March 19, 2015


If the policemen who are overly aggressive towards black males are just a few bad apples, then those apples form an enormous orchard which spreads nationwide. This case from Charlottesville, VA is still developing, but this kid seems like the most upstanding college student imaginable who claims he was not drunk and who did not use a fake ID as has been reported. Yet power-mad cops decided to gang up on him and shove his face into the pavement with their knees in his back until he required 10 stitches. 

And these UVA cops don't only target blacks or males. Check this nonsense out: 
HUFFPO: "In 2013, a UVA student spent a night in jail after a seven plainclothes Virginia ABC agents surrounded her car and tried to break her car windows. The agents had mistaken her pack of bottled water and cookie dough for beer. Virginia ABC officers charged her with assaulting a law enforcement officer and eluding police.
The ABC initially defended its agents and blamed the cookie dough-wielding student. The commission later conceded the agents violated policy during the incident."