May 13, 2015


Do you remember that photo of Obama, Clinton and others looking at a monitor shocked as they looked at footage of Osama Bin Laden being captured? Well, they may have all been acting because Osama's capture may not have gone down as reported. We'd known of his whereabouts for 4 years before his capture and no courier's path traced us to him as claimed--if Pulitzer prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh is to be believed. Obama cooked up an alibi with the generals over there and they'd planned to roll out the same story together. But because an unpopular Obama needed to get reelected, he jumped the gun and read a hastily written speech which was at odds with the story they'd previously planned to use. That's why the details surrounding the capture--like the assertion that Osama had an AK47 and that there was a gunfight--mysteriously changed in the first few days of reporting. (This part is not disputed by anyone--the details did change.) The generals scrambled to save face and cook up a new story that would match the one Obama blurted out early to try and cash in on a military victory for a campaign boost. This is how dirty politicians are. And this is how desperate our media is to believe the White House and not bother the kind of investigative journalism that Hersh has done. Because we've become so lazy that we prefer soundbites. We want them short and we want them fast. We don't care if they're wrong. As long as it makes us feel good.
The White House has claimed that Hersh's 10,000 page piece is so full of lies that they can't begin to attack it, yet they have not taken the core accusations and dismissed them. Hersh is being vilified by the mainstream media, even though NBC has confirmed part of his story. In addition to the bombshells dropped by his reporting, Hersh himself is fascinating. He's an irascible, no nonsense throwback to the kind of reporter you'd see in a movie from the 1940s. 
I heard a joke once: US finds Osama Bin his home. This home was near a Pakistani military base or two, and that always seemed odd that they didn't know what was going on right underneath their noses. Or maybe they did. But they had to wait until an election before the "triumphant" capture.