May 16, 2015


Spinning disco classics at The The Manhattan Monster Bar​ this Sunday. My schedule has been a little off due to travel but I normally do the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month. Sorry for the confusion. It's from 6-10PM and the least pretentious boogie-in-a-basement dance party in town with no dress code or overcharge and cheap drinks. No bottle service, no VIP lounge and a crazy dj who is likely to join you on the dance floor--if you have enough drugs and/or poppers. I play a lot of the funkier side of disco and early 80s but if the crowd wants it, I've got those Love Is In The Air, YMCA and Gloria jams if requested. I do shy away from Abba. (You're welcome.) The crowd's a bit older but there are always some crazy kids who seem to dance with so much abandon that I imagine they're wishing that artists like Chic and Shalamar were playing in other clubs. There's a chance of light thundershowers tomorrow at some point, so I'll make sure to have Chaka's Clouds, Viola Wills' Stormy Weather, Eruption's I Can't Stand The Rain, Don Ray's Standing In The Rain, Enough Is Enough and It's Raining Men on hand. If you're out and about tomorry night, please stop by!