April 02, 2015


I once was flying home from Atlanta once and sat next to a charming southern gal who was bringing her family to several Broadway shows. (Which is why there is so much shit on Broadway.) We were both chatty and since this was during the Obama vs McCain election, our talk turned to politics. Sarah Palin had just been added as VP candidate to add pizzazz to John McCain's old ass. I asked her what she thought of Palin--even after Palin had just said that she couldn't name a magazine or newspaper she read regularly. But that didn't disturb my new friend, who claimed she was a big fan of Palin. A moron or not, Palin did have charisma. But she confessed that she didn't feel that VP was a job for any woman.

Wow--short-selling your own sex if they dare to choose a leadership position! I don't know what kind of very traditional brain-washing that was, but it wouldn't surprise me if it was religious. Cuz you know those fundamentalist christians often feel that a woman belongs under a man's thumb. So why should they be concerned with equal pay if their place--according to God--is in the kitchen in a position of servitude under a man's thumb?

Of course these GOP Senators vote to shaft equal pay for women because they want to drum up support from backward fundamentalists who actually feel women deserve less pay than men. Yet you'd think any Republican, male or female, would be greedy enough to want to earn more. Is this like a Stockholm Syndrome thing?