May 27, 2015


A friend of mine just wrote this as a Facebook comment about the Duggar family's molestation accusations: "I am also sick of TV shows based on freaks like this. It seems people will watch anything on television. Now excuse me while I go watch someone pick out a wedding dress..."

This echoes my sentiments exactly. In their attempt to produce cheaper television, producers seek out train wrecks to provide the drama which actors and scripts used to furnish. But actors and scripts cost money. So the idea is to cast train wrecks and hope for "can't look away form a car crash" style drama. Then the networks find out that they aren't merely playing trashy nut jobs, but there are actual child molesters involved. Suddenly, the morally superior networks who went looking for train wrecks and got real ones cancel the show. It happened with Honey Boo Boo and now the Duggars. So the networks reward train wrecks...but only up to a point. Why are viewers' standards so low that they tune in for this shit? Maybe because a whole generation has grown up accepting it as entertainment?