December 01, 2005


from Big Park Marketing's newsletter:

The Daily News reports that Lauryn Hill has everyone working on the Fugees album scratching their heads. "She makes everyone in the recording studio, even Wyclef and Pras, call her 'Miss Hill,' every single day," reports a Lowdown spy. "These are people she grew up with! She's beyond a diva. She thinks her s- don't stink." A rep for the Fugees conceded Miss Hill's strict edict, but insisted that it didn't apply to the other two Fugees. "If you talk to her, she will say, 'Call me "Miss Hill," because that is who I am right now,'" said the rep. "It might be a respect thing. But what you need to know is that Wyclef and Pras call Lauryn whatever they feel like calling Lauryn." I hope she doesn’t act this way around her kids, if so they’re f*cked!


Blogger Aaron said...

I like what Whoopi Goldberg called her in "Sister Act 2" better: "Rita, the diva with a 'tude."

8:47 PM  

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