May 21, 2015


What we are supposed to believe is that those nasty Republicans have blocked all of Obama's legislative efforts for years. But not on this trade deal. Republicans are siding with Obama against his own party to denounce the TPP, which could cost the US millions of jobs, depress wages here and do a ton of other damage. Obama is showing himself to be a crooked liar pushing what a leader in his own party is calling "insanity" in the article leaked below. For some reason, our "news" has decided that a talk show host leaving his job should receive 10 times the coverage of an agreement that will negatively affect all of us for many years. It will give corporations (like the ones Obama wrote the TPP in secret with) unprecedented new powers and many opponents are only asking that the TPP be discussed openly. But Obama is desperate to fast track the secret deal  it without much discussion and no ability to amend it once it gets through.

What's most upsetting of all is that no one seems to care. You care about late night talk show hosts retiring, about dying celebrities, about reality TV contests, but not about something which will harm workers for decades. The president's actively seeking to harm workers and this will be one of his ugliest legacies. Why should you care if you don't work in manufacturing? Well, NAFTA killed millions of manufacturing jobs and the TPP has been called NAFTA on steroids because it involves 40% of the world's trade. If workers don't have money then they aren't going to afford going to clubs, so djs and drag queens wages will decrease. They won't have money to go to the dentist, the accountant, the nail salon, the event planner, the massage therapist, the hairdresser, the web designer, the butcher, the baker or candlestick maker. Everyone will lose out.

And we really need to ask why a Democrat is pushing a policy like this. Mitt Romney was supposed to be the candidate who repped the 1%--that's why he lost. Obama won as the people's candidate yet now he's switched and is working for the huge multi-national corporations who the TPP benefits. Against his own party. Obama can claim to support paid sick leave, equal pay for women and anti-GLBT discrimination in the work place. But none of that matters if we don't have jobs!

Noticeably absent from the discussion is corporate whore and former Walmart board of directors Hillary Clinton, who called the TPP "the gold standard" of trade agreements when she was serving as secretary of state. This issue is so serious that Elizabeth Warren has suggested she may run unless Clinton speaks out against the TPP.

Congress is supposedly voting on this by noon or very soon. Can you call your representatives and tell them to vote no on fast track and no on the TPP? Unless you own a multinational corporation, the agreement will have devastating effects on the average American. And if it's as beneficial as Obama claims, why not debate it openly in Congress ? The answer is that it isn't beneficial to workers at all and Obama is a liar who is actively seeking to screw us. Yet you don't care for some bizarre reason. I'm beginning to believe that Americans are so dumb that they deserve a government whose salary they pay to rip them off.