April 25, 2014


One of NYC's most beloved drag performers is back with an all-new show of song, "dance" and of course, the raunchy humor which has made Bunny a popular entertainer for three decades. Expect oodles of new song parodies from crass to clever as the songstress re-works hits by artists as diverse as Prince, Adele, Katy Perry, Daft Punk, Bobbie Gentry and even Frank Sinatra. Her signature Laugh-In style routine of zingers zaps celebrities from Justin Bieber to Chris Christie and the Kardashians. There's also a tribute to Dame Shirley Bassey's more offbeat clas-sicks along with a wide variety of musical styles including Motown, hip-hop and jazz. Side-splitting videos including a raucously funny roast of Bunny by Joan Rivers allow the "lady" to change into a succession of eccentric (and large) costumes which match her trademark eccentric and large bouffant hairdo. "I had to cut a lot of the dancing from my shows because people kept coming up and shoving a wooden spoon between my teeth," says Bunny. If you ever wanted to see Honey Boo Boo all grown up, Clowns Syndrome is the show for you!

Since her last sold out and extended run of "That Ain't No Lady!" at La Escuelita in 2011, Bunny has matured a little, so the fart jokes have graduated to shart jokes. There's still plenty of jaw-dropping vulgarity, but a slightly more serious Bunny also slows down the daffiness occasionally to offer her own warped takes on Manhattan's gentrification, reality TV, getting lost in the tech matrix and the folly of political correct harpies becoming thought police. Clowns Syndrome is performed every at 8PM every Tuesday at La Escuelita, Manhattan's premiere latino dance club which doubles as a charming, undiscovered cabaret space with plenty of comfortable seating. Clowns Syndrome opens April 29th and runs for 5 consecutive Tuesdays through May 27. The price is as cheap as her humor: $19.95 with a recession-friendly 1 drink minimum. La Escuelita is at 301 West 39th Street between 7th and 8th Avenues. Clowns Syndrome is co-written by Bunny and the bitter and hysterical Facebook sensation Beryl Mendelbaum. 

Bunny's last cabaret venture at La Escuelita got a rave review from the NY Times' David Rooney, who wrote: "Most of Bunny's best lines are unprintable here, but more than any performer I saw this year 'the old pig in a wig, as she calls herself, made we weep with laughter, often while groaning with disgust. And isn't that what the best low comedy is all about?" The performances attracted a star-studded audience with Alan Cumming, Debbie Harry, Andy Cohen, Marc Almond and Nona Hendryx. "That Ain't No Lady!" then toured Los Angeles, San Francisco, St. Petersburg, Provincetown, Palm Springs, Puerta Vallarta and four cities in Australia. 

This performance contains plenty of offensive language while there are no actual sexual situations, when for a really big belly laugh, Bunny has been known to lock the doors and strip! So If you prefer polite, tame drag shows, skip this heifer.

Bunny is best known for founding organizing and emceeing Wigstock in 1985, an outdoor drag festival that rocked the Village for over 20 years and was the subject of the 1994 Samuel Goldwyn documentary Wigstock: The Movie. She went on to play the Dean Of Drag on RuPaul's Drag U as well as acting in "To Wong Foo," "Sex And The City," HBO's "Dragtime" and "Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild." Last summer, Bunny was interviewed along with prominent gays like Ellen Degeneres and Neil Patrick Harris in HBO's "The Out List." And she's just recreated the Wigstock festival in a scene with Heather Graham in the upcoming feature film "My Dead Boyfriend." Bunny headlines nightclubs and gay pride festivals worldwide with her comedy act and is also an in-demand deejay, a contributor to Huffingtonpost.com and a blogger at LadyBunny.net.

Bunny reached out to several celebrities for endorsement quotes but didn't hear back on deadline. So she imagined what a few might say:

"Totally unconvincing as a woman."  Jared Leto
"I'd kill for those legs!"  Oscar Pistorious
"It's time to start dressing and acting your age, Bunny!"  Madonna
"I hope that was Vaseline on her teeth."  Miss America
"Her 15 minutes are almost up."  Psy
"Stop enabling this train-wreck!"  Lindsay Lohan