August 07, 2015


It's so easy to laugh at the joke candidates running for president on the Republican side. I wish we were as willing to look at the laughable Democratic presidential frontrunner who has already lost once, seems untrustworthy, has taken money from the financial institutions she claims she'll reform and who actually expected us to believe that she was on a listening tour to hear what voters wanted before she developed her strategy--um, I mean policies. Hillary is better on social issues like abortion and gay rights than any of the GOP candidates. But she represents the same DC establishment which we're all sick of and which we know is corrupt to it's core. Our government benefits corporations, not average workers. I don't care how many of his talking points Hillary borrows, Bernie Sanders is the one promising the far-reaching change that we need. Which Obama failed to deliver and never planned to or even tried to deliver. That's why Bernie's message is resonating with even some GOP voters who sense his honesty. And it's been reaching people with a fraction of Hillary's campaign dollars. Call Bernie a socialist, a democratic socialist or whatever you want. But there's been a transfer of wealth towards the 1% for decades and it carried on under Obama just as it did under two terms of Bush. The recession didn't stop the CEOs from making record profits under either president--especially the ones who struggling taxpayers were forced to bail out and those which pay a fraction of their taxes or none at all. So if you're a member of the 1% who wants business as usual and no change, DON'T vote for Bernie Sanders. If you aren't, he supports you. Please support him!


"Ironically, there are certain liberal voters in America today more interested in sharing memes on social media (mocking their political rivals), than in actually rallying around a politician who is a genuine and authentic embodiment of their acknowledged value system. To these people, Bernie Sanders can't possibly win, even though he championed gay rights when others needed to "evolve," and even though he voted against Iraq, when others deemed their vote a "mistake."

Luckily, there are a great many other voters willing to imagine a future without Wall Street greed and rampant income inequality. Fortunately, "Bernie Sanders Can Become President" has replaced "I like him but he can't win."

Democrats who are proud of their progressive values are filling arenas to hear Sanders speak in a direct manner (while others dodge questions) on contentious issues like Keystone XL and the Trans Pacific Partnership agreement. While the FBI is currently investigating the email security of one candidate, Bernie Sanders is narrowing Clinton's lead nationally and defeating Republicans in other polls. Like Brent Budowsky writes in The Hill:

The fact that Sanders beats Walker by six to seven points, depending on whether all voters or likely voters are counted -- a near-landslide margin in a general election -- makes it clear that the Sanders surge is more than a surge against Donald Trump, but move that makes him competitive with all Republican candidates.
Polls once extolling Hillary Clinton's enormous lead over Sanders are now dwindling for the same reason Sanders beats Republicans in various other polls: Americans have had enough of dynasties, scandals, wars, and Wall Street corruption. I will be voting for Bernie Sanders because I too have had enough of endless wars, and Bernie says "I'll be damned" if more Americans are sent back to fight in the Middle East. I'll also be voting for Sanders because like the polls illustrating his lightning fast surge, more and more Americans have had enough with a two-party system that doesn't give people a choice. I want my Democratic nominee to vote against counterinsurgency wars and vehemently oppose environmental disasters in the making like Keystone XL, not evolve towards the most politically expedient position available at the time."