May 19, 2015


Watch this to see what a presidential candidate looks like. With a clear agenda and fiery outrage at our current system which is cheating working Americans. Liz's arms are in the air and she's yelling about injustice. Quite a contrast to the playing it safe Hillary, who claims she's on a "listening tour" to find out what Americans need. If you're running for president, you should already know what WE need, not just your banker donors. But Hillary isn't ready to fight. Or even lay out a clear agenda. She's so middle-of-the-road that she won't be challenging anyone since she represents the very establishment which must be challenged. Yet something like 85% of democrats support Hillary. If democrats had any backbone, they'd challenge Hillary's coronation and vote for a candidate who actually represents the interests of 99% of us. Obama proved that corrupt DC good ol' boys come in all colors. If elected, Hillary will prove that those good ol' boys can be women as well.