May 22, 2015


You want to know why ISIS is gaining territory? One reason is that the US is trying to train the Iraqi army to defend itself. Yet the Iraqi army is so pathetic that they dropped their weapons and ran from ISIS's army. Guess who bought those weapons? The US! Now ISIS has weapons which US taxpayers bought. Isn't that a winning strategy? Do you want to whine about beheadings or do you want to make the connection between failed US policies and ISIS's rise? Of course, there's that isn't ISIS's only connection to US military blunders. The US created ISIS when we attacked Iraq and destroyed the country for absolutely no reason, making it a hotbed for terrorists far more extreme than AL Qaeda. Almost all Republicans see more war as the answer and the only alternative on the Democrats side is Hellary, who voted for the Iraq war which provided the breeding ground for ISIS to thrive. MSNBC noted that all of the senators with presidential ambitions, like Hellary, voted for the Iraq war. So they accepted false evidence--which I knew was false so I know they did--to lead us into a war which cost trillions, lost American lives and killed 1 million Iraqis. All because having principles and a backbone and voting against the war might have caused their personal careers to take a hit. It's very sad when a Republican like Rand Paul seems to be less of a hawk than the presumed democratic presidential nominee.