August 05, 2015


A couple of years ago, I fell and broke my wrist badly. It required a painful and expensive surgery. Gigs had to cancelled or rescheduled. It was such a low point that my momma had to come up to NYC to be with me during the surgery. Slowly, it improved. One day I was walking around in snow very carefully with my cast and I saw a blind man with a stick who needed my help crossing the street. He was brazilian with grey hair and as we chatted, he mentioned that he was on his way to record some of his music. Now we're all aware of how youth, formulaic crap and pay-to-play on the radio stations dominate the recording industry, but this guy had some music in him to which he needed to express. And none of the downsides of the industry were going to stop him from doing his thing. Nor was the snow or the fact that he was blind. I got teary talking to him--a good thing he couldn't see me--because all I'd been doing for weeks was feeling sorry for my temporary handicap. Anyway, this new song brought me back to our meeting. (It even made me regret infecting him with bedbugs after I lured him into my apartment instead of his destination--kidding!) I know this is different my usual political rant or twisted humor, but it's a sweet song with a message of triumph and living for today. I wish it didn't have to start off with the artist saying "#1 worldwide!" that Pitbull wore out years ago, and you might think I'm corny for posting it but here it goes for those of you who think my only sweet side is diabetes.