May 18, 2015


Amen to this!

"In the latest edition of club-related technophobia, cell phones have grown increasingly under fire. It wasn't but a couple weeks ago that Francois Kevorkian publicly mused on his Facebook page that it might be better if certain parties in New York began explicitly banning their use as "necessary measures taken in order to maintain the balance between the listener and the music." In some ways this is the logical extension of the way in which certain parties and cultural institutions ban photography inside their premises. After all, usage of cellphones is just as bad if not worse, as they tend to disconnect and mediate away from the present physical experience. Go out to most clubs and you'll invariably run into large groups of people staring like vidiots into their mobile device of choice. While there does seem to be something obviously wrong with this, it's hard to measure exactly what it is without an alternative -- something we seem to have lost in the past decade."