May 23, 2015


While the US claims to be a christian nation, it seems that few of us even understand Christianity and it's most basic tenets--like Thou Shalt Not Kill. So it's very refreshing to see an 85 year old nun who was just released from 2 years in prison for protesting the nuclear plant in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Nukes are weapons of mass destruction, she claims, and therefore should be opposed by any true christian who doesn't cherish world demolition. So she and two fellow pacifists broke into Oak Ridge's nuclear plant armed with a bible and some blood to splash on the walls. Then they sat, broke bread and sang, waiting to be arrested.

Not only did they prove how easy it is to break into a high security plant filled with toxic materials, here's what this hero had to say on Democracynow:

SISTER MEGAN RICE: "As long as there’s one nuclear weapon existing, nobody is free. That’s why it’s so important: The world is at risk, every moment, as long as there’s one. And we have more—probably more than 10,000 in this country alone. Our purpose was just to speak the truth about weapons of mass destruction, that everybody knows, that they’re illegal, immoral."

Too bad most of the Christians I see are railing about abortions, gay marriage and a war on Christmas rather than saving the world from the US's weapons of mass destruction. I don't think I need to go into the lunacy in Obama trying to negotiate a deal with Iran to stop it from developing nuclear weapons when the US is the only country to ever use a nuclear weapon on another country. But speaking of moral authority, if Christianity is what you supposedly live your lives by and you spout the 10 Commandments like Thou Shalt Not Kill, why aren't you joining Sister Megan in protesting the instruments of war? Because you don't even understand you're own religion, that's why. You'd rather stop someone from getting married than stop world destruction. But I guess pastors, preachers and priests don't like to mention the fact that the US is the #1 military bully in the world. That unpopular stance might reduce their congregation's contributions.