March 31, 2015


Hillary progressive? DREAM ON! She's remaking herself to seem like a progressive precisely because she isn't one now and is getting flack for it. She represents everything about our political system which needs to change. And I love these people claiming that they want a Clinton/Warren ticket. What would that achieve except the optics that Hillary is less of a slave to corporations than she is? And vice presidents are so powerful that having Liz in the White House could really curb Hillary's urges to act like a Republican? DREAM ON!

"I've argued that Hillary Clinton is at risk of being a weak presidential nominee -- on several counts. She seems like yesterday's news rather than tomorrow's. The excitement of a having a breakthrough woman president is blunted by the fact that her husband got there first. She will raise a ton of money from Wall Street, just like the Republican nominee, blurring differences and depressing turnout. Despite the absence of a formidable primary challenger (assuming Elizabeth Warren doesn't run), Clinton is still likely to under-perform in the primaries.

Still, Clinton is likely to be the Democratic nominee. So what might she do that could improve her own chances -- and our chances of getting a president elected in 2016 who is first of all a Democrat, and maybe is some kind of real progressive as well?"