August 04, 2015


What can attendees expect from Wigstock: The Cruise?
Get ready to lip-synch for your life…boat! We’re bringing back that Wigstock vibe, part of which was underground vocal house. Johnny Dynell, who was the DJ from the legendary clubs Boybar and Jackie 60, and DC’s Ed Bailey are spinning. So if you love oldies, you’re in the right place. And not just Linda Simpson and Johnny Dynell — some of the music is old, too. All of the performers I booked were working at those same clubs and are still going strong. Sister Dimension, who is a founder of the Pyramid, is creating a headdress that may not even fit on the stage. HRH Princess Diandra lip-synchs like no one else ever. Linda Simpson will present her Drag Explosion slide show with commentary and photos from the ‘80s and ‘90s of everyone from pre-fame RuPaul to some beloved scenesters we lost like the exquisite trans model Page.


The captain told me that sharks are repelled by sharp, screeching noises, so I’ll be singing a few tunes. Plus-sized divas Sweetie and Flotilla had planned a duet, but it was cancelled by Greenpeace. Flloyd will recreate his rendition of “What Makes a Man a Man” from Wigstock: The Movie. The electrifying Kevin Aviance was just added to the bill, along with the demented Sugga Pie Koko and Daivd Ilku. I’m hearing from friends that they’re concocting elaborate outfits just to participate as audience members. This really was a club family and I’m thrilled that we’re getting back together. There will be a crew of about 50 on board — which is almost as big a crew as RuPaul needs on Drag Race to make her look like a woman. But if any of you “girls” plan on attending and giving real fish, you can prove it by jumping overboard. Catch ya later!