 and 5 events has sharply risen. In the 1970s, there was an average of about 10 category 4 and 5 hurricanes per year but, since 1990, they have nearly doubled to an average of about 18 a year. During the same period, sea surface temperatures, among the key drivers of hurricane intensity, have increased by an average of 0.5C (0.9F).

Sir John said: "Increasingly it looks like a smoking gun. It's a fair conclusion to draw that global warming, caused to a substantial extent by people, is driving increased sea surface temperatures and increasing the violence of hurricanes."


One night, George W. Bush is tossing restlessly in his White House bed. He awakens to see George Washington standing by him Bush asks him, "George, what's the best thing I can do to help the country?"

"Set an honest and honorable example, just as I did," Washington advises, and then fades away

The next night, Bush is astir again, and sees the ghost of Thomas Jefferson moving through the darkened bedroom. Bush calls out, "Tom, please!
What is the best thing I can do to help the country?"

"Respect the Constitution, as I did," Jefferson advises, and dims from sight................

The third night sleep still does not come for Bush. He awakens to see the ghost of FDR hovering over his bed. Bush whispers, "Franklin, What is the best thing I can do to help the country?"

"Help the less fortunate, just as I did," FDR replies and fades into the mist........................

Bush isn't sleeping well the fourth night when he sees another figure moving in the shadows. It is the ghost of Abraham Lincoln. Bush pleads, "Abe, what is the best thing I can do right now to help the country?"

Lincoln replies, "Go see a play."


President Bush and a giddy Jacques Chirac shake hands on the deal.

President Bush Sells Louisiana Back to the French

BATON ROUGE, LA. - The White House announced today that President Bush has successfully sold the state of Louisiana back to the French at more than double its original selling price of $11,250,000.

"This is a bold step forward for America," said Bush. "And America will be stronger and better as a result. I stand here today in unity with French Prime Minister Jack Sharaq, who was so kind to accept my offer of Louisiana in exchange for 25 million dollars cash."

The state, ravaged by Hurricane Katrina, will cost hundreds of billions of dollars to rebuild.

"Jack understands full well that this one's a 'fixer upper,'" said Bush. "He and the French people are quite prepared to pump out all that water, and make Louisiana a decent place to live again. And they've got a lot of work to do. But Jack's assured me, if it's not right, they're going to fix it."

The move has been met with incredulity from the beleaguered residents of Louisiana.

"Shuba-pie!" said New Orleans resident Willis Babineaux. "Frafer-perly yum kom drabby sham!"

However, President Bush's decision has been widely lauded by Republicans.

"This is an unexpected but brilliant move by the President," said Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist. "Instead of spending billions and billions, and billions of dollars rebuilding the state of Louisiana, we've just made 25 million dollars in pure profit."

"This is indeed a smart move," commented Fox News analyst Brit Hume. "Not only have we stopped the flooding in our own budget, we've made money on the deal. Plus, when the god-awful French are done fixing it up, we can easily invade and take it back again."

The money gained from 'T'he Louisiana Refund' is expected to be immediately pumped into the rebuilding of Iraq.

September 22, 2005



Liz Hurley and Donatella at the re-launch of the Sloane St. Versace boutique. Well, at least her hair looks purdy!


LOVE IT! Thanks to Joey Macaroni for sending this sickness!

Jurors Will See Judge's Alleged Sex Toy

Tuesday, September 20, 2005 By KELLY KURT, Associated Press Writer (09-20) 15:38 PDT Bristow, Okla. (AP)

Jurors hearing the case against a former judge accused of exposing himself in his Creek County courtroom will be allowed to see the sex toy at the center of the state's allegations, a judge ruled Tuesday in rejecting a defense motion.

They also can hear testimony that a second "penis pump" was seen under former District Judge Donald Thompson's bench, among other evidence Thompson's attorneys sought to have barred from next week's scheduled trial.

"It's so fantastic and so unconnected to factual support, and so prejudicial," attorney Clark Brewster complained in trying to convince Judge C. Allen McCall to suppress some state evidence.

Thompson, 58, who spent more than 20 years on the bench before stepping down more than a year ago, faces three counts of indecent exposure.

Prosecutors allege he masturbated with a penis pump under his robe while presiding over two murder trials and a civil trial in 2003. Thompson denies the allegations and said the penis pump seized in the case was a gag gift from a friend.

Brewster argued that the state should be prevented from submitting the device as evidence, contending that not only did it not function but that it also was sawed in half while in the state's custody.

Prosecutor Pattye High said an Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation chemist followed procedure in sawing the pump in two to swab it for DNA evidence. McCall denied the defense request.

The judge also refused a defense motion to prevent testimony from a courtroom reporter who said she discovered a different penis pump under the judge's bench in 2001.

Brewster said there was no evidence to link the pump to his client, but High countered that the testimony would help show "this defendant committed the same crime over and over and over again."

McCall took other issues raised by Thompson's team under advisement, including testimony from a woman who prosecutors said had a sexual relationship with Thompson and the admission of 180 hours of courtroom tapes they said contained the whooshing sound of the penis pump in use.

Brewster said he hadn't received the tapes until Friday and had no time to have an expert evaluate them or verify certain "enhanced" portions provided by prosecutors.

"If the jury is going to listen to these, they're going to need to listen to 180 hours," he also told the judge.

The trial is scheduled to begin Monday when attorneys begin questioning a 350-member jury pool. The trial is expected to last one to two weeks, High said.

