April 07, 2014


After the 22 kids were gunned down at Sandy Hook Elementary school, it really seemed like the country was motivated to enact some legislation which kept arms out of the reach of crazies. I guess it was the grim nature of innocent children being shot that stirred us up so much. But that fire flickered out and nothing much came out of it. Now we've just had another shooting at Fort Hood--also by a mentally ill soldier like the one who shot up the place a few years ago. No real traction from this second Fort Hood shooting. So I'm not even sure that another episode like Sandy Hook would galvanize us into action towards. Our lawmakers are too corrupt and too greedy to turn down NRA cash. So nothing will be done to protect soldiers or our children. While the rest of the world, which suffer a fraction of gun deaths, laughs at how backwards and we are. And our representatives shy away from sensitive issues like this with upcoming elections rather than protect soldiers, kids and the rest of us. This is a true American Horror Story.

As they did after the Sandy Hook incident, conservatives have been blaming the Fort Hood shooting on the victims not having guns.

Fox News Pathetically Tries to Blame the Fort Hood Shooting on President Obama - See more at: http://www.forwardprogressives.com/fox-news-pathetically-tries-blame-fort-hood-shooting-on-president-obama/#sthash.x5FLTQoN.dpuf