May 03, 2015


When I was growing up, the head of a household could work in a factory while his wife kept house and they'd make enough to survive and send a kid to college if they wanted to. Now those manufacturing jobs are dead and you can tell me that unemployment has improved under Obama, but those good jobs aren't coming back. Obama's TPP will kill more US jobs and drive down wages. And while Obama claimed while campaigning that he'd put on his comfy shoes and go marching with unions, he's turned his back on them when they were stripped of their rights in the midwest. Every labor union is denouncing his TPP as a job killer. It's a very dark, dirty deal. But we need to realize that even Democrats like Bill Clinton who passed NAFTA are not concerned with the middle class becoming the "working poor" as long as multi-national corporations get cheaper labor overseas. It's very hard for me to get my head around stuff like trade deficits--not the kind of "trade" I like to focus on. But this video explains it very well. And Alan Grayson is the kind of Democrat I grew up respecting who would challenge special interests, not cave in to them almost every time. If this deal is passed in secret with no discussion and no amendments allowed, this will be one of Obama's ugliest legacy's as NAFTA was Clinton's. The music is incredibly cheesy and dramatic--but so is this deal.


Possibly the Most Important Video You Will Ever See.
Posted by Alan Grayson on Thursday, April 30, 2015