May 22, 2015


Democrats have lost their souls and lost their party's former platform as a party of the 99%. How dare Hillary issue such a mealy-mouthed statement on Obama's disastrous TPP, which she helped write and has praised as "the gold standard" of trade agreements? This corporate whore won't make a formal statement until she's seen the deal, which she isn't permitted to see. How convenient for a candidate who works for huge corporations yet pretends to be pro-worker until she gets elected and then she can shaft us like Obama's trying to do with this trade deal. They are all in this together with these carefully crafted statements to trick us. Sadly, 85% of democrats are buying it despite every labor union opposing it.

"Since it is currently illegal for Clinton to see drafts of the agreement, her comments suggest she will not be weighing in on trade policy until well after Congress has decided whether to grant Obama powers to expedite its passage. Although Clinton helped craft parts of the Trans-Pacific Partnership during her tenure as secretary of state, the extreme secrecy conditions Obama has imposed on the pact with 11 other nations bar her from viewing it."