April 03, 2015


Michelangelo Signorile​'s take on Indiana's and Arkansas' anti-gay legislation. And how HRC ignored the even worse for gay rights Arkansas ruling. While Michelangelo acknowledges the positive effect of businesses and even athletes' standing up for us, it was a small victory in a larger fight that we're losing in red states. Why the largest gay rights organization had no strategy is unsettling. You can't win a fight you aren't fighting. Also of interest: his update got 20 comments only. Posts about Madonna and Gaga's relevancy get 20 comments an hour. It's very easy to forward funny memes about pizza shops. But I'm glad that activists like Michelangelo are dissecting what is really going on amidst the media fury over Indiana, while there was none over a far more discriminatory law in Arkansas. Well worth a read!

A Spellbinding Week: What Are the Gains and Losses for LGBT Rights, and What Battles Lie Ahead?

SIGNORILE: "But in the end, the truth remains: Arkansas passed a draconian bill several weeks ago while the largest gay group, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) -- and Walmart and much of the American media -- remained silent as many activists implored them to speak up. That bill prevented local ordinances protecting LGBT rights from being passed."