Tuesday's hearing offered a glimpse at the lurid details jurors can expect to consider and even see if the judge decides prosecutors can admit a photo they say will be used by a witness to identify Thompson's penis.

Brewster had sought to have much of Tuesday's motions sealed, arguing that they contained anecdotal remarks from hundreds of people "with literally crazy things to say." He said media coverage of the hearing could taint potential jurors.

McCall refused, citing the public's right to know and the media's right to report. He allowed Brewster and High to agree on some of the contested claims before they were argued in the courtroom.

Brewster said some of the state's evidence would never be raised in a routine indecent exposure case.

"Because we've got a public figure, we want to vilify," he said.

But McCall said Thompson would be treated to the same fair trial guaranteed any other citizen.

He also made it clear that the former judge would not receive special treatment. When Thompson, who is free on bond, briefly stepped from the courtroom, McCall admonished Brewster, telling him the former judge should have asked for permission first.

If convicted, Thompson would face up to 10 years in prison and a $20,000 fine on each charge and would have to register as a sex offender upon his release.

for more on penis pumping with ill pix check out



Ice-T is to produce David Hasselhoff's first hip-hop album.

The pair are neighbours in Los Angeles and are said to have struck up a close friendship.

Hasselhoff has had some success as a singer, releasing seven albums. He's also said to be very popular in Germany.

Ice-T, who was one of the first real hip-hop stars in the late 1980s, said: "The man is a legend. And we are going to show a whole new side of him."

The rapper is said to be convinced that the 51-year-old for Knight Rider and Baywatch actor can take on the biggest names in rap, reports The Sun.

Ice-T added: "He's gonna come out as Hassle The Hoff - I promise you. The Hoff will surprise people with his rap skills and humour.


excerpted article from

Dennis R. Hughes, a senior vice president at The Corcoran Group, a division of Cendant, in New York City, recently showed a two-bedroom apartment in the Beekman neighborhood that has a library, sterling silver faucets and 24-karat-gold hardware. It is priced at $17,000 -- per month.

"Not extraordinary at all," is how Hughes, whose rental listings currently range from $4,300 to a startling $27,000 per month, describes the rarity of such prices.

One of his clients, a high-powered businessman, offered to prepay two years of rent -- in cash -- for a place that cost $18,000 per month -- a total of more than $432,000. That made the owner think the place was underpriced, and the deal was called off.

"The luxury end of the market is going very nicely, very strong," Hughes says. "I love this market."

Christ! You prepay 2 years and give them what they want and so they decide that they should have asked for more? The full article includes the 20 most expensive cities in the country and surprise, surprise, NYC is still at the top:>1=6974


I interviewed the brilliant AIDS activist/playwright/ACT UP founder Larry Kramer for Index magazine several months ago for their fall issue. They canned the piece, so I've posted it on my blog. Larry, the "Bill Cosby of the gay commnity", is as feisty and fascinating as ever as he promotes his incisive new book that should be required reading for every faggot on earth! Larry and Bunny hit all the vital issues from crystal meth, the dirt on Ron Reagan, Jr, the sorry state of the AIDS epidemic--even hand lotion, Hitler and hemorrhoids!


Thank god for big sunglasses! Sure, they're glamorous as hell and so white-hot at the moment, but they can also hide your tears. And there I was, on a flight to Greensboro, NC sobbing away with my nose buried in Larry Kramer's new book., The Tragedy of Today's gays. And lordy, is it ever a an effective tragedy! Too bad it isn't fiction. It's basically a wake-up call stir gays into outrage and action after gay rights were creamed by the re-election of Bush. "Forget gay marriage, forget..." taunts/rails Larry. And are we prepared to fight back? Nope, we're increasingly lost in a shallow world of sex, drugs and denial and there there isn't much fight left in us. ACT UP, the legendary activist group which Larry founded, has dwindled to a a handful of people at the NYC meetings. Maybe attendance would increase if they offered free crystal! Just kidding! Use of the dastardly crystal meth (or "tina" as it's affectionately known) and barebacking have HIV infections on the rise again, and younger gays, who haven't known many or any of their friends to die and who perceive that the new AIDS drugs are a cure, are often throwing caution to the wind when it comes to condom use.

The book, out on Penguin this summer, contains Larry's blistering speech at NYC's Cooper Union in it's entirety, along with a riveting introduction with a few sensational revelations. Did you know that George Washington and Abraham Lincoln were fags? Or that Larry attributes the spread of AIDS to 3 other closet cases: Ed Koch, Krause and Ron Reagan, JR? Or that Hitler used the same formulation of meth that now has gays twirling to their tired circuit beats? (The esteemed author (Faggots, The Normal Heart) even throws in a little black humor here "To the more twisted among you, this may be a turn on.) Many of Larry's pronouncements are so obvious, yet no one else is making them. With 70 million infections worldwide and Russia on the verge of disappearing because of it, we have lost the war on AIDS. And we are doing to ourselves. And the government, which hates us so, loves it. We're doing ourselves in so they don't have too! Not so obvious but equally fascinating, Larry outlines the Lewis Powell manifesto, the how-to manual for the vast right wing conspiracy, whose success will not only strip gays of their rights, but turn back the clock on civil rights for women, minorities, the poor--which should make this speech relevant to many besides gays.

