April 09, 2015


The "liberal" news. MSNBC's Chris Matthews was buzzing about Hillary announcing her candidacy this Sunday. One talking head/paid spin doctor was good enough to lay out Hillary's strategy in advance. Apparently, she'll make a controlled video announcement. IE--no questions from pesky reporters who could easily punch holes in her platform, which she's still deciding on during her "listening tour." But her camp wants it to look small and intimate, not like she's the inevitable candidate surrounded by a dozen secret service men. Because that the entitled "I'll now ascend over the unknown black guy" didn't work last election. So she'll try mute that impression of political rock star to appear intimate, meeting with people in their homes, etc.

In other words, before her platform or even her candidacy are announced, she's already seeking to disguise who she is. I laugh at people who claim that she's an effective leader. Possibly so. But where the hell is she going? Somewhere less progressive than Obama is all we know. (Obama, the disappointment to most progressives.) Good luck with your one sad choice, Democrats.