March 28, 2015


As you can perhaps tell from my latest posting binge, I've gotten my computer back from a week of repairs. I didn't mean to ignore anyone's posts on my page but I don't love fecesbook enough to type essays on my phone. But now I'm back and what a news week! I can't think of anything which sums up my central themes that both political parties are failing us, that our government does whatever corporations want and that our corporate media is not putting 2 and 2 together to actually inform us than in a recent broadcast of Chris Hayes' ALL IN show on MSNBC.

Chris began with a segment on Ted Cruz announcing his White House run. I'm all for discrediting Republicans, which "liberal" news like MSNBC sees as their purpose. Chris spotlighted Ted's recent appearance on some late night talk show where the candidate pretty much denied global warming--claiming the record snowfall in Boston this winter as proof that there's no warming. This is the dumbest argument to avoid science. Global warming is part of climate change so we can expect weather extremes both cold and hot, from drought and tsunami.

Get the message? Bad Republicans! Dumb Republicans! Science-denying Republicans! Hey! Democrats must therefore be better, right?

Chris then interviews the ambassador to Costa Rica, a country which just ran all of it's power from renewables like wind, solar and geo-thermal for 82 days. Roman Macaya then claims: "There's been an assumption that economic growth has to be at the expense of the environment or vice versa." Yes, that assumption is made most by most politicians who take bribes--I mean campaign donations--from fossil fuel vendors. He continues: "And Costa Rica proves the opposite. Between 1986 and 2012, we tripled our GDP per capita. We also almost doubled our population and we went from 21% forest coverage of our territory to 52%. "

Chris finished the piece by quite rightly noting that Costa Rica is doing something pretty incredible to address the harmful effects of emissions. Which begs the question: WHY ISN'T OBAMA DOING ANYTHING INCREDIBLE? But MSNBC doesn't want to criticize Obama much, because just as he's a corporate puppet, they are the corporate media and they must perpetuate the myth that democrats are the answer to republican folly. Republicans like Ted Cruz may deny that climate change exists, but if Democrats like Obama are still doing the bidding of fossil fuel companies and Hillary, more of a corporate puppet than Obama is waiting in the wings--WHO CAN YOU VOTE FOR IN THE NEXT PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION FROM EITHER PARTY WHO WILL TAKE MEANINGFUL, RESPONSIBLE STEPS TOWARDS A SAFER PLANET?

No one. There isn't a candidate running in either of our two parties who'd give up campaign donations from oil and coal--despite scientific reports that 80% of fossil fuels must remain in the ground starting now. Not waiting and kicking the can to another climate change summit months away in Paris where world leaders, drunk with corporate cash, again take baby steps to address a monumental crisis which is not something in the distant future. It's here now! Talk of rationing water in CA due to years of drought? How could anyone who is selling themselves as a leader be so soulless as to let their personal greed and quest for power destroy the only planet we've got? Yet this is the new normal. Costa Rica can do it, but our elected official who supposedly represent us can't even try.

So glad I could cheer you first thing in the morning and you all have a wonderful weekend!