Addressing a capacity crowd from behind the podium at which Abe Lincoln once spoke, Larry seemed physically frail, yet emotionally so powerful. His weak, whispery voice heightened the urgency of his message. Why is this ill man having to fight the battles of perfectly healthy, but gutless fags? I'm guilty too, though I wouldn't exactly say I was slim enough to ever be called gutless. One of the most tear-jerking moments in the book outlines Larry's loss of appetite after a 2001 liver transplant. ..."Dr. John, who had just saved my life, said I had to eat or else I would die, and I just couldn't eat (do you know how strange this is to someone who was always on a diet?) It was New Year's Eve. We were in beautiful downtown Pittsburgh. David had brought a hamper filled with my favorite dishes. And I could not eat anything. Furiously, he crawled into bed with me, boots and all, and started to cry. "we haven't come this far for you to die because you won't eat, he screamed, tears streaming down his face."

So when I rendez-voused with Larry at his smart Fifth Avenue pad, I was shocked to find him....munching away on bread-sticks! After a brief barebacking demonstration (kidding!), I quizzed him about/on his new project/book.

LB:'re eating! In your book you write that you had such difficulty eating. That was such a moving moment.

L: Well, I don't have much appetite, but that's gotten a little better. You're going to hate this, but I can eat anything and not gain weight.

LB: Why would I hate that, Larry? (cackles) What are you trying to say?

L: Don't take it personally, Bunny.

LB: Well, why would I?

L: I who was on a diet my entire life now can eat, you know, a pie, a cake and a quart of ice cream. Something happened to my metabolism, I guess.

LB: Wow. Well, I guess we should start by having you sum up what you think the tragedy of today's gays is.

L: The tragedy is that there are so many of us and we're such wonderful people, and I go constantly through this book and I say over and over again. I love being gay. I love gay people. I think we're better than other people. I think we're smarter, we're more loving, we're more caring, we're better friends. And the tragedy is that we haven't learned how to make that into something for us, for ourselves, for our movement. And it seems to be getting less and less, worse and worse.

LB: But I mean, I think it's symptomatic of activism falling out of favor with this generation. In the 80's the NY Native was widely read and that was a very political, AIDS-oriented publication. And now the gay rags are full of eye candy and club music and entertainment. One even proudly subtitles itself, "The Politically Incorrect Party Paper". What has caused the activism to die?

L: You tell me. We're becoming more and more invisible. And I happen to think that this current generation--and it's not just because I'm old--it's invisible. I can't see them.

LB: Well, they certainly don't have that spark of activism that you saw in the ACT UP days. Someone mentioned at your speech in the Q & A section that the attendance at ACT UP meetings had dwindled to like 6.

L: Well, ACT UP is a different story.

LB: I've always fought the urge to moan "Oh, back in my day!"--

L: (laughs)

LB: --"Cause I'm not exactly young. I've always fought that urge 'cause you do always look back on the rosier memories, but it just seems that kids don't care about about the activism and they certainly are engaging anew in unsafe sex when the HIV transmission was down for a while. Now it's back up.

L: I have to say I don't know. And I guess the more I stay an activist, the more I stay out there on the front line. In the heyday of AIDS I didn't understand why everybody wasn't fighting to save their own life. And today. I can't understand again why everybody isn't exercising all precautions to stay alive. I just don't understand that. I don't understand why you would wanna purposefully throw away a life. Even if it's accidental, it's not accidental. In the heyday of ACT UP, when we were at our most powerful, there were probably no more than 10,000 of us in this country, in all the cities. There were like 30/340 chapters, but there weren't many of us in each chapter. And considering how many gay people there are in America--there WERE in America, and only 10,000 of us instead of 1,000,000 of us, out there fighting to get those drugs. So even though we had activism out there it didn't represent a very large percentage of our population. And now I don't think there's any activism at all.

LB: And maybe as a testament to gays' obsession with sex, ACT UP seemed to get one if it's biggest media boosts when it became "sexy" to attend the meetings! And there was even like an East Village ACT UP "look"--

L: We invented it.

LB: --with the shaved heads and the overalls- and the combat boots--

L: It came out of nowhere. I don't know where it came from and it happened fast. You know, they showed up fast , the youngsters. And all of a sudden one day I just looked up and said "Holy shit!" These are not the kind of guys I expected to be running the activism. And they're hot!

LB: (Both laugh.) Was it hard to concentrate?

L: And that just made more people come. And that was fine. And I don't know if we created that look but we sure perpetuated it and I guess it's still going on. When we did things like the St. Patrick's day thing and we really showed we were butch and how macho/butch we could be if we wanted to, so they stopped making so many fag jokes on tv. I liked that. It's alright when we make the fag jokes , I think, but it's not alright when they make them. There we were in the black leather and the boots and "Shut up you fuckers!" Mind you, there were plenty of demos when we were all in drag, too, as nurses and doctors. We were just puttin' on shows. I'm sorry that people lost all that 'cause it was fun. The thing about activism that people don't realize is that it's wonderfully moving when a bunch of people thinking the same thing are fighting for the same thing together. That happened to me twice in my life. The early days of GMHC and the early days of ACT UP were just so moving, Bunny, you have no idea. There we were. All of us. All ages. Women were involved too and we were all united in this fight against this wrong. And it t gave us sustenance. I'm sure it changed people's social lives. And people suddenly had ACT UP as a social--there were different meetings every night of the week. You could stay busy all week if you wanted to with something to do. And I think people do need something to do which is positive. And people could bring their skills, whatever they were, you know. Whether you were an accountant and you wanted to take care of the treasury or whether you wanted to deal with clinical trials and help enroll people or whatever. Whether you wanted to put on a show and raise a little money for us, all of that.

