April 09, 2015


So the Charleston, SC police chief has ordered police cameras to monitor their force, so they don't shoot black men in the back like dogs and (appear to) plant tasters on them to provide a self-defense motive. Not enough cams for all of their police, however. And how will this help if the same police force which permits murders and rampant profiling is going to evaluate the footage from the body cameras? The police can't be trusted. A real mind f#ck, since they're the ones meant to uphold our laws and you can't trust them! And while I think most cops are good cops, it's time for them to be better cops and denounce the many abuses on their job and stop closing ranks behind murderers. Americans are literally dying for police reform.

Meanwhile, our pathetic news media is digging out former SC governor Mark Sanford (the one who was forced to resign after he disappeared in Argentina to have an affair and claimed he was hiking in the Appalachians) to make comments praising the local officials effectiveness. Effectiveness in what? Keeping this tarnished system alive with praise? Why is MSNBC digging this disgraced troll up? Maybe because they don't have a statement from our first president of color to report on even though this event happened on Saturday?  (It's Thursday.)