September 26, 2014



The U.S. has gone back to war in the Middle East. This week's airstrikes in Syria were not to save those trapped on a mountain or to defend U.S. diplomatic personnel, but rather a clear escalation of American involvement in a regional conflict that the President himself says has no military solution.

Right now, Congress and the President are considering what to do next, and they need to hear from you that war is not the answer.

Last night, the U.S. launched the first attacks of a new, long-term war in Iraq and Syria. We need to say "no"—loudly, strongly and persistently—to this new U.S. war in the Middle East. Please write to the President and to your Members of Congress today.

Over 12 years of military intervention in Afghanistan and Iraq have shown us that U.S. military force is not an effective means of fighting terrorism. Recent analyses show that U.S. airstrikes in Iraq have not degraded ISIS, and may be increasing local support for the extremists. The Syrian people have suffered through three-years of civil war; the last thing they need is more bombing.

Thank you,

Stephen Miles
Advocacy Director
Win Without War