December 02, 2005



People are emailing and texting away about voguing legend Willie Ninja''s benefit on Tuesday 12/6 at Avalon. The old school club community is really coming together, thanks to Don Welch and Barbara Tucker of the Underground Network. Louie Vega spinning, along with music on other floors by Jeannie Hopper, DJ Skribble, Chip Chop Gonzalez. Performances by the Queen of House Miss Barbara Tucker, Althea McQueen, Kevin Aviance, Antony Lamont, Darryl D'Bonneau, and ME! Also a fashion show by Willie's old cohort Adrian Extravaganza, now of design firm Nico and Adrian. Doors open at 8:00 so with this many performers the show should start at 10:00. I suspect that the special surprise star might be India, who was one of clubland's finest vocalists before she switched over to her platinum salsa career. And with her ex Louie spinning for his core crowd, the vibe will be ovah, miss ting!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

are there any balls coming up? and if so, any dates and location

2:46 PM  
Blogger xplicitman said...

Willie Nijnja was an inventor a Creator and contibuter and he valididated his way too short existence through his compassionate contributions
When everythings said and done the Creator is going to embrace the spirit and energy of a creative contibuter and uniter

like willie ninja

3:59 PM  

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