March 30, 2015


I had a blast at The Monster last night. I'd promised Princess Diandra​ that I'd burn some of her faves. (Yes, this tranmama still uses cds.) She's even emailed me some of her favorite songs that would "make an old queen feel c#nt" so I burned a whole stack of them for her. And promptly forgot to bring them!  But HRH seemed to enjoy the Diana's exercise jam Work That Body and Patti's Music Is My Way Of Life. I'll bring Diandra's hits next week because Going Back To My Roots and Mainline should have already been in my book. (Although I actually forgot the entire book, too.)

Also seen: Billy Erb, Balazs Kmety​,Jay Inkpen​, Tim Arnold​, Gazelle Paulo​, Cameron Nico​, Ero Marc Lamb​, Craig Ferguson​ and Petra Mason​, who sold a bunch of copies of Beefcake 100% Rare, All Natural​. I autographed a few between spinning my compact disks (!) and was so horrified by my post-keyboard penmanship that I had to admit it looked like the handwriting of a spider on drugs. And that's not what I am. Well, I'm on drugs. But I'm no spider. Am I? Nevermind.

Then Linda Tolbert​ attacked the dance floor in a flawless Farrah wig and jeweled bangles accenting her rapid-fire karate chop moves. I must admit that I hadn't actually seen that karate chop movement since the days when Kung Fu Fighting was on the radio. And I did thrill to the sight of her picking up on that ragtime horn feel that I always get from Stevie Wonder's Sir Duke, with a touch of ye old Charleston. Linda and I are both serial posters on fecesbook. Often preaching politics, but in person, we're very different from our online personas. Linda was such a scene stealer that I think every club needs to hire her as a hostess immediately! Definitely a motivator on the dance floor. She popped over to the booth at one point to ooze "I'm loving the new disco me." As was everyone who saw her!

I also forgot my camera, but Aner Candelario​ didn't, and he got some stellar "poppers "footage I can't wait to see. Especially since I'd slung that wig way back on my head. Thanks to all who came out. Doing it all again Easter Sunday so hop on by from 6-10. With DJ Scotty Rox​ on afterward with a show by Bob The Drag Queen and friends. It's free and the night has a very unpretentious boogie in a basement feeling.

Pat Field was kind of us to mention the night in this weekend's NY Times. In additions to my friends and disco lovers who are regulars, one night Sarah Jessica Parker turned up with hubby, Scott Shaiman and Andy Cohen. So you just never know anything exempt that it's casual and vintage fun in a still-open West Village venue that's still rocking.