March 16, 2015


Beefcake, a new book from Rizzoli's Universe imprint on vintage porn by Petra Mason​, is now out. With a foreword by me! Check it out on Huffpo:

Here's a taste of my foreword, which is printed in it's entirety on today's Huffpo with steamy images from the book if you care to check it out:

"But we weren’t so focused on politically correctness back then -- closeted gays were so happy to get any porn at all that they’d rather get off to it than go off on it. The side of the brain that becomes sexually aroused is very different from the rational side, which is aware of society’s mores. What turns you on is what turns you on. And while it may not be very politically correct to say it, one of the reasons these models are so alluring is that they’re often straight. It irks some members of the gay community because it may hint at self-hatred, but many gay personal ads request “straight-acting” partners. Okay, so they’re looking for gay hookups but are turned off by gay mannerisms. I mean, how does one take a dick up the butt in a “straight-acting” fashion?

It’s a dichotomy that exists in the gay world, but the fact is, many go-go dancers and hunky bartenders hired in gay clubs are straight. There’s a hint that they could be gay-for-pay, which adds a little forbidden appeal and unattainability to them. PC or not, it drives some of us wild! If you are turned on by manly men, who is more manly than young straight men? While the wrestling matches and gladiator themes may be a tad hokey, I’m not sure that pictorials of fey hairdressers disrobing in a salon would sell many copies. In fact, some of today’s porn actors are so primped and pumped with bleached teeth, lip gloss, and plucked eyebrows that while they may have a dong down to their knees they are way too feminine for my taste. These guys are real men, with none of that overly styled fuss. Their muscles seem natural, not steroid induced. And you get the impression that these models were working-class guys, a little down on their luck, who perhaps didn’t realize how gorgeous they were. Sometimes their youthful innocence, raging hormones, eagerness to please, and complete lack of experience as models do somehow evoke the beauty of the gods of antiquity—even without the big budgets needed to create historical accuracy or themes that always make sense. I think that’s why these photographs are still being published today, just as we treasure the naively stunning low-budget flick Pink Narcissus from the same era. They’re some of the most sizzling homoerotic images of all time. Enjoy!"

Join Lady Bunny on Sunday, March 29 for a release party of "Beefcake" where she will spin disco classic and sign copies of the new vintage photography book. The party will take place at NYC's The Monster from 6 p.m.-10 p.m.