May 23, 2015


If you watch the news, you'll have noted that the US declassified "Osama Bin Laden's bookshelf"--what he read while holed up in Pakistan. Osama is dead. It's of little interest what a deposed terrorist read. So why is the news all over this new Osama reading material? Because they want to distract us from last week's story by Seymour Hersch about how the Navy Seals capture of Obama didn't jive with the facts. Maybe that's why we never saw the body. Seymour's tales, which assert that Obama announced the capture and fabricated the details surrounding it to desperately get a pre-election boost in the polls, have been supported by info from  NBC and the Navy Seals themselves.

Besides making nice with Cuba, capturing Osama is one of Obama's only foreign policy victories. And now that's called into question? He campaigned on withdrawing troops from Iraq and Afghanistan and now we're back in both. We were told no boots on the ground in Syria but quietly, boots on the ground were sent in last week. Tell me how Obama's doing a good job again? He's certainly a flop on foreign policy.  A war president who keeps extending the date that we remain in Afghanistan, the longest war in US history. And I'm sure that most of us couldn't even describe what the mission in Afghanistan is. Not to mention secret drone wars in the Middle East, lining up troops and tanks outside the Ukraine and providing Saudis with weapons to attack Yemen. I think it's time for Obama to give back his Nobel Peace Prize. If Bush's wars were so foolish, why has Obama extended them and added more?