September 30, 2005


By Lou, Elvira's chiropractor:


Tom "Pus Face" DeLay has been kicked to the curb as House Majority Leader Wednesday after he was indicted by a Texas grand jury on charges of conspiracy to violate state election laws. He and two of his lackeys are charged with conspiring to funnel corporate campaign moola to Republican candidates for the Texas state legislature. Boo-fucking-hoo.

If you recall, anticipating that DeLay might be indicted, last November the Repugnitan-run House tried to change the rule that any member indicted on criminal charges would become ineligible to hold a leadership position (I think they even fired the chair of the Ethics Committee to try to push it thru) but widespread negative media and a great push by threw that shit under the bus.

This was all about that nasty business that went on with the redistricting of parts of Tex-Assthat made it possible for the Repugnitans to takeover of the state House and Senate, by fucking with the boundaries of the state's congressional districts. They basically broke up minority neighborhoods and shoved them into mostly Democratic districts, sweeping clean those 'darkie parts' to create more, more better, and more improved whiter districts far more favorable to the Repugnitan candidates who would sashay their way to glory. Way to go, bros! So American of ya!

I guess Delay and his Boys got some big cake from folks like Sears and AT&T, but..oops!...these guys kept their own set of books besides the ones cooked up by Delay. Boo-hoo.

But here's the part I fucking love! Pus-Face now cries his crock-of-shit-o-dile tears with such original lines as I have done nothing wrong, and denounces his prosecutor as a partisan fanatic and a rogue district attorney. More Boo-hoo!

Tell you what, Tommy. You think about this: If I remember correctly, you were on of the staunchest supporters of Ken-un-ethical Starr. Fanatical, even. You may have even helped Kenny pull his pud while you both wacked off thinking about Miss Lewd-insky's mouth all puckered on the Bill's Presidential Johnson.But, hey..the world understands ...some guys got pull with the ladies and others...don't.

But..quite unlike the sordid little blue-dress affair, this investigation involves actual crimes, motherfucker.

I think you and Frist are gonnah need Johnny Cochran ..oops...he's dead.

Just the Rant of one Citizen of the Universe...


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