September 29, 2014


Attorney General Eric Holder is resigning! What a great strategy, Obama! Pick a loser who will help you to subvert justice as the head of your justice dpt. Keep him for 6 years so that he's been able to damage most of your two terms, but see if you can't "freshen up" the office with one of your lackeys who is less unpopular right before an election. And this will ensure that Holder's investigation into the horrors of Ferguson, MO are put on hold--as if either of you was ever going to do anything about the Michael Brown incident other than make a speech, anyway. Although a "decisive" Holder's justice department did just force the Ferguson police who were wearing bracelets which demonstrated their support for the officer who shot Michael. Great move! Hide the members of that police force who would be the most likely candidates for intensive grilling.
I remember when Holder's appointment was announced. Reporters asked him if he intended to prosecute George W. Bush and Dick Cheney for war crimes. Liberals were heartbroken as we were told by Holder that this administration was "looking forward, not backward." As Nancy Pelosi chimed in that impeachment was "off the table." (In other words, let's not learn from our mistakes and let's set up a new Department of Justice with an attorney general and a president who will actively subvert justice in dealing with Iraq: one of the biggest and most illegal foreign policy blunders in recent US history.) Many puzzled Democrats, eager to make the distinction between typically dovish democrats which Obama had presented himself as when campaigning and hawkish Republicans, wondered if Obama was taking it easy on Bush's clear war crimes in falsifying information and misleading us into a baseless war in Iraq, because he didn't want to come right into his first term of office as an angry black man and turn people off. As if any policies in a country this huge are based on how angry a man of any color can be. Most politicians will play on our perceptions of race, sex, religion or anything else to muddy the water instead of picking apart their dastardly policies.
That was one of the first of many passes we gave Obama. The truth is, Obama wanted a p#ssy of an attorney-general who wouldn't prosecute anyone for war crimes to set a precedent by which Obama himself would not be prosecuted under when he committed his own crimes of war. The Obama administration not only blocked their own investigation into Bush/Cheney's clear war crimes, the blocked independent investigations like one from Spain and one from San Francisco. And then, after he was perceived as the Nobel Peace prize winner who was withdrawing from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, Obama granted Bush and Cheney full immunity from war crimes in 2013. Maybe he was afraid a future GOP president would prosecute him for his rampant drone murders. Or maybe Obama just wanted to carry on that rich old tradition of rich older white men who start wars on false/murky pretenses. And prove along with Eric Holder, that good ole boys now come in all colors. I wonder Mr. Holder will now go into consulting for big oil, whatever Blackwater is calling itself today or some other giant industry that benefits financially from war. He certainly has a lot of experiences in justifying horrid crimes and sweeping them under the table. Thanks for giving him a shot, Obama! He blew it--as did you.