LB: Is one of the reasons that people lost interest in activism the perception that the new drugs work? You kid of blast the drugs as daily chemotherapy--

L: Well, they are! But it's easy to take, people think. They are hard to take and they require a lot of attention. It's not just like taking an aspirin. I don't think that's the reason. I think people aren't scared anymore. We were all scared. And I think fear makes for successful activism--you're afraid. We've got plenty to be afraid of. We're afraid all these enemies are going to take us over lock, stock, and barrel, which in fact they have done already. But that doesn't seem to be a fear that registers on anybody's radar when you know, you can live in NY and do whatever you want to do. It certainly should go on your radar if you are living wherever you are from.

LB: Riker's Island?

L: (laughs) And the people who are living there, I guess, are used to being in the closet so I don't know what's going to happen to us. The book is, I think, I hope, an honest appraisal of a very depressing situation so you can either take that as a downer or you can take that as a challenge.

LB: I think one thing that should make your book interesting to everyone except maybe conservative, straight, white men, is this information which I knew nothing about which concerns the Lewis Powell Manifesto. Is that the same vast right-wing conspiracy that Hillary Clinton was referring to when she was denouncing the Ken Starr investigation?

L: Oh yeah. They're all united. It's all part and parcel of the same hideous people, thought, money, movement, whatever and they've been doin' it since 1971. They've got a lot of money and it almost doesn't make any difference who's president, I'm convinced of that. These people have the think tanks and the newspapers, the media and the commentators.

LB: They've definitely got the media.

L: And we have nothing so we become invisible. And they want it that way. I say in the book that they want AIDS to continue because that's the way we destroy ourselves and that's the way they can present us constantly as sick.

LB: I'm wondering how they articulate that and how do they reconcile it with their religious beliefs. Are we just so amoral that they want to rid the earth of us?

L: Indeed. They don't hide it as much as they used to. They're saying it on their own tv stations. God knows, you can get on these mailing lists and get mailed hateful stuff all that you want. I noticed that a lot of the stuff is going into mainstream now. Bush and Cheney are saying all these terrible things about us as a matter of course. And they are united in a way that WE haven't been and I don't think we ever will be. I say they have a meeting once a week and it's called church and everybody goes and so constantly they can preach whatever they're thinking from their pulpit in their social groups and to their children. That's pretty hard to deal with. I know that some of our rich people are starting to begin meeting. They're all meeting in Aspen.

LB: (Hurt) Oh, I wasn't invited.

L: They saw your bank account, dear. (laughs) The Gill Foundation is sponsoring. It's all becoming an education for me because I'm discovering that there are all these really rich gay men and women that I have never heard of. And some of them have foundations like The Gill Foundation. Tim Gill is a billionaire, just about. He invented a software program called Quark Express on which every publication in the world is made. He since sold sold it but he started this foundation which my friend Roger McFarlane who used to run Broadway Cares and GMHC is running. And they're whipping all of this up, trying to get all of the rich people to sit down in one room and talk and say "Alright, this is it, we're in big trouble." Roger wrote the second piece in my book. A great essay. There's a lot of money in the lesbian community. A lot of family money that they've inherited or they've made it on Wall Street and it's time to plough it back into your people. It's a start.

LB: One thing you've said is that the gay organizations are basically--

L: Useless!

LB: --either bankrupt or powerless or both--

L: U-S-E-L-E-S-S!

LB: What should we be demanding of them? Obviously they are strapped for cash.

L: No, some of 'em aren't. HRC has got a lot of money. They just put up a 26 or 19 million dollar building in downtown Washington. I don't know how you shape up the shapeless.

LB: I don't either...but enough jokes about my weight!

L: It's like when the girdle doesn't work. I don't know. I have to say I don't know a lot these days.

LB: (fececiously) What's a girdle? Another interesting contrast is that while the Powell Manifesto is based on success through organization and consistency and I guess you're saying that gays are the opposite--we're an unorganized mess! That we party and our organizations might throw a glamorous dinner with Sharon Stone, but what we actually need to be doing is shaking a hand at an Ohio barbecue saying "Hi!I'm your hairdresser, I'm your next-door neighbor, I'm your banker." That does sound like a huge undertaking. When I think we need that's what needs to be done by us, we need to put the Lewis Powell--instead of the Lewis Carroll--Manifesto into effect--

L: That is funny. Right! We're living the Lewis Carroll one!

LB: I wouldn't know where to start. First of all I don't have millions to contribute.

L: What do we call ourselves--the rank and file of the population. We've done our share, up to a point, through these AIDS years. But the rich people haven't. It's their turn to take the lead, set it up and let us be their foot soldiers again, but they gotta finance this. I'm tired of operating on a shoestring. They have radio stations, they have newspapers, they can afford to take ads in the NY Times. We can't afford to do any of that stuff. And we have to be able to. We gotta to fight fire with fire and it's very expensive. The opposition pours in in millions, billions.

LB: And they hate us--a lot!

L: And they hate us. So I don't think it's a question of shaking hands at a barbecue anymore, you know. You're saying "Go show us what we look like". They know what we look like. We thought if we showed them two women with kids or two guys with kids looking like a loving family that it would make them sympathize with that. That just makes them more angry.

