August 05, 2015


After years of reaching across the aisle to Republicans in Congress who had sworn to defeat him, Obama finally found something that he and the GOP both love. It's a trade deal (TPP) which Obama wrote with corporate lobbyists in secret which will destroy US jobs, just as Bill Clinton's NAFTA destroyed 1 million good-paying manufacturing jobs. The TPP hit a bump in the road and is less certain, though there were dangerous moments when even Democrats joined in to represent corporations over US citizens in Obama's horrid deal. So while you were all wishing Obama a happy birthday, he was sad that his attempt to actively screw 99% of us hit a snag and he wasn't able to screw American workers. And he hasn't given up.

Even sadder, Obama got flack because some nations involved in the TPP are involved in human trafficking and "forced labor." So the Obama administration tried to downgrade the human trafficking rating of nations like Malaysia in order to include them in the deal. Our first president of color fudging the definition of slavery in order to get the giant corporations who bribed him paid off. So happy birthday to a disgrace to this country, it's workers and his own race and their history of slavery. He has a beautiful smile, a charming family and makes great speeches. That can't disguise the fact that he's amoral scum.