April 12, 2015


"Because when families are strong, that's when America is strong." --Hillary Clinton is her long awaited campaign announcement video. What the f#ck does that shit mean? It means absolutely nothing, but it might sound good to someone with no ability to analyze anything. What a strong message from the Democrats only choice for president. She included more footage of other people than of herself in her own announcement video. No doubt, the people cast in her propaganda piece were chosen by ad execs to manipulate rosy feelings towards her. Because she has no policies as of yet. The only Democrat burning to lead this country has no platform except gibberish about strong families. She did also mention that average Americans are still struggling and that too much power is going to those on top. And the ones on top are precisely the ones who have donated to her campaign the most. Even if other Democrats wanted to run, they couldn't. Because Hillary has locked up all the donors. But don't worry, the woman waiting in the wings to run for president for decades is going on a listening tour to hear what issues we care about. And then ignore them once she gets our votes. How about a leader with a strong vision who already knows what we need?

Perhaps more insane than anything, Hillary has been making the rounds claiming that becoming a grandmother has spurred her to action. Too bad the actions she'll be spurred to are a still giant question mark after this bullshit announcement.