May 15, 2015


THE GOOD NEWS: We're now fracking so much in the US that we don't have to import as much fuel. That means that we don't have to stir up trouble in the Middle East over oil. Yay!

THE BAD NEWS: (Sorry this is so much longer than the good.)

That fracking is dangerous to our drinking water.

We'll alway find other reasons to invade the Middle East even when we don't need their oil as much.

The US may not need it, but we're still drilling away for oil. Why concern ourselves with the health of the only planet we can live on when a quick buck can be made?

Obama approving Arctic drilling proves that he's a failure in one of his own stated goals for his second term: addressing climate change. Most scientists agree that 80% of the fossil fuels must remain in the ground to avoid the most catastrophic issues from climate change. Yet Obama has tentatively approved this possibly disastrous drilling in the Arctic, approved drilling along a long stretch of east coast, and has passed the buck on the Keystone pipeline.

Gee, are the Republicans blocking him in Congress again? Nope! This, like the TPP, is his own doing and you won't hear any objection from Republicans on drilling for oil. Or much from Democrats. Only from people who care if future generations will be able to breathe at all as they attempt to breathe more easily between extreme weather events.