March 16, 2015


Is this the most polarizing issue of our times? I have seen so many people post this about a law passing that fines wearers of saggy pants. It seems that many of the people who hate this the most are men of color above 30 who see it as trashy and demeaning to the race. Maybe some whites hate it, too, but not me. As a transvestite, I don't like banning any type of clothes or I might be next. As a slut I say MORE NUDITY, not less. As a bottom, I just wish they would let the front hang out as well. But as a former crazy kid, can't the brats have a little fun and express themselves? I've seen some of the best street styles from kids who don't have a lot of money but who wear their clothing in a different way to give it a little flair. Is something wrong with this? Are you seeing any nudity or even underwear in this pic? And whether you like the trend or not, do you really want to pay police to run around with a ruler measuring how low somebody's pants hang as opposed to focusing on more serious offenses? Is this just another way for police to stereotype young men of color--because that is DEFINITELY a big problem nationwide. I say leave 'em alone. To me, it looks ridiculous. But are we legislating against taste in clothes now?

Those Wildwood days will have a bit of a different look beginning Tuesday. 

That's right, if you're heading to the boardwalk there, make sure you hike up your pants!
The ban on overly saggy pants is taking effect. 
The new regulation states you can't have your pants more than three inches below your waist. 
And the same goes for bikini bottoms and dresses!
Violators of the law will be fined $25 the first time and up to $200 thereafter. 

The ban only applies to the boardwalk.