April 11, 2015


As Christians are sufficiently emboldened to spout their extreme beliefs which include killing gays, they're bring themselves closer to the radical Islam which the US see it as our duty to wipe out in the rest of the world. Elected officials in Indiana, Arkansas and now Louisiana are now calling for businesses to feel free to discriminate against people who offend their religious beliefs. This video clip shows a sermon about killing gays. And let's not forget that it was US Christians who helped Uganda (and possibly Nigeria) craft their Kill The Gays laws. Obama, like every other president for decades, continues to address The Family's annual Prayer Breakfast which includes the authors of Uganda's Kill The Gays laws. Maybe he should have another "epiphany" about that as he had one over gay marriage.
And this is far broader than bakeries or pizzerias refusing to make cakes for gay weddings. This includes religious hospitals refusing to admit abortion patients, scientologist pharmacists refusing to fill prescriptions for anti-depressants, Jehovah's witnesses doctors/nurses refusing to perform or assist on blood transfusions--the list goes on and on. More than one religion looks down on gays and birth control, so family planning aids or even condoms may not be available along with AIDS meds. And how are you going to go on barebacking binges without your Prep?
There's buddhism, but I can't think of many other religions which don't think of gays as sinful. Or that women should be kept under a man's thumb. Isn't it time to dispense with outdated religions altogether? It's always used as a weapon against gays. Without the ancient and contradictory Bible, these religious leaders would just be considered violent bigots who want to murder us. By supporting religion you're only handing them a weapon to use against you and your rights. If your brand of Christianity is kinder and more forgiving towards gays, why don't you pressure your religious leaders to stand up to and refute the bigoted Christians? One type of Christianity is judgmental, hateful and behind the times. But the other type focuses on Jesus's teachings of love and forgiveness. Of course, if homosexuality wasn't wrong in the eyes of most religion we wouldn't need forgiveness. Why do you want to be a part of a club which sees your very existence as sinful? In doing so, you're arming the enemies of GLBT. And as this post shows as do the recent laws in Indiana, Arkansas and Louisiana, gays have some very powerful and ugly enemies. Amen.
Oh, and if this pastor's goal is to kill people with AIDS, the disease is now hitting black communities harder than gays. So I guess killing blacks is next if you follow this pastor's "logic." And you thought that was the police's job!