April 18, 2014


Can you believe they actually allowed this slanderous statement to be said on the air about me? And then tweeted it to zillions of followers to quadruple my pain? This is wholly insensitive to the fact that I may indeed lack class because of my humble upbringings at the foot of the Appalachians in Chattanooga, Tennessee. So it wasn't a cosmopolitan hot spot that forms the backdrops of fashion shoots. Not everyone can be a supermodel, RuPaul. It just so happens that lower income families from backwards regions develop poor eating habits--so I may grunt and burp  a little while I overeat. Food was scarce sometimes, so I have been known to giggle and grab at it, terrified that there might not be any vittles tomorrow.

But if you must know, my weight issues stem from traumatic childhood experiences. From the age of 11, I was repeatedly humiliated in sexual situations: my father, my brother, my sister and even the family dog--NONE OF THEM WOULD DO IT WITH ME! Thankfully it was before cellphones, but the whole neighborhood got to see me with dog food smeared all over my ass as even starving strays ran away from me whimpering in disgust. And I had spent my whole allowance on name-brand Alpo to lure even the pickiest pets. So I still attempt to eat my pain away. This is classist and fat-shaming and making light of mental health issues by a overly thin, wealthy model-type queen who can afford pricey therapists for her own issues. Not to mention that any reference to class or any of her affected, grand manners are a slap in the face to an entire nation struggling to get back on it's feet after recession and a mortgage crisis. And how does this heartless monster rub in the fact that we're experiencing the worst unemployment since the Great Depression? With her callous cry of "You'd better work!" It's high time this monster was knocked off her high horse once and for all before more irreparable damage is caused by her unparalleled cruelty. I am so upset by this that I'd consider flying to LA to picket World Of Wonder's offices--but that this might deprive the world of all the positive work done by this season's kind and uplifting sweetheart, contestant Bianca Del Rio.