December 02, 2005



WHAT'S ON YOUR DVD, HEIFER? The best way to find out is to watch the trailer on my homepage. The dvd is 52 minutes long and contains the same type of material: good ol' fashioned smutty humor! It includes the entire number from Wigstock 2003 called PROMO VIDEO on my site as well as similar numbers, 3 Laugh-In style joke routines, and a few more songs like my raunchy Xmas medley. And even a couple of celebrity cameos! It DOES NOT contain the trailer, except for the actual excerpts from the dvd which are at the end of the trailer. But I invite you to watch the trailer on my site at any ol' time for free!

HOW MUCH DOES THE DVD COST, BEEYOTCH? The cost is $25 which includes all shipping and man-handling. The price is the same for US and international purchases.

HOW FUCKING LONG WILL IT TAKE TO ARRIVE? It will be shipped immediately after I receive confirmation of your payment and should take 4-8 days to arrive at a US address, depending on where in the US you live. Obviously, international deliveries will take longer. All deliveries will be made through the US Postal Service. But remember, the PO goes postal around Xmas so order now!

HOW THE HELL DO I PAY? You do NOT need a PayPal account to purchase the dvd. Credit and debit cards work as well. No checks and no cash accepted. Just push the BUY NOW button. Oooh, baby! Push it harder! Oh! Unsure if PayPal accepts payments from your country? Then visit and check. I'll also sell it at my live shows fo r $20.

HOW IS YO' SHIT PACKAGED? My idea was to skimp on the packaging and spend the money I 'd saved to look extra glamorous. (It didn't work, but that WAS my idea! ) So the dvd comes in a modest plastic sleeve with the artwork printed on the dvd itself--no booklet, no plastic case. But you won't need a jewel case--cuz you'll probably love this dvd so much you won't ever want to remove it from your dvd player!

IS THIS THE SAME OLD DVD I BOUGHT THIS SUMMER? No, this version was completed in late November. If you bought one before then, it was a rough edit which I made to sell at gigs this summer. This new version contains all the same numbers, but with a few additional bits, narrations, credits, etc. It's a more finished product with several extras.

I'M A JET-SETTER. WHAT ABOUT INTERNATIONAL FORMATS? This dvd is American format and probably won't play on overseas dvd players which require a different format. You could probably still play it on your computer overseas, if it plays AMERICAN format dvds.

WHAT IF THERE ARE PROBLEMS? Contact with inquiries.

WHAT ABOUT OTHER BUNNY MERCHANDISE? Wigstock t-shirts can be purchased on, and I'm working on a cd of original music, some of which you can hear on my site's player now.

WILL I AUTOGRAPH IT? And spoil the stunning cover artwork? Don't even ask!

HOW CAN YOU POSSIBLY BE SO BEAUTIFUL AND TALENTED? Buy the fucking dvd and find out! And quit bugging me with these stupid questions already!