April 02, 2014


A RuPaul candy bar? I hope you like chocolate with nuts! (That's actually Lady Chablis´╗┐'s line.) I always think that Queen Latifah is very appealing, but there is a very odd dynamic here of a very out of the closet gay and then whatever Latifah is. On some level, does she not look at Ru in this wacky suit and these dolled up queens and want to pull off her own lashes and be the bulldagger that she is? I guess America wouldn't accept an out dyke on network TV, so if they are paying those lashes go on. (Echoes of my own job.) But they buy drag queens on cable. Alaska gets points for ears in a wig and Chad, who Latifah calls Cher, made the zebra stripes on that wig herself with a magic marker. Talk about dedication!