March 17, 2015


Many of you like to praise Obama for the modest economic recovery during his presidency. But here's the real Obama who is not at all concerned with improving economic conditions of the average worker or anyone seeking a job. He is actively, secretively trying to destroy American jobs with a trade deal called the TPP which was written by corporations and the White House. It's creepy. And while we think of Republicans as the party of the 1%, Obama is acting on behalf of the 1% just like his fellow Democrat Bill Clinton destroyed manufacturing jobs with his trade deal NAFTA. And for a president who campaigned on more transparency, it is absolutely disgusting that Obama is trying to ram this through with no discussion whatsoever in Congress. Because if it's secret, lobbyist-written terms were ever discussed, no one but Republicans would support it. Many democrats whine about it, but they don't have the balls to stand up to a president of their own party. And many of them are in the pockets of corporations just like Obama. I'm glad Keith Ellison does, and he has put together this petition. Which is only asking that Obama stop pushing the "fast track" which would prevent discussion. And while we're on the subject of Democrats who screw working Americans just like their GOP counter parts, Hillary supports the TPP just like all corporate, Republican-lite "Democrats." So shoot woking America in the foot by supporting these saboteurs and their dirty deals. If passed the TPP could have as lasting an effect as Obama's Supreme Court picks.

Rep Keith Ellison: "The Wall Street-backed Trans-Pacific Partnership is NAFTA on steroids.

We've been down this road before. NAFTA was sold to the public in the 1990s as a job creator, but it turned out to be a job killer. It badly hurt the American middle class, sending untold thousands of jobs overseas and eroding wages for others.

But you know who did benefit? Huge multinational corporations.

Now lobbyists for these same corporations are helping craft the deal entirely in secret. And Congress is being asked to grant the president "fast track" authority, cutting out the congressional oversight role.

Join me, thousands of fellow progressives, and my colleagues Representatives Mark Pocan and Raúl Grijalva from the Progressive Caucus in calling on ALL members of Congress to say NO to fast track authority now.

Thousands of American jobs are on the line.

With the stakes so high, passing "fast track" authority would be downright anti-democratic -- no input from the public and no oversight from progressive members of Congress to fight back against the corporate wish list we know is coming."