LB: So what would the gay millions be poured into?

L: The gay BILLIONS. Well, every time they come after you, you go into law courts. You fight and say that's illegal, that's discrimination. Right now that's getting harder because they're loading the courts with people who do the dirty work and agree--

LB: With the republican president and congress.

L: You've gotta fight them too. You've gotta fight, fight, fight, ALL the time! And that's what's exhausting. When you're an activist, you have to do it every day. And that's the big mistake of ACT UP. The minute we got the drugs, everybody went home and said "OK, we got the drugs and that was our goal" instead of saying "No, no! We gotta stick this out. There are more fights to fight." Maxine Wolf, the famous lesbian activist, said that to me. "You gotta do it every day." You gotta get up in the morning and you gotta do it 'til you go to bed at night. And our enemies do! They do it mostly through churches and through prayer meetings and all those things that keep them together somehow. And through their universities. And it's gonna get worse! These people are in for long term. As Bill Moyers points out in his speech I quote, they've managed to increase the number of conservative people who agree with them, the percentage from 10%-40%, whatever I say in the book--a lot . So you say Index is a magazine for straight people?

LB: Well, it's for thinking people which encompasses (laughing) some gay people.

L: Well, this should apply to all people because everybody's got rights that they're not getting and I'm hoping...we don't have much support from straight people. That's what I mean when I say 60 million people voted against us. You have to realize that that's hate. That's not dislike, that is hate! And we never face up to the fact that these people hate us and they don't support us. They don't want us to know that 'cause it's too strong a word. "Oh, it's not hate! They just don't want us to get married." Well, honey, I think that's hate--if they're going to protect their precious marriage to the point of death like that.

LB: That's not as frustrating to me as the fact that we gays don't care about ourselves.

L: It's almost as if people say "Oh what did you expect?" or "I'm used to that--it's happened all my life. Why should it be different now?" instead of saying "I won't take it any more".

LB: Some of things in your speech are such obvious conclusions, but no one else is stating them. Like when you say we went from 41 AIDS cases to 70 million, the war on AIDS has been lost.

L: It has been. But that should be obvious to everyone. I mean, how can we not know that? How can we not remember that it was 41 and it's 70 million now and you have to say "Honey, somebody's not tending to the store". And you have to say "Well, they must not want to tend to the store."

LB: The frustrating thing is that AIDS is not like the bubonic plague where you walk outside your door and get it. We know how to prevent it's transmission.

L: You're so right.

LB: And the bare-backing controversy. I'm like, what's the controversy? You don't use a condom and you can die! Another thing that you say that is so obvious is that if you fuck somebody without a condom and you have HIV, you may be murdering them. Or if you're a bottom who throws their legs up without a condom, you may be committing suicide, It just takes longer than if you commit suicide by jumping in front of a bus. That is something that gays are in denial about. And we're ready to chalk getting HIV up to "Oh girl, I was so high!".

L: Or just from being so horny all of a sudden. You can get carried away without any drug, when somebody gorgeous comes along.

LB: But I think caution is especially thrown to the wind when you're under the influence, and it is a hard pill to swallow that as you say, you're probably never going to be able to have sex without a condom again without this worry.

L: Yep! And I should have said it a long time ago. I should have actually used the word "murder". I say in this book that we have been murdering each other since it was discovered to be a virus, which is 1985. From that day on, if we didn't start using condoms we were murdering each other. And that's why everyone of us has killed a few people. When I looked at that list of names of people over the years, it really shook me up. I saved the names of people I've gone to bed with and realized how many of them were dead that I had fucked. And maybe it was my virus and maybe it wasn't, but it sure could have been. This thing between our legs is a lethal weapon--

LB: Yeah, my hemorrhoids are killing me!

L:-- but we don't look upon it that way. It doesn't mean you can't use it with pleasure, if protected.

LB: But whether it's because of the drugs being perceived as a cure, they do refuse to accept the fact that they'll never be able to have anal sex without a condom again and as you point out, the jury's still out on any definitive oral transmission.

L: The jury's not out to me. But you're right. And you know that bare-backing shit started surfacing about 3 or 4 years ago, when it started there was that stupid group called Sex Panic which was saying "How dare you tell us what we can and can not do?" And they really went after me, they crucified me. How dare you say all that? And all you're doing is telling them common fucking sense! Use a condom--stop it! You cannot do this to each other. You cannot murder each other.

LB: Kind of prophetically, you asked in your speech in October, "What's going to happen when these drugs stop working?". And a few months later there's this Super-Bug. And someone called me all worried, saying the new strain goes from HIV to full-blown AIDS in months and it's resistant to the drugs! And I was like "Yeah, but honey, the transmission method is the same." And these people are still playing Russian roulette. That the Super-Bug would worry him more when he should already be engaging in safe sex. People are just not willing to accept--

L: At the beginning of the book I say that one of my motivating forces is my finding out that a good friend of mine had sero-converted and another good friend had become hooked on crystal meth. And I thought, Holy shit! Both of these guys are intelligent, up-market, they've got brains, they've got money. They had a place in the community and good strong egos--they had no reason to be so depressed. And I said Holy shit! If THESE guys are going to fall of the wagon, we're in real trouble." We're not talking about silly ditzes. And of course they're both ashamed and they're both "Oh, I don't know what happened" and the guy who started the crystal meth said " Well, I'd been feeling down for such a while and I just wanted to try it a few times. And I had no idea it was so addictive. Before I knew it it was too late." And the guy who sero-converted, you know, admits" I was just stupid." But if the smart ones are going to be stupid...

LB: Well, that crystal is so diabolical because it short-circuits the serotonin-manufacturing process in the brain---

L: Really?

LB:--and the serotonins are what make you feel happy, so when you get hooked on it and try to get off of it, you're serotonins are whacked. So you may never be able to feel good again, or at least for a long while. But what's guaranteed to make you feel good? Another bump of crystal. That's why it's so tough to get off of it.

L: Is it expensive?

LB: Why you wanna buy some? (reaching into pocket) I'll give you a good deal.

L: (Laughs) It's a serotonin, is it?

LB: No it's not. But when you are addicted, it affects the way your brains natural serotonins are manufactured.

L: Because I am terrified of heights. And I have been ever since I was 10 or 12. I've spent zillions of dollars on analysts couches trying to find out why I panic when I go up high. I just totally panic. I start to sweat and all that. And I've always thought "I should be able to lick this somehow!" I'm going out here yelling at all these people to do this and that and yet if you live on the 12th floor, I can't come up to your house. And then about a year ago the NIH has done a study and they've discovered that people who have extreme phobias like I have, it's got to do with the serotonin levels in your brain. So that there is an actual physical cause for all this and I feel so relieved. I can say fuck you, I'm not going to come up there 'cause I've got whatever in my brain. So I'm no longer that kind of sissy.

LB: Try some crystal. Then you can really go up high.

L: (laughs) That's what I'm afraid of, I'll go up there and jump!

LB: Why do you claim that this the most difficult speech you've ever written?

L: Because I was going to use the word "murder". I was going to say we are murdering each other. I've never said that out loud before. I've thought it, and I'd thought of it, and I'm angry at myself that I didn't start saying it in 1985. And I knew somehow the next speech I'd make, whenever it would be, that I'd have to do that.

LB: Well, it's another of those obvious conclusions. On a different note, in the forward which you've added to the speech, you blame 3 guys for the rise of AIDS--

L: For the whole plague!

LB: One is Ronald Reagan, Jr. How sickened were you by the pomp of his dad's funeral?

L: I wrote a letter that they published in the Advocate. I was saying that this man has murdered more people than Hitler.

LB: Watching the reverent news coverage I felt such a big disconnect--Reagan was the president who tried to make ketch-up a vegetable and couldn't utter the word AIDS!

L: Let's talk about the kid. How can you stand by--whether he's gay or not, I happen to think he's gay and I happen to have a lot of miscellaneous information that backs that up. He went to Yale for a year and I'm well-plugged in at Yale.

LB: And little Ronnie was also "well-plugged" at Yale?

L: Evidently he carried on there. He was a ballet dancer in a ballet company. If he wasn't gay, he certainly was surrounded by gay people. He's gotta have had a lot of gay friends. How he could have stood by and watched all these friends die and know it was because his old man and his mother weren't out there saying let's do something about this? He must be very fucked-up in the head. Just like Mary Cheney. She must be very fucked up in the head to stick around with THAT family--

LB: Which got a big laugh during the speech. And you think the big reasons that the Reagans wouldn't touch the AIDS issue was that they didn't want the nation to focus on their son's homosexuality?

L: I'm convinced. Ron Jr. got married awfully sudden, got married to a woman much older than he was--not that that means anything--he got married to a woman who his mother did not like then.

LB: Did that sour-faced bitch like anyone, ever?

L: She's happy with him now I think, but he suddenly became another person. He must been slapped into place. So basically, the point I make is that this AIDS plague was really caused by 3 gay people: Ed Koch, Ron Reagan, Jr.--although I was not allowed to use that term "gay" in the book. I had to write around all that because of the lawyers. And the third man was Dr. Richard Krause, who was the head of the part of the NIH, which dealt with communicable diseases. He was GAY and he did nothing, NOTHING for those first 5 years. And I got that from all other people who worked there. And certainly we know Ed Koch did nothing for all the people who worked here. So 3 closeted gay people killed us. That's how much we haven't got our act together. You can't call people gay in print most of the time. I can do it now because of Krause is out and Ed Koch, we have enough information from other people that he is. And besides you can't liable a famous person because they can sue. And I haven't been able to find anybody to tell me that Ron Jr. was gay, I just get a lot of gossip. A lot of gay kids that were at Yale say "I know so-and-so who slept with him". But I haven't got the goods on him like I got it on Ed Koch. We actually know who the lover was.

LB: How bitter were you when the lover was going to come forward and then didn't? That must have been crushing to see that ray of hope--

L: There were so many things like that you just say "OK, what do we do next?" That's what activism really is. You play with the cards that you were dealt that day. You make it up as you go along. Half the time you wanna call somebody that you were talking to at such-and-such an agency or drug company and you call back and that person's no longer there. And you've got to start all over again. It was always like that. The whole thing's been very slippery. I wish we could realize that they want all this to happen and we're doing just what they want us to do. They want us to kill ourselves. Maybe that will help people to say "Fuck you, we're NOT going to!"

LB: I wonder how and where is this articulated among the powers that be? Does someone pat George Bush on the back behind closed doors and say "Good job! We still didn't release those approved AIDS drugs and funding yet."?

L: I'm very interested in Hitler and Nazi Germany and the psychology of all of that. And there's a fantastic book--the name of which I can't remember--by a professor at the University of Leeds about how Hitler never said all the things that his people did. He didn't tell everybody "Go out and kill all the jews". He never said that. He said "I don't like the jews" but he never said "go out there and kill them". It's just that all his people knew how he felt and they did what they thought he wanted. And that's what's going on here. All of the people who work for Bush--they know us, what has to be done.

LB: But it seems like such an intricate plan--

L: It's not a plan. You just look the other way. The bill gets defeated in Congress or the judge rules it's illegal. Bush has $6 billion which has been acquired and none of it's gone out. He can say "Look, I got $6 billion from Congress for AIDS". In the meantime, his person who's running the bank is not writing the check. So...

LB: And he's not approving the AIDS drugs, either.

L: Did you know that you cannot submit an application for any kind of research funding to the NIH that has the word "homosexual" in it? You won't won't get your money. So if you want to test drugs on gay people, they can't say that. More and more these little things sneak into the rules and regulations. And there are so many of them and there aren't enough people fighting back. You'll see an article about it--all these things have been exposed. The Times runs an article every day of yet some new, awful thing that they're up to. But there's not enough energy to confront each and every thing every day. The democrats are just totally invisible.

LB: Well, the same people who put Bush in power control most people's news, You have to watch BBC World to get balanced coverage.

L: It's true. Do you?

LB: I try, but I admit I do keep CNN on a lot. Lately republicans are harping about the liberal news media and I'm like who? Air America?

L: No, that's what they say. It's like Ed Koch has denied everything that I said in my book, saying he's done all these incredible things and spent more money on this than any other state and it's just one lie after another in his denial. And many will believe him, or people will say he's full of shit and that's the end of it.

LB: Or people believe the commercials between every break on CNN that say "George Bush is trying to say social security" when the opposite is true--

L: That is such a red herring! That is such an issue that is never going to get anywhere that he keeps on the front pages so that he doesn't have to deal with the other issues that are more troublesome. He's such a sneak, such a liar, such a cheat!

LB: And I love that you point out in your speech that with the $150 billion spent in an unnecessary, unjust war on Iraq we could have stopped AIDS AND world hunger. The new findings that the evidence on which the war was based was dead wrong was totally eclipsed by the Terri Schiavo coverage and the pope.

L: There's another one. We sat here and watched it all happen. You just KNEW that war was a load of shit. I f you said it everybody said "You're un-American. You don't love your country".

LB: But what I don't understand is that I (I in italics) have no access to intelligence findings or government dossiers, but the democratic members of Congress did. How could they have voted for the war? To appease their vengeful constituents after 9/11 so they could stay in office?

L: I don't think there are any more democrats. The democratic party is so totally invisible. I don't think there are more than 3 of them there--Barbara Boxer, and Ted Kennedy and you tell me who else? I don't even know their names anymore. It didn't use to be like that. There used to be a lot of democrats you could rattle off. Everybody knows this! We're not saying anything that should be news to anybody.

LB: I don't think people have many outlets for real news. That's one promising development: a lot of young people are getting their news from the internet so they bypass Fox and the like.

L: What do use for your skin? For dry skin? (itching a dry patch)

LB: For my skin? Just Vaseline.

L: Just regular Vaseline?

LB: According to the No-Nonsense Medically-Based Beauty Book, they say Vaseline.

L: Just regular, hard Vaseline? Not Vaseline Intensive Care?

LB: Well that's a lotion, so it's an infusion of water and petrolatum, so it's weaker. The purpose of any moisturizer is to seal in moisture, so just wet your skin and slather on Vaseline or cocoa butter or olive oil.

L: I have this one spot that never goes away.

LB: Maybe some cortisone.

L: That might do it. I've got some of that. I'll give it a try. What were we talking about? Oh! Let me tell you about activism again. You don't need other people, you can do it yourself. One person can stand up somewhere with a sign. You may feel like an asshole, but after you've finished, you feel real good. I've done that, a lot of times, when I couldn't get anyone else to come with me. Someone is appearing in public and you stand up near 'em with a sign and everybody stares at you and you do feel like an asshole. But so what, you're getting the message across and maybe somebody will take the picture and put it somewhere. And you'll make somebody think. You don't have to have an ACT UP, you don't have to have a gang of people. So I want everybody here to get a sign!

LB: Speaking of being considered an asshole, I understand that you were asked to leave the Fire Island Pines.

L: That was after the publication of Faggots, because the climax of Faggots takes in the Fire Island Pines in the meat-rack.

LB: And they didn't want their tales told.

L: They didn't want their tales told so I was asked to leave.

LB: By individuals? Or...

L: No it was one of the men who owned the grocery store who was sort of a big community representative. Now dead. If we make a movie of The Normal Heart, which YOU didn't see---

LB: Oops! (giggles nervously)

L: --I hope we might be able to shoot a lot of it at Fire Island. We've got a lot of community cooperation now.

LB: One thing from the speech that I'd like for you to elaborate on is the notion that HIV enables them to sell ourselves as sick. And that kills off our usefulness both in our own minds--

L: It allows THEM to sell us as sick. They can say we're sick. So how can we be believed or admitted into their family, into their world, all these sick people. And then THAT has an effect on on our visions of ourselves because they're harping on us all the time. "You're sick, you're sick, you're sick!" And most people agree with it because that's what we were brought up to believe, a lot of us, as children.

LB: That we're not just physically sick but mentally sick, so it blends in with the self-worth issues--

L: Completely, completely.

LB: --and makes us engage in some of these behaviors to kill the pain.

L: Oh, I have no question that's how that whole mechanism works. The more they call us sick, the more it chips away at our self-image. And let's face it, most people have trouble enough with their self-image. Life is hard for everybody. It's hard to keep your strength up all the time. It took me a long time not to give a fuck what other people thought. But this is all wearing me down, all the stuff that they're doing to us now. Because, we're not fighting back. That also decreases the sense of our self-worth if we can't even fight back. So we're participating in our own destruction somehow. It's very sad.

LB: Do you see anything that makes you hopeful?

L: No. I can't see it. Who makes the decisions for us? We have no elected officials, we have no organizations that represent us as a group and when anybody at the head of an organization speaks out as if he's speaking for everybody, people get mad. "I don't agree with you. How dare you say those things on behalf of all gay people." We have no way of governing ourselves or ruling ourselves. We have no way to meet like in a congress to have different views debated and decisions reached through compromise--we have none of that. So we're really just a lot of people wondering around lost in the wilderness.

LB: And very divided, and not connected to our history. The younger generation hasn't watched as many of their friends die.

L: And one organization doesn't work with another organization doesn't work with a third organization and they all get mad at each other because "You're in my territory! You've usurped my issue." instead of saying "Let's all sit down and try and work on this together". So they all cancel each other out.

LB: At the speech, you got a big laugh when you dropped your red, white and blue flag sweater on the ground and you also used a very effective theatrical device of repeating, several times in your speech, the bit about "I love being gay, I love gay people, I think we're better than other people...." Are you perhaps thinking of another theatrical venture? You say that you're doing a film of The Normal Heart--

L: I didn't say that officially. There will be a movie of The Normal Heart. I can't say more than that right now.

LB: How about your book The American People, which you've been working on since 1978. It's already 3,000 pages. What's that about?

L: I've described it before. It's a history of America and it starts with the monkeys in the jungle. It's a history of gay people in America 'cause we've been here since the beginning even though we didn't have a name. And it's a history of minorities--

LB: Will there be more details about Abraham Lincoln and George Washington being gay?

L: There's a lot in there.

LB: Go ahead with the minorities, I didn't mean to interrupt you.

L: Well, I've discovered a lot of awful things that they've done to us over the years, over the centuries.

LB: And about the minorities...

L: There's a lot of about how the minorities were treated especially gays and jews and blacks. And about how this virus has managed to grow. The virus itself is a character in the book. It's been around a long time. It's supposed to have crossed over from monkeys into people in the 16th Century. And it's a history of AIDS. I'm the only writer who's left alive who's been on the front line since the beginning. And I know all the bodies that were buried, literally and figuratively.

LB: Another great question you ask in the speech is "Why isn't anyone else speaking out about this?".

L: That's one of those "I don't know" questions.

LB: Well, I hope that your book will stimulate such speeches.

L: I hope so too.

LB: (Laughing) So there's SOME hope?

L: Well, you never don't have hope, but I'm not very hopeful right now.

September 21, 2005


That wacky porn-star Michael Lucas is at it again! I received his new prick flick STRAIGHT TO PRAGUE in the mail today, with the press release which contains the following:

But you'll never believe this one scene on the Bonus Director's Cut Disk: Anal water squirtinging, enema, anal douching, colonic irrigation--whatever you call it, it's still simply remarkable! Get you and your friends now if they want to see one of the greatest combinations of sex, play and humor that I've ever seen in my life! Michael actually challenged the guys to an anal squirting enama contest! And there's some great water sports action as well.


Gay? Then don't miss a rare appearance by a brilliant man, "The Bill Cosby of the gay community", Larry Kramer.

A Conversation with Larry Kramer and The New Yorker's Michael Specter
Strand Bookstore
828 Broadway @12th street
Second Floor
September 29 06:30PM - 08:30PM
Event Free and Open to the Public.
Michael Specter, a staff writer at the New Yorker who focuses on medicine and public health, will moderate this conversation around Kramer's book, The Tragedy of Today's Gays. Specter has written about AIDS since 1984, most recently in a series about AIDS in Russia, Africa, and Europe. He also wrote The New Yorker's profile of Kramer.


Man Caught Peeping In Toilet

Police were called to a parking lot in New York City, Monday afternoon where they caughta man identified as Lady Bunny. Apparently, he had dressed himself in clothing madeof trash bags and crawled into a portable toilet. A woman discovered Lady vomiting onhimself and gasping for air in the 130 degree temperatures. Police had to cut the toilet open to remove Bunny. "We don't even know how he managed to get in there in the first place." SaidOfficer Jack O'Conner. When asked why he was in the portable toilet, Bunny responded, "I was looking for treasure." Bunny will be sent to the Sunnydale Mental Health Facility in Sunnydale, California for mental analysis and observation. Officials suspect that he may have beenhiding in the portable toilet for nearly 6 hours, until the midday sun heated it to nearlylethal temperatures. Why he was hiding in the toilet is still unclear. But, they do know thathe was lucky to get out alive.

Deputies hosed Bunny off before letting him into the back of their car, where he was then escorted to the police station for questioning.