April 09, 2015


Obama's latest lie. Last month, he claimed that Venezuela was an "unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States."
This month: "We do not believe that Venezuela poses a threat to the United States."
What changed in a month? After Obama first declared VZ a threat and imposed sanctions on several of it's top officials? What changed is that now Obama is headed to a tour of Latin America pushing his job-killing TPP trade agreement, a secret dirty deal which he's trying to ram through Congress with no discussion. While you were forwarding cute Easter pics of the first family, here's how Elizabeth Warren describes the TPP: “If a final TPP agreement includes Investor-State Dispute Settlement, the only winners will be multinational corporations.” 
Why are you continuing to support a man who seeks to destroy your jobs? Do rosy images of his wife and kids in holiday duds concern you more than your own jobs? Your ignorance is destroying your own future. Not a nice guy. Not concerned with the average working American. Not even bothered with telling the truth because he knows that you'll be pacified with Easter outfits.