April 03, 2014


I was off Facebook for quite awhile, but did log on a few times during the furor over Kim and Kanye on the cover of Vogue. It gave me a chuckle. Everyone was slamming Anna Wintour, who may well deserve slamming for other things. But in this case, she was just doing her job. If the idiots in this country who like Kim K so much hadn't already put that no-talent on such a pedestal and on the cover of every other magazine every month, we wouldn't be talking about her, much less making her a Vogue cover girl. Was she on the cover of any other country's Vogue? Then I guess Anna was just reflecting Americans' poor taste in a "star" who they themselves had already elevated. Interesting, androgynous and chic gender-f#ck sensation Andre J graced the cover of Paris Vogue. So reap what you sow, mofo's! You think Anna Wintour is suddenly, single-handedly lowering the bar for fashion? We've all allowed it to be lowered since reality TV was born and blossomed with our avid support. Why not have Real Housewives Of Atlanta's Nene Leakes on the cover next? You elevated that witch, too. But I guess she doesn't truly have a shot at Kim's level of superstardom until Leakes leaks a sextape. And with that hot thought, excuse me while I go